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Percabeth Cinderella story

Annabeth P.O.V.

Hi my name is Annabeth Chase I live in a very wealthy part of the world. I live in New York Manhattan with my step mother Helen Chase and step sisters Amanda Chase and Page Chase.

My step family puts all books to shame they are so dumb and air-headed. But as my step mother says "boys only look for beauty not brains" she had trained Amanda and Page to be beautiful instead of letting them have a good, or even reasonable education she let them go to the mall.

And me you may ask. I am pretty but nothing compared to my step-sisters. They treat me like a maid ever since my father was killed when I was seven. My birth mother was said to have loved me very much but left when I was very little.

So here I am washing the floor with a sponge a, might I add, very bad way to clean a floor, and Amanda coming to me with a very mad face on.

"ANNABETH! You good for nothing lazy waste of life!" she screeched in my ear. Oh goody she in a good mood. I thought sarcastically. "You didn't order my face mask! How am I to live without it!"

"I don't know but I will order some right away for you" I told her trough my teeth. I had learned the hard way that if I spoke in a bad manner to them they would threaten to not send me to college and I had to get away from here 2years when I turned 18. I'm 16 now.

"Well good because I have to look my best for Percy Jackson's party in 2 weeks so get to work.

"Wait!" I called to her "Percy Jackson is having a party? What's the reason?" Percy Jackson was not the party all night kind of person even though his Dad –Poseidon Jackson- was the richest men in the world. Really he was.

Amanda took a deep breath and spoke as if I was a little kid."Percy dad wants him to have a girl-friend because he will be 17 soon and has never had a stable girl-friend."

Well I thought. He is going to have a very long night of pain if every girl in the eastern United States will be there. Trying to be his girl-friend. Well at least I'm not going to throw myself at him. If I go at all I would like to meet a nice boy that I will have a chance of happiness with.

Is it good? Is it bad? Should I continue it? I wasted to Wright a story like this because no-one has done one like this yet and I was shocked. So I can say I was the first to attempt. Please review this is my first fan-fic.