Hidan - Holy shit, what is this shit?
Me - Hahaha, yeah, shut it.






"I'M A BOY! IT'S FRANCIS!" Chen and Francis were arguing about his name…and gender. Disrupting the other ants and pissing Princess Atta off, you can't blame them. Francis does look like a girl, he got hit on by a fly (I call him Lenny :3) which is the most embarrassing to ever happen…..wow, I think he's Deidara's soul mate (O.O).

"You know what, fuck you. I know you're a chick, and unless you can prove me wrong shut your fucking mouth."

"Language, Chen. Language." Mr. Soil popped his head through the curtain of leaves, no surprise though. It's like he stalks her. Chen muttered a load of crap about getting Tuck and Roll to bitch slap him, then went back to her duties. (Sleeping and not working on the bird.)

The sun was shinning brightly, too brightly. It was cooking the colony members to a crisp and some were paranoid the bird would catch fire. But for Chen it was all good, she was sat under a tree eating a seed she had stolen from the offering stone. She was enjoying the complaints coming from the bird construction site and the irritated complaints from them the sun was causing, but one minute the sun was shinning on her, the next it wasn't. She sat up rubbing her eyes, pissed.

"Oi, who the fuck's blocking the sun?" She found none other than Francis blocking it. (Well who the fuck did you expect? It's kinda obvious!) "Ugh, what the hell do you want?"

"Your telling me to prove I'm a guy, where's your prove I'm a girl?" Chen stared at him in disbelief, it was kind of a duh! Question for her.

"Your eyelashes."


"Your eyelashes, they're long, longer than Princess Atta's." She smiled smugly. "There's my proof."

He stared at her blankly, and then his anger started to show.

"My eyelashes? That's your proof? There's so many more ways I'm a boy!"


"Uhhh…..GET BACK TO WORK!" He turned and walked away furiously, Chen was feeling quiet happy with herself, she had proven something that wasn't true in the least. And still hasn't been caught stealing the food.

Me - Yaoi, Yaoi, Yaoi, Yaoi, Yaoi...