Quick AN: Kurt is still at Dalton in this chapter. Justsayin.

Kurt Hummel is teaching Blaine Criss how to douggie. This is legitimately happening. Wes Anderson is going to show everyone Blaine's version of how to douggie. This is epic.


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Santana Lopez: Kurt's a great dancer. He's the only white person who can douggie.

Blaine Criss: HEY!

Kurt Hummel: It's true. Though, he is holding up nicely. I think it's a little too early to bust out the flips and back hand springs.

Wes Anderson: You can do flips?

Kurt Hummel: I use to be a Cheerio. Why doesn't Dalton have a Cheer team?

Puck: Because guys don't wanna look up other guys skirts…except, ya know, Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt Hummel: The guys don't look up the skirts. We wear pants, Puck.

Finn Hudson: Or kilts. They can wear kilts too.

Rachel Berry: Finn, Blaine isn't from Ireland. Neither is Kurt.

Finn Hudson: Oh.

Blaine Criss cannot douggie. At all. It's pathetic.

Wes Anderson: I CAN DOUGGIE!

David Michaels: ME TOO!

Kurt Hummel: NO WAY BRAH!

Blaine Criss: Since I am a gentleman, I will only rudely gesture you in private.

Kurt Hummel: I'll just tell you here: Fuck.

Blaine Criss: Gladly.

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Kurt Hummel to Finn Hudson: yeah, at least you can semi douggie. Jus the arms though. Blaine can't be that bad, I thought, but, oh my, he was. He was.

David Michaels posted a video.

Blaine Criss: damn you. And, I don't cuss often.

Quinn Fabray: HOLYCRAP!


Finn Hudson: HAHAHAHAHAHA I feel so much better about my dancing now.

Blaine Criss: *pouts and gets out Ben and Jerry's ice cream*

Puck: *gets out a spoon and eats some of Blaine's ice cream*

Blaine Criss: *slaps Puck* that's MY ice cream!

Wes Anderson: No touching Blaine's ice cream.

David Michaels: Unless you want to be killed.

Wes Anderson: His love for ice cream is much better than that time he broke up with Logan.


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Blaine Criss: *flicks Sharpie at Wes*

Kurt Hummel: And the Sharpie did just hit Wes. BTW, Blaine, I want some of that ice cream.

Santana Lopez: Waaaaannkkyyyy ;D

Kurt Hummel: *le sigh*

Santana Lopez And in my head I paint a picture….

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Rachel Berry: Stuck in your head?

Santana Lopez: Yup! And I'm rocking it out, bitch!

Rachel Berry: I don't like being referred to as a female dog.

Santana Lopez: Fine. And I am rocking it out Berry.

Rachel Berry: Much better :D

Quinn Fabray is dead.

Santana Lopez: RIP.

Artie Abrams: May she rest in peace.

Finn Hudson: She was a good friend, and a good girlfriend. Though, I paid for some baby stuff, and she never paid me back…

Rachel Berry: Her voice was sweet, but nothing compared to my vocal talent.

Sam Evans: She was my girlfriend and I love her.

Brittany S. Pierce: Her belly was big last year. And she was a lot meaner. I like the new Quinn.

Kurt Hummel: She was an enjoyable bitch. Now she's nicer. And quieter. Her fashion sense was simple and wholesome.

Mercedes Jones: She was my sister from another whole different set of parents.

Mike Chang: She was a good dancer.

Tina Cohen-Chang: I love the way she sings:)


Quinn Fabray: *slaps Puck* No! I lost my Mom's necklace. I found it though. No guys, I'm not really dead. Thanks for all the concerns though! *glares at Puck*

Santana Lopez: You're not dead? Damn.

Wes Anderson I don't understand life!

David Michaels: Welcome to my life!

Wes Anderson: if this is your life, I want NO part of it!

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Blaine Criss likes Rent a whole lot!

Kurt Hummel: Let's explain this. He likes Rent because he said I'd make a fabulous Angel.

Blaine Criss: To which he replied because he thought I was saying that because he was fabulously fashionable doesn't mean he'd just want to play Angel.

Kurt Hummel: To which Blaine replied that no, he thought the songs would suit my voice.

Blaine Criss: Then Kurt said I should be Mark. When I asked why he said that it was so I don't end up with anyone :(

Kurt Hummel: Also, because it means he dated a lesbian!

Blaine Criss: Which…I have….

Wes Anderson: It's cute how you all think we care!

Puck: YOU DATED A LESBIAN? Puckzilla bows to Blaine Criss.

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Santana Lopez: Can I bow down too Blaine ;D

Kurt Hummel: Umm…back off the boy is mine!

Mercedes Jones: Kurt, that's my song.

Kurt Hummel: :( But I wanna sing it!

Santana Lopez: Too bad. Mercedes and I rock it more than you will ever rock it!

Blaine Criss: Wanna bet on that, Santana?

Santana Lopez: Yes.

Kurt Hummel: *face palms* Why do I have a feeling this is going to be very competitive?

Mercedes Jones: Because it will be.

Blaine Criss posted a video.

Santana Lopez: 0.O I think Wheezy and I lost.

Mercedes Jones: H-O-T!

Kurt Hummel: Poor WesXD

Wes Anderson: Why is it always meeee? D:

David Michaels: Cuz they like me more.

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