At Last

It felt like a lifetime had passed when Urahara eventually gathered everyone to get back to Karakura, asking the Espada to open a Garganta for them.

And even longer until everyone said their good-byes, making their respectable ways home.

Ichigo decided to stay at Urahara's to send the Shinigami off to Soul Society, while Ishida seemed keen to leave as soon as possible, nodding his respects to Renji and the others before he took of, Szayel exchanging one more glance with Grimmjow before trailing after him.

When finally the sliding doors to Seireitei closed, taking Aizen with them as they disappeared, Ichigo took a deep breath of relieve, the first one in a long time, it seemed.

His father had gone with the Shinigami to make sure the traitor was really secured and now there was nothing left to do for the orange-haired teen than to go home, too.

So, searching around the room Ichigo called on the blond man standing some feet away:

"Oi, Urahara, where's my body?"

The shop owner turned towards them, expression as unreadable as always, but his eyes were dancing with mirth.

"Don't you remember? You left it behind when you joined with Abarai-kun in that Hollow fight. Don't worry. I sent Kon to also get the gigai of your boyfriend and Szayel-kun. You're free to spend some time in the hot spring, if you want", the blond added and was smiling mischievously at that.

Oh, right! Ichigo thought. He had been so worried about Grimmjow (and Ishida) back then, the bodies never even grazed his mind …

"Well, I wouldn't mind a relaxing bath right now", Grimmjow threw in from the side.

The Sexta Espada cracked his neck to make a point.

The look he gave Ichigo before making his way to the hot spring, however, promised something far more to the opposite, making Ichigo flush.

Nonetheless, he was following the teal-haired man shortly after.

Already feeling the sexual tension radiating from the Sexta Espada's back, the orange-haired teen expected to be jumped at any second as they reached the rock formation surrounding the hot spring.

He was counting on it, even.

But the moment he saw Grimmjow about to turn around they heard someone talking ahead, making them halt.

"…damn geta-wearing bastard and his stupid hat.. ordering me around like some of his mindless workers…." A sigh of accomplishment and then: "…Now, time to get back…" the voice declared cheerfully.


Ichigo grinned, recognizing that voice in an instant.

He passed by the rocks that were blocking the sight to the pool of hot water, Grimmjow right behind him…

…only to have the teal-haired man nearly bump into him as he suddenly stopped dead in this tracks, gaping at the scene presented to them:

Right in front of their eyes, right there in the hot spring, a stark naked Grimmjow had his lips locked with an equally exposed Ichigo, the teen seemingly asleep as the Espada seemed to do some deep CPR.

While the real Ichigo and Grimmjow were still processing the sight, though, the other Grimmjow's hands suddenly fell away from false-Ichigo's face and the man's body drifted sideways into the water like it lost all his life, while the naked orange-head's eyes opened.

"Ichigo!" a scowl-free face greeted the shocked teen.

"What the HELL are you DOING?" Ichigo screeched as his body was about to leave the water. The horrified orange-head saw bubbles of air making their way to the surface where the Sexta Espada's body had sunk.

Panic-stricken the substitute-Shinigami jumped into the hot spring, grabbing Grimmjow's drowning body and dragging him to the edge, where the Sexta Espada was watching him in amusement.

"Get inside!" Ichigo commanded the teal-haired man, pointing at the Espada's gigai. Then, he waded across to his naked counterpart in rage.

Kon-in-Ichigo backed away in alarm, raising his hands to shield himself.

"Wait, Ichigo! Let me explain!"

"Where is your body?" Ichigo asked darkly as he was right in front of the other's face.

Kon shrieked and pointed to the left where Ichigo's clothes were lying.

The orange-haired teen spotted the lion and reached for it before he extracted Kon's soul from his body and stuffed it into the soft toy, jamming it down at the edge of the water. He then quickly got inside his own body before it could sink under.

A coughing and spluttering Grimmjow joined Ichigo and they both glared at the stuffed lion.

Kon just crossed his arms in front of him.

"Don't look at me like that! I was going to get him out after switching bodies!"

"Why were you in Grimmjow's body to begin with?"

"Are you kidding? A teenager carrying two grown men?"

Ichigo wasn't convinced, staring down at the stuffed animal with a fixed gaze.

"…Ok, ok. I wanted to try him out", Kon confessed at last, making Ichigo scowl even deeper. "With that body you could get any woman!"

"Kon!" Ichigo was scandalized, but Grimmjow was barking with laughter.

"Nothing happened!" Kon hurried to say, adding in a subdued voice: "Nothing good at least…"

"Ko~n..!" the orange-head demanded, loosing patience, casting a dark shadow over the sweating soft toy until the mod soul finally broke down, the words tumbling from his mouth on his confession.

"Argh! I somehow got involved with some yakuza and then I fled, and your bodies somehow got dirty, and I'll never, ever take such a dangerous body again, ok?"

Tears streaming freely the little lion then ran for his life, squeaking noises echoing after him.

Looking after the stuffed animal Ichigo sighed.

At that moment he became aware of his current situation, and out of the corner of his eyes he looked at the man at his side.

Grimmjow really looked a right sight now, all dripping wet, a smug grin plastered on his face and eyes glinting.

Actually, he looked like sex on legs…

Very dangerous, indeed.

Ichigo gulped as he became conscious of his own state, naked skin shivering where he didn't feel the heat rolling of the body right beside him.

The teen was not surprised at all to find himself pressed up against the wall of the hot spring the next moment, one hot Espada's lips locked onto his, this kiss much more passionate than the one they had witnessed beforehand.

In fact, as the Sexta Espada had shoved him against the hard surface, Ichigo's hands had already been gripping teal-coloured hair, pulling Grimmjow's head down to meet his lips half way.

I wonder what the ladies would say to this, he thought excitedly, grinning into the kiss as he moved his body against Grimmjow, making the teal-eyed man groan into his mouth.

"Missed me?" a pleasantly surprised Grimmjow panted with a cocky smile as he managed to draw away for a second, but the teen didn't answer, crushing his body more firmly against the teal-eyed man instead. His kiss grew even more aggressive and his hands started to wander all over the teal-haired man's skin; Ichigo tried to crawl into the other's body, it seemed, backing Grimmjow up in the process until the Sexta Espada's back bumped into stone.

The teal-eyed man didn't mind, though, as he was lost in the sensation of Ichigo's hands grappling him, Ichigo rocking into him, Ichigo eating him alive. It took all of his powers to keep up with him, to match the teen's frantic moves and to regain control.

And then finally, in answer to the question, Ichigo's tongue left the Espada's mouth to make its way to one of Grimmjow's ears and, grounding his crotch one more time against the Espada in a warning of sorts, the teen bit him.

"Don't you ever leave me again", the orange-haired teen half-growled, half- whimpered.

Grimmjow's heart skipped a beat, a spark of emotion running its way from head to toe like he was hit by a stroke of lighting at the teen's words.

It made Grimmjow's cock so hard in so short a time that the Sexta Espada thought it might explode.

If he didn't get into the teen soon the teal-haired man would surely die.

"Shit", he ground out and all of a sudden, Ichigo found himself roughly whirled around and then he was shoved against the pool's wall, the teen bending over the edge by the pressure of the man's chest at his back.

"Shit, shit, shit", Grimmjow reiterated as he found no time to prepare the teen before he just plunged into him, drawing a surprised scream from Ichigo as he shoved in his dick up to the hilt in one motion, not even giving the teen time to adapt before he started to pound into him in a frenzy, alternating between shallow, quick and deep, hard thrusts, Ichigo crying out every time he drove home.

The orange-haired teen was panting his name as he scrambled for support on the slippery stone, his ass nearly out of the water by now.

"Ichigo", Grimmjow ground out between grunts as he nibbled at the teen's neck and ears, trying to get as much contact as possible as he already felt his release nearing.

He wanted to touch Ichigo, wanted to give the teen some pleasure, but his hands were clenched were he was gripping at the orange-head's hips, not able to stop his thrusts until he saw stars explode behind his eyes and with one last roar of Ichigo's name he came deep, his pelvis not stopping to move until he was entirely spent.

Leaning on the orange-haired teen he panted into Ichigo's shoulder, as he couldn't help mouthing the already bruised skin there until he mustered the strength to stand on his own and give the teen some space.

Looking at Ichigo not moving from where he was bent over the edge of the healing spring, breathing heavily, Grimmjow winced at the blue and red marks covering the teen.

"Shit, Ichigo. I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me", he said apologetically. He cautiously brought his hands to one of the bruises and, not meeting with resistance, caressing the abused skin.

"Want to let me make it up to ya?" he nervously proposed, his hands slowly making their way to the other's front to see if there was an erection that needed attention, by any chance.

"Uh…" Ichigo's shaky voice made the man stop in his tracks. "I think I'll have to pass…"

Grimmjow subconsciously took a step backwards as the orange-head slowly turned around, at last.

He got a better look at the flushed and flustered face of his strawberry when the teen leaned languidly back, eyes shining as if he was feverish. The water was just high enough to conceal the teen's manhood, but the rest was glistening with beads of sweat or water.

Gulping Grimmjow saw that Ichigo had his customary scowl in place, but the corner of the orange-head's mouth were turned up in a broad, rakish smile as his eyes glanced down towards a telling smutch of white on his belly.

"I don't think it'll get up anytime soon…", the teen confessed, blushing to the tip of his ears.

It was the sexiest thing Grimmjow had ever seen.

And then that gorgeous creature came over to him and the teal-haired man intuitively took Ichigo into his arms as the teen plastered himself to his Sexy Espada.

"How about we make use of this healing hot spring and maybe you can make it up to me later?" Ichigo purred into his ear, making the Espada shiver as they slipped into the comforting water together.

Grinning like mad he kissed the head of the sleepy teen leaning into him.

"I-" love you, Grimmjow nearly said, but then just answered:



Szayel had wordlessly followed the Quincy getting home in a hurried pace but not using Hirenkyaku, which made the trip a considerably long one (especially since the teen had been evading public streets with him wearing Arrancar garment) and that had Szayel wondering.

Since their victorious battle against Aizen, Uryuu hadn't looked at him once and by now it was making the pink-haired man exceedingly worried. When they had been reunited everything had seemed to be okay. Even more than okay. Uryuu had even said that he loved him, when he threatened to kill the Octava Espada should he let Kurotsuchi get away. Maybe it had been in the heat of the moment, but Szayel had been elated at the time. Uryuu had been worried for his life when he had used the Espada's energy to escape Kurotsuchi's venom, reminding the Espada of his promise to not leave the Quincy. He had been so sure of Uryuu's love then.

So Szayel couldn't fathom what had changed.

How had he fallen out of grace?

By the time they finally reached the brunet's apartment, Szayel wasn't even sure if he was still welcome in the teen's home. Nervously he stepped inside, quietly closing the door and watching the rigid back of Uryuu as the teen got out of his footwear, before advancing into the living room where the pink scientist's belongings where still stocked up at the wall.

Szayel couldn't bear the silence any longer.

"Who would have thought that girl would be the one leading to Aizen's fall, eh?" He slightly stumbled with his words as he tried to sound conversational, and he couldn't stop talking. "I mean, I always thought it would be Grimmjow's little Shinigami friend. But Ulquiorra of all people, just materialising out of nowhere? Makes my revival seem fairly trivial…"

At the mention of Aizen Szayel thought he saw Uryuu flinch slightly, but when the teen responded, he sounded as unperturbed as the pink-haired Espada tried to be.

"Yes, it should have been Kurosaki, but then I'm just glad it is finally over and I daresay, Kurosaki is not disappointed either."

His last words seemed clipped, though:

"Now we all can get back to normality."

Somehow that didn't ring well with Szayel.


The dark-haired teen was walking towards his bedroom, surely to change his clothes and Szayel tentatively followed, intent to get the teen to face him at last. But at the threshold to the room the Quincy abruptly stood still, gazing at something he must have spotted. Curious, the Octava Espada looked over his shoulder and saw his gigai lying on the bed.

It was covered in mud!

"What in heavens happened to my body?" the pink-haired scientist gaped, for a moment forgetting about the tension between them.

Uryuu stiffly backed out of the room, letting Szayel pass by him to take possession of his false body. Sniffing at the arduous scent his clothes were now giving off the pink-haired man screwed up his face.

"This is disgusting." He spotted the clothes they had bought for him not far away and tried to find anything that had not somehow gotten dirty, when he looked up to have Uryuu's backside in front of his eyes once more.

The sight was slowly starting to grate on his nerves.

Scowling he started towards the teen to turn him around, wanting to see the Quincy's expression, but Uryuu walked away already, to the kitchenette.

This time he heard the Quincy's cool voice crack a little when saying:

"You can shower first. I'll brew some tea. Although… I guess you won't exactly need that gigai any longer, will you?"

Wide-eyed Szayel rushed to grip the teen's arm.

"What are you saying?" he breathed in alarm.

The dark-haired teen shook the hand off his arm, standing upright, and head held high.

The teen gave his customary sigh.

"Isn't it obvious? It is over. Aizen is gone from Hueco Mundo and surely there is no use for a gigai in the Hollow world."

The hands at Uryuu's side were curled into fists, defying his controlled words.

"What are you talking about? Why would I go back to Hueco Mundo?" Szayel asked confused and then became agitated, gripping the teen's arm again. "Did I do something wrong? Don't you want me here any longer? Uryuu, I thought you loved me, too!"

With a shaky voice the pink-haired man begged him:

"Please, don't turn me away!"

He finally managed to whirl the teen around, but as he saw his beloved's face his breath caught in his throat.

Uryuu's expression was a mask of pure misery. One look into the Espada's eyes and the Quincy's big and fearful eyes were tearing up. Shaking his head the teen quickly drew his face downwards as to not lose it entirely. He worked his mouth but no words would get past his constricted throat. He even pressed his hand to his forehead trying to get himself under control.

But it was all moot when Szayel brushed the hand away and gently cupped the teen's face to look into his eyes, waiting for the teen to talk. With the Espada's touch the tears broke lose and silently streamed down.

Just like a dam had broken down the words started flowing.

"Look what you've done?" the teen sobbed indignantly –and only Uryuu could pull something like that off. "I'm an emotional wreck! I don't even now why I'm crying! I just… You were supposed to make up your mind and if you, logically, decide to go back… I was ready to let you go! But I just couldn't look at you and not do something stupid! Really stupid! The thoughts I get… they make me- they should make me sick!... And then I saw your body lying there like that and it reminded me of you lying there in Las Noches and…"

Uryuu was now glaring at Szayel while the tears still wouldn't stop, no matter how much he tried to wipe them away.

"I hate this! I hate you for making me feel this way! I'll be angry if you leave me alone and I'll be angry if you don't, because you would be stupid not to seize your opportunity in Hueco Mundo!... So just… I want this to stop!"

And Szayel complied.

He kissed Uryuu. Deeply.

He let all his pent up emotions flow into the boy.

And when blazing orange eyes opened to observe the effect that kiss had on his Quincy, they looked into shock-wide cobalt-blue eyes that had stopped crying. The teen was stilled in motion, mouth left open from the other's attack.

Szayel couldn't help but smile stupidly at that, quickly engulfing the teen in his arms to hide that smile in the brunet's neck.

"Did this help?" he chuckled.

"Yeah…" he heard Uryuu's muffled reply, obviously astonished by that. And the teen added in the same deadpan tone:

"You stink."


But then Szayel smelt it, too.

He had nearly forgotten about that, but suddenly the stench couldn't be ignored any longer. And he had squashed Uryuu right into it.

He quickly let go of the archer, stumbling back as he wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Oh, god. Sorry, Uryuu, I'll be getting rid of those clothes in an instant. I'll be quick in the shower, ok?... Will you be alright?"

Bar the streaks of dried tears on the teen's cheeks there was nothing left indicating the other's emotional breakdown, though.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine", the brunet assured, adjusting his glasses to match his stoic expression. "Let's just pretend this never happened. I'll wait here for you to finish…"

Szayel smiled in relieve and had already pulled out of his sweater on his way to the bathroom, when he was suddenly stopped in his steps by Uryuu sighing deeply and stammering:

"Actually, I don't think I can wait any longer…"

"Huh?" was Szayel's eloquent response, when he turned around to be met with a determined Quincy walking up to him and taking hold of his wrist.

The surprised Espada was then dragged towards the bedroom.

"It's your fault for planting perverted ideas into my head. Now strip."


He watched the teen folding back the blanket before he pointedly looked at Szayel.

But as the pink-haired man was gazing at him he noticed Uryuu already falter, a slight blush working its way up as he glared at the Octava Espada.

"Do you want to or not?" the teen demanded annoyed, his bangs swaying as he inclined his head haughtily, eyes molten into a deep-blue.

The pink-haired Espada honestly hadn't been anticipating this, but according to his dick he had definitely been hoping for it, as it stood to attention in an instance.

Reflecting on it, Szayel had to wonder why he hadn't jumped the teen already with that ready-to-ravish look he gave him, still dressed in the torn, sleeveless attire from Hueco Mundo. Looking the archer up and down in appreciation he came to the conclusion that it must have something to do with the teen's eyes, after all. The fire in them was catching and Szayel knew all too well how hot blue flames were.

"Of course I want to!" he hurried to say, cautious as not to see that flame quenched.

Never letting the enthralling beauty out of his eyes Szayel started to fumble with his shirt and trousers.

God, how he envied the raven-haired teen for his hakama right now, human trousers were much too constricting…

"You're doing it again", Uryuu sighed, at Szayel's puzzled expression explaining:

"Undressing me with your eyes."

Oh, if only that were possible, the pink-haired man fantasized.

"May I undress you with my hands instead?" he enquired, throat feeling dry at the prospect.

The most beautiful shade of red adorned Uryuu's face as the archer only gulped. Just like before Szayel took the absence of a negation for a permission.

It was exhilarating, to say the least, as his beloved Quincy allowed him to let his hands wander, each stroke along the teen's body making the archer's breath hitch. When Szayel finally slipped his hands under the hem of that white top he could feel every breath rippling the teen's slender form.

"If you don't hurry up now, there won't be any need to undress me any longer", Uryuu gasped and as the pink-haired man let his hand drop down to the front of the teen's pants he gasped, too, as he felt the teen's clear arousal there, squeezing it in awe.

"Ah-" the bespectacled teen cried out, arching into the touch before sending a glare at Szayel.

The Octava Espada nearly ripped the boy's shirt off and got rid of his own pants in the blink of an eye, moaning a sigh as his erection got some room.

Uryuu just gazed with hungry eyes at the now nearly naked Espada.

And unlike the other time he had his hands free, intent on using that opportunity.

The Quincy drew his fingers up the Espada's arms and slang his arms around the other's neck to tug on him, drawing the pink-haired man with him as he lay down on the bed.

When Szayel was about to take one of the already taut nipples into his mouth, Uryuu halted him.

"No time", he pressed out. "Lubrication?…" he managed to ask, while Szayel was concentrating on loosening the strings of the teen's trousers. Uryuu seemed as relieved to lose them as Szayel had been.

"DON'T touch it", the archer gasped-warned as he saw the Espada reaching for the freed cock. The Quincy's length was already leaking profoundly.

"Lubrication", the teen reminded him and Szayel reached down, fishing a tube out of his trousers.

"You really are unbelievable", Uryuu snorted at that, but opened his legs to give the other room.

"I could blow you fir-" Szayel started, but although the dark-haired teen's cock seemed to jump at the idea the archer shook his head.

"No, this time we do as I say… maybe later. Just get inside, already!"

It was still a wonder to Szayel how he managed to not spill his seed right there and then at the sight of his lover (oh, right, he had squeezed his dick), especially when Uryuu started to give those sexy moans as he stretched him. Or how the brunet managed it. He really admired the endurance of the Quincy.

When Szayel finally pushed inside, Uryuu throwing his head back in ecstasy he lost it. He nearly broke the raven-haired teen in half as he struggled to kiss him, preaching the teen's name over and over until their lips were sealed by each other. And then he already felt his cock shooting his seed, Uryuu's passageway getting even tighter as the teen must have launched into orgasm right after the pink-haired scientist.

It was over way too soon and Szayel had been so mind-blown through all of it, only afterwards did he think he might have heard Uryuu scream his name as they came together.

He also had no idea when exactly the bed frame had given out under them and succumbed to the splintering mess in which they were currently lying.

Surely he would have heard a sturdy bed breaking?

Looking down at the owner of the bed, Uryuu's scowl looked so adorable Szayel had to laugh, burying his face into the teen's chest.

"You needed a bigger bed, anyways", he chuckled and was surprised when Uryuu joined in his laughter. Yet another thing his lover told him to never mention and which therefore would belong only to him, the Octava Espada thought giddily as they lay there together.

Belonging to him, just like Uryuu did.


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That monday morning at school:

Ichigo and Ishida *slumped over their desks *:…

A Hollow appears in Karakura.

Ichigo *groaning*: You go Ishida.

Ishida *grousing*: No, you can go this time, Kurosaki.

That's how Grimmjow and Szayel came to be the new Hollow hunters in town.

THE (real) END