Kurt Hummel Well, most people normally quote sappy songs (coughcoughRachel Berry) but I insist we stop quoting over used movies now. Yes, you know who you are.

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Rachel Berry: FINN!

Mercedes Jones: KURT!

Rachel Berry: Cedes, we need new boy toys.

Mercedes Jones: Yes, we do.

Kurt Hummel: Boo, don't leave me! I love you Cedes.

Finn Hudson: Rachel, please don't go:'{

Rachel Berry: ..fineā€¦

Santana Lopez: well, we know who wears the pants in this relationship.

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Santana Lopez: Kurt just got more friends because I'm the HBIC. Yeah, I'm fucking awesome.

Kurt Hummel: Put that as your own damn status.

Brittany S. Pierce Damn AP calculus homework is hard:/

Will Schuster: Brittany, why are you doing AP calc?

Artie Abrams: Math comes to her easily. I suck at it. I know, kinda weird, eh?

Brittany S. Pierce: And the homework I'm doing is next month's homework!

Tina Cohen-Chang Ha, Principal Figgins saw me today, and he ran away screaming for garlic. The look on my parents face was priceless. :)

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Mercedes Jones and Kurt Hummel are married.

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Mercedes Jones: Our wedding will take place in Glee tomorrow.

Puck: Who'll be the one wearing white?

Mercedes Jones: Me, white boi!

Kurt Hummel: Boi?

Puck: I'm more ghetto than you, Mercy.

Mercedes Jones: Eff you.

Blaine Criss and Kurt Hummel are now friends.

Will Shuster posted a video.

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Puck: Kurt, Mercy, I think that was too fucking funny.

Quinn Fabray: Language, Puckerman!

Sam Evans: "I'm gonna make you my wife, because you're my everything."

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Kurt Hummel: Oh, and you're welcome Sam;)

Sam Evans: Hummel, text now!

Quinn Fabray thanks for filling me in Mercedes Jones

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Sam Evans: Dislikes!

Kurt Hummel: Who asked you, Lemon Head;)

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Sam Evans my friends are meanie heads:(

Santana Lopez: Meanie heads?

Finn Hudson: Dude, we aren't in kindergarten.

Kurt Hummel: Says the man who asked me why we don't eat glue yesterday.

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Finn Hudson agrees with Sam Evans. Our friends are meanie heads.

Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson are single.

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Finn Hudson: ;)

Santana Lopez: What up with the wanky wanky face?

Blaine Criss: Nothing.

Santana Lopez: And who the hell are you?

Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel are in a relationship and it's complicated.

Rachel Berry and Blaine Criss are in a relationship and it's complicated.

Will Shuster posted a video.

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Blaine Criss: Best. Song. Ever.

Puck: I think all of us were laughing too hard to actually understand everything.

Quinn Fabray: I think the best part was when Kurt kissed Blaine and Rachel jerked Blaine away.

Santana Lopez: I think the best part was when Kurt nearly yelled at Finn for not grinding him.

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Kurt Hummel: Upbeat version of Word of Your Body is the best thing ever.

Rachel Berry loves all of the Glee Club and their boyfriends;)

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Santana Lopez: Who doesn't love me?

Puck: Who doesn't love me?

Quinn Fabray: ME! To you, Puck.

Sam Evans: Love you Quinn:)

Quinn Fabray: Love you to, Lemon Head.

Sam Evans remind me to kill Kurt for dubbing me Lemon Head.

Mike Chang: At least you aren't other Asian.

Just a little Facebooking;) This was done when I should have been working on a paper ue in a few weeks, but, eh, I can finish it sometime else! Anyways, like? If you people want, I can do this as a story, a little overview of what goes on in little Glee world. This has nothing to do with the show, sometimes (see: Sam and Quinn flirting, what not). Pairing will probably stay the same, but what did you think? Review, seriously! Like, for reals.