You Saw My Weakness

Part 1

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I knew today was different but I didn't know how. Carly was home with the flu but it still seemed like a normal day to me. I was changing into my gym clothes in the girls locker room getting ready to run two miles for PE. If I'm not able to complete the two miles I'll fail the class which I really didn't want to explain to my mom. At first I didn't think that my mom would care but last night we had a three hour conversation on me getting at least a D in all of my classes. I mean really, when did she become the kind of mom to talk to their child about the importance of grades? I finish tying my shoe and quickly stand up, my head starts pounding and I feel the room spinning, my eyes are blurry and the only thing I can see is the outline of the blue gym lockers around me. I topple back onto the bench I sat on before and stayed as still as I could so I feel human again. My hand goes up to my head to make sure it isn't going to fall off. This should have been my first sign that I shouldn't have ran today.

"Okay class you have the whole period to complete your two miles. Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!" Coach T said. I call him Coach T because his last name is too hard to pronounce and I really don't care. I roll my eyes at Coach T, I don't really like him. What am I saying? I don't really like any of my teachers. I start to jog a little but it's difficult to keep a pace when I feel my legs getting more and more tired with every step I take but I got to keep going. From everybody looking down on me for the past couple years it would be nice to show them especially my mom that I am able to do something other than eating. I quicken my pace a bit ignoring the cramp in my leg and the pounding from my head.

"Sam!" I hear from behind me. I turn my head cautiously to see who yelled my name, Freddie swiftly jogs up beside me. He seems pretty okay with jogging, it's never been his strong suit but never his weakness either. We just ran there side by side for awhile and I find myself waiting for him to talk but all he does is smirk. So I decide to run faster to get away from him and the awkwardness but he easily catches up with me again. "Whoa there, it's not a race." I ignore his comments not because I want to but because I can't say anything when I'm gasping for air. As I stop to get some breath back into my lungs Freddie stops as well. "Are you okay? Your not telling me to leave you alone, you can barely breathe and you haven't even insulted me yet."

"I'm fine." I let out knowing that's all I could let out. I wanted to tell him that it killed me to just stand up and that I couldn't tell where I was going, I wanted so badly to ask him for help. But I knew that I had to finish and when I did then I could feel normal again. At this point I return to a more slower jog clutching my head hoping somehow it could get some more blood flow to my brain so it'll stop hurting. I feel as if I've been running in circles because all I can see is the trees spinning around me and the track is too blurry to see where I'm even going.

"Sam, are you sure? I really think you should sit down." He asked looking sincerely worried. He lays his hand on my shoulder but I don't even feel it from the numbness running through my body.

"Benson..." I didn't finish what I was saying. The bright sun beats down on my forehead making me realize I could really use a drink of water. Coming to a halt I look around me hoping my sight will become normal again, unfortunately it gets worse. The last thing I hear is Freddie screaming my name.

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