Hello everyone! Just FYI, if anyone is reading Twists of Fate, I'm still working on that and I will hopefully have another chapter of it uploaded during Thanksgiving break. So about this fic. 27 Dresses used to be one of my all time favorite movies (idk why, I usually don't like movies like this) but it's cute and romantic and Kevin Doyle (the main male character) is just hilarious. But I was re watching it recently with my best friend and I was like 'this is a little bit like a Rose and Scorpius story!' well maybe only a little.

PS. The dialogue will be pretty much directly from the movie. My bad if I mess up a few lines (especially the beginning, I don't have that part of the script). Sorry for not being original. But there will be some of my own writing in this.

PPS. I really, really love reviews!

Disclaimer: Okay, Harry Potter is not mine. Neither is 27 Dresses. If you want either, go buys the books or watch the movie. Credit for the amazing world of Harry Potter goes to JK Rowling and script credit for 27 Dresses goes to Aline Brosh McKenna.

Rose Weasley left her apartment on time, as always. She was never late. Ever. And she prided herself on being efficient and hard working. Sometimes it seemed to others that Rose led no life outside her admirable career as the executive assistant to Roger Davies Jr., the head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. She had worked so hard to get that job, studying everyday to get the top grades in Hogwarts and achieving the coveted title of Head Girl. Naturally, she had done well in her career. Unfortunately, that left little else for Rose Weasley. But, she was the hardest worker that she had ever met; it had even earned her Hermione Weasley's praise. That was how Rose managed to squeeze in an unbalanced social life.

One would be lying if they said that Rose had few friends, she had many and not just her cousins. Rose was an extremely friendly person, quick to laugh and easy to please. It was no wonder that people got along with her so well. So, despite her work, Rose always managed to catch up over lunch with all of her friends at least twice a month. She had a list for this, you see, and she made sure that everyone got at least two lunch dates. Another peculiar aspect about Rose's social life was the lack of boyfriends it contained. This didn't mean that no guys were interested in her, far from it. But Rose didn't want to date any of them…except Roger Davies Jr., her boss. Rose tried to keep this news under the radar, but all of her friends and her colleagues seemed to know, well, everyone excluding Roger himself. Unfortunately, Roger didn't seem to return her feelings (and Rose didn't expect him to, he was her boss after all) but sometimes Rose wondered -'more like she hopes' Lily might have scoffed- that he might like her too. Some people might say, though never to Rose's face since they didn't want to hurt her, that Lily was right. Rose was a hopeless romantic and saw love everywhere. Her bookshelves were lined with romances muggle and wizarding alike, she cut out her favorite Wedding Announcements from the Daily Prophet and in a few hours, she would be dancing at her twenty sixth and twenty seventh wedding (not her own wedding, obviously).

Two close friends of hers, Lynnette Thomas and Aditi Patil were both having their weddings today and as a bridesmaid, Rose's attendance was mandatory at both of them. Determined not to let either friend down, she had formulated a plan that allowed her to attend both weddings.

She arrived at the bridal store promptly at 4 o'clock and ended up waiting an extra fifteen minutes because of a hysterical bride-to-be whose dress no longer fit and needed to be widened at the hips. Rose sighed and checked her intricate silver watch and started tapping her foot impatiently. She couldn't be late; she had a lot to do! Finally, the seamstress called Rose over and helped her into an elegant, pure white bridal gown.

"Oh Rose," Rose was such a regular at this store that all of the employees addressed Rose by her first name. "That dress looks like it was made for you!"

"You really think so?"

"Yes it looks gorgeous!"

"Rose," called another voice. "Rose, it's the bride."

"Hello? Yes everything's great. I know, Thank Merlin we're the same size! Yup I'll be there soon."

And with that Rose Weasley was out of the white dress and slipping a purple one onto her tall thin frame. With a few bobby pins she managed to get her short red hair up into a stylish do. She checked her reflection briefly in the mirror -no smudged make up- and dashed out the door carefully holding the wedding dress in a bag.

Rose paced back and forth a few times, waiting for her best friend, Alessia Zabini (who refused point blank to be called anything but Ally). A bit about Ally; she was as pretty as she was sarcastic. Her Italian father and Chinese mother (Cho Chang) gave her tanned skin, smoldering dark brown almond shaped eyes, flawless black hair which was long and straight, just like her mothers, and a lean, tall figure. It was no wonder that so many guys were into her, and that she was into so many guys whether it be for friendship or for a snog.

Rose gave one look at Ally's messy pony tail and raised an eyebrow.

"What? The bitch said up, it's up!" By 'the bitch' Ally was referring to Lynn. Lynn was not a mutual friend of Rose and Ally. While Rose and Lynn were friendly and similar; both romantics and somewhat girly, Ally was the exact opposite. Ally was one of the guys and very sarcastic, which used to intimidate Lynn when they were in Hogwarts (and probably still did intimidate Lynn now), but Ally was a close childhood friend of the groom, Ryan Finnigan so Lynn had grudgingly agreed to make her a bridesmaid.

"Never mind," Rose said chuckling. "I'll fix it when we get in."

The two women arrived at the church mere minutes later where an over excited Lynn greeted them.

"Thanks Rose! Oh you look great!"

"No problem, you too!"

"And aren't these dresses great? And the best thing about them is that you can shorten them and wear them again!"

"That is definitely so true!"

The pictures were taking too long. Rose kept glancing at her ever present watch. She had two minutes before she had to get the hell out of there. Unfortunately, pictures took a little longer than expected so when given the first chance, she bolted for the nearest taxi.

"Okay, I will give you three hundred dollars for the whole night on one condition. You don't look in the rearview mirror, got it?"

"Yeah, sure." However, the taxi driver, Ziggy, couldn't help but turn around when he saw Rose unzipping the back of her dress.

"What are you doing?"

"Hey! you just cost yourself twenty bucks." Ziggy rolled his eyes and returned his focus to the road. Rose quickly changed into her dress for Aditi's wedding not forgetting to put a bindi on her forehead.

"Ahhh Rose thank Merlin you're here! You look great in your bridesmaid dress!"

"You look amazing too Aditi!"

"And the best thing about your dress is that you can shorten it and wear it again!"

"Definitely, so true."

Predictably, this wedding panned out similarly to the previous one. But Rose loved it. She had adored weddings ever since she had saved her aunt's when she was eight. Rose had stitched up her Aunt Audrey's dress with Lily's bow. Rose now made an effort to put her all into every single wedding that she was a part of.

The next few hours were so hectic. Rose was dashing in and out of the taxi so she could spend as much time as possible at each wedding. Once she almost wore her purple shoes into Aditi's wedding! Thankfully, Ziggy caught her mistake and threw her the golden shoes. At both her friends' weddings, Rose was praised for her help.

"I'd like to take a moment to give a special thank-you to a girl...who's really gone above and beyond" Lynn began.

"The girl who not only hosted my shower and helped me design the invitation-" Aditi told the crowd.

"She went with me to the caterer, the florist, the wedding cake bakery-"

"And to eight bridal stores...where she helped me cling to my self-esteem-"

"As I tried on dress after dress."

"So thanks Rose!"

"Thanks Rose. Okay! Everybody ready?"

Rose was at Lynn's wedding once again and was just about ready to leave for Aditi's when Lynn turned around and got ready to throw the bouquet. Every time Rose was at a wedding, she wanted to catch the bouquet. Even though it might not come true, she liked the idea that she would get married next if she grasped the flowers in her hand. The flowers flew from Lynn's fingers and just as Rose was about to catch them…

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!