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A woman sat watching a young girl running around the courtyard as she tried to catch dragonflies, a pendant of that very insect hung around her neck from a chain of blue and silver beads. This child was obviously of high-birth, she wore rich robes that were mostly not for play, and that valuable pendant, it was obvious she seldom heard the word 'No.'. A serene woman walked out from one of the many doors that surrounded the courtyard, she wore an elaborate Kimono that was covered with the same Dragonfly that hung about the child's neck. She smiled happily at the sight of the child; "Come here, Reina." She said, her voice was so gentle that it was almost like listening to snow falling, if you did not hear it the word would probably melt in the warm air. She was calling to the young girl who instantly stopped playing with the Dragonfly as she turned around to the source of the pure voice, her brown eyes became joyful.

The woman got up; "Arashi-Sama." She said as she bowed.

The woman waved to her, telling her to rise; "I thought I heard my daughter enjoying her afternoon, so I thought I would join her."

"Here I am Mama." The five-year-old said running to her mother as she launched herself onto her mother, latching her arms around her waist.

"Here you are." Arashi smiled as she ran her hand through her daughter's long locks. "Have you practiced today?" She asked.

"Yes!" She said excitedly; "Sensei says I'm going to be as strong as Mama is one day!" She said.

"I know you will." Arashi replied.

Reina smiled happily at her mother.

The temple, home of the Akitsu Clan for many a generation, was in the outskirts of Karakura; in a quiet town where the hustle and bustle of modern life did not bother them much. The small town was built around the Shrine where the Priestess and her family lived, the role of priestess was passed from mother to daughter since the birth of that town – it was known that the line of women from the very first priestess had a gift that none of the town had, they could see spirits, and sometimes – it was said – that they watched over the souls until the Shinigami appeared, but that was a mere legend… the people looked to the priestess to keep their town safe from those unseen evils that they, the normal people, could not see. Even after they stopped believing in such stories, they found that the tradition could not be broken.

The Priestess, Arashi, was married to a man from a prominent family of old nobility, Hamada Kazuya, he was a skilled swordsman. The Hamada family also passed this from father to son but since Kazuya and Arashi were blessed with but one daughter he tried to teach all the he could to their young daughter.

For eight years since the birth of Reina they lived in harmony, and life was well. That is until a devastating earthquake ended the lives of that town, and none survived.

Or at least, that is what they happened to the Village of Kurohashi, which was nothing more than a giant crater.

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