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The first thing Rose noticed when she woke up was her throbbing head. Rummaging around in the car she found a small bottle of potion for her headache. That was when she noticed the second thing. She realized that she was, in fact, sleeping in the back of her car and that her clothes were strewn all over the seats.

She froze.

Holy Shit. She'd just had sex with Scorpius Malfoy- the guy who hated marriage, was a complete cynic and annoyed her all the time.

Quickly throwing her clothes back on, Rose pressed her palms to her temples while she waited for the potion to take effect.

"The world hates me right now."

And to top off her total humiliation, Malfoy wasn't even there.

Just as she was reluctantly getting ready to start the car and get back on her trip to the linens store, she saw a blond haired man walking toward her. She smiled unintentionally upon seeing him and even offered up a grin when he presented her with a cup of coffee. Rose inhaled, soaking up the delicious aroma.

"This smells familiar. Where'd you get it?" Rose asked.

"The leaky cauldron, actually. I apperated there a couple of minutes ago. You know, we were really stupid not to think of that last night."

The two chuckled a bit, thinking that they'd have saved themselves a heck of a lot of trouble if they'd only thought things out rationally.

"Well, I guess it's understandable. I mean, we'd just hit a tree after all. I know I was kind of…frazzled," Rose admitted, sipping her coffee. Scorpius looked hesitant for a second, and Rose cursed herself for not thinking before she spoke.

"I mean," she corrected herself. "Last night wasn't a…mistake. Right?" She asked him, suddenly afraid that he didn't feel the same way.

"No, no!" He said quickly, as if trying to reassure her. "Last night was great Rose, really."

They sat awkwardly in silence for a while, each sipping their coffee and waiting for the other to say something. Finally, Rose blurted out;

"You should know that I never do stuff like that, I mean, never ever."

Scorpius nodded. "Yeah, I know."

"I'm serious, I've never done that…I mean like-you know- hook up in the back of a car before," she told him, her face heating up and her words trailing off.

"Yeah, I know," Scorpius reiterated, "you told me over and over 'I never do this' so I kind of assumed that 'never do this.'"

"Oh," Rose said meekly. There was another lull in the conversation. This time though, the silence was broken by Scorpius.

"I'd understand if you didn't want to," he began, "but if you want to grab breakfast with me before you go to the linens place, well, that'd be nice, yeah?" He looked almost nervous, and Rose thought it was probably one of the cutest things.

"Yeah, I'd love to," she said quickly. Scorpius grinned at her.

"Fantastic, I know this great joint down in Diagon Alley. They've got some really good stuff there."

"What's it called?" Rose asked.

"Adeline's," he said. Rose giggled a little.

"Sounds like kind of a girly place for the great Scorpius Malfoy," Rose teased. Scorpius looked slightly embarrassed before saying.

"My mom likes it."

Rose laughed at that.

"Whatever you say Scorpius." Scorpius rolled his eyes and held out his hand.

"Enough with your incredible wit, Weasley. Let's go." Rose grasped his hand and the two of them apperated to a chic, French bakery. Rose looked the building up and down, approval written all over her face.

"This looks great, Scorpius, thanks."

"No problem. Shall we?" he said, propping the door opened for her. Rose graciously walked into the café and she and Scorpius were escorted by a pretty, brunette waitress to a table for two. The waitress was clearly checking Scorpius out. Rose scowled a little at her, but the waitress took no notice of anything other than Scorpius.

When the waitress, Amélie, left, Rose leaned over and whispered to Scorpius.

"She was totally checking you out," she said, her lips forming into a smirk that would have better suited Scorpius.

"I know," he replied, grinning. Rose rolled her eyes.

"You know the reason I agreed to come here with you? Your modesty. It's really very refreshing." Scorpius chuckled at her comment.

Amélie quickly returned with coffee and took their orders. Scorpius got a plate of bacon and eggs. Rose ordered a delicious looking fruit crepe, one of the café's specialties.

When their food arrived, Scorpius took one look at Rose's fruit crepe and sent his own meal back. Apologetically, he asked for a second fruit crepe saying that there was no way he was eating regular breakfast when Rose was practically eating dessert.

"Hey, while I wait for my meal, can I have a sample bite of yours? You know, so I know what I'm getting?" While Rose pretended to considered, she teased Scorpius by taking a slow, savory bite of the whip cream covered fruit. She closed her eyes, reveling in the taste.

"Hmmm, I don't think so Scorpius. You're just gonna have to wait." Instead of listening to her, Scorpius reached out with one long, pale finger. He scooped up some of the fresh cream and flicked it at Rose's face. The white dollop landed perfectly on Rose's nose and she stared at it in shock, her vision going cross eyed.

"Oh Scorpius Malfoy you are going down!" Rose dug her hand into the whip cream and flung the handful at him. He tried to duck, but the cream plopped down right on top of his platinum blond head. They continued to fling the whip cream all over (it was lucky that they were in such a secluded corner of the café, otherwise they'd have been kicked out long ago). Their epic whip cream fight came to a screeching halt when one of the other waitresses, Bernadette came over to check on them. Her eyebrows shot up at the mess and she looked quite disgruntled, until, that is, her eyes rested on Rose.

"Hey, I recognize you!" The waitress said, pointing at Rose.

"Yeah, I'm Rose Weasley, Ron and Hermione's daughter." The lady shook her head.

'Maybe she was at the bar last night?' Scorpius mouthed. Rose looked at the lady who was now rummaging through her handbag.

Bernadette pulled out the most recent issue of The Daily Prophet and handed it to Rose. Rose looked confused until she opened the Style Section. Her expression went from confused amusement to frozen rage in two seconds. Scorpius peered over the paper, trying to see what had upset her.

All of the sudden, Rose flung the paper at Scorpius' nearby face. Startled, he shoved the paper out of the way only to see Rose running out of the café. He took one glance at the article and his stomach dropped in horror when he saw it.

It was his article, the original, unedited version; Always, Always, Always a Bridesmaid, by Scott Malloy.

They'd run it early without his changes and without his consent. He was furious at Erin, at all of them, but he didn't have time to think about that now, he had to catch up to Rose.

Scorpius sprinted out of the café, throwing down an absurd amount of galleons that would easily cover three of their meals and bolted onto the crowded street.

In the crowd, he could just make out the back of Rose's head and he ran, shoving people out of the way so he could catch up with her.

"Rose!" he called, "please, just let me explain!" When he finally caught up to her, she turned around only to slap him hard across the face. He winced, but it didn't deter him.

"Rose, please just listen. That article was never meant to go through, I swear! Over the past few weeks I've changed it, really!"

"Oh yeah? I'm sure you did! You never even gave a shit about me did you? You've just been using me for this-for this stupid article! Was I just a rung on the ladder to your next pay check? Someone to step on while you moved up the ladder?" She was screaming at him, tears pooling in her brown eyes and people were starting to stare.

"No! It wasn't like that! I never meant to hurt you! I…I c-care about you, Rose. Really, I do and I didn't…I mean I wouldn't," but he never got to finish.

"I don't care, Malfoy. We're done here and I never want to see your stupid, horrible face ever again!" And with that, she apperated and left Scorpius all alone in Diagon Alley, wondering exactly what he did to deserve this boatload of terrible karma.

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