You Saw My Weakness

Part 3

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Coach T blew his whistle for the last time signaling it was time to go back to the locker rooms. I sat on the hard metal bench next to the track waiting for Freddie. Apparently I'm still too weak to run so I have to spend to the next week sitting out. I didn't mind that, it actually makes me very happy. Freddie jogs passed me on his way to the locker rooms but I stopped him before he left.

"Can we talk?" I urged myself to ask him. I knew he was upset with me so I was really nervous that he might not want to talk. It was the perfect time though. We had lunch next so we weren't really in a rush. He let out a large sigh before looking into my eyes. I thought that Freddie would be angry and upset but when I looked at his large brown eyes all I saw was worry, which made me even more confused.

"You feeling better?" He asked leaving my gaze and stared at the ground.

"It gets better each day." I told him.

"Then why do you want to talk to me?" He tried to make it seem like our conversation was nothing out of the ordinary but he knew as much as I did that this was important.

"Oh, so now that I m not in the hospital that means you don't have to care anymore." I knew by saying this I could get some sort of reaction from him and that's exactly why I did it.

"I never said I cared." He wasn't t giving up, still giving me an attitude. This got me a little angry but then I remembered something.

"So if you don t care than why did you stay in the waiting room for four hours just for me to wake up?" Freddie's eyes widened and I crossed my arms getting defensive. Why wouldn't he just tell me that he cares?

"That nurse told you, didn't she?" I nod my head then he smiles to himself. "I didn't really like her."

"Me neither," I agreed. "She seemed too happy." We both laughed at the strange nurse and I relaxed a little. Our laughter was cut short when Freddie's smile faded and seemed depressed once again. I waited for him to talk but all I heard was the mumbling of students walking past us. I hated this, the awkwardness and I can't ignore it, if I do it will never be the same. "I'm sorry."

"Huh?" I knew he would be surprised, I mean I rarely apoligize and actually mean it.

"I shouldn't have acted the way I did at the hospital." I admit.

"Sam it's okay. You weren't feeling good, I understand." He sighed.

"It's not okay. I was rude, you didn't deserve that." I argue with him.

"I'm just glad your okay." I roll my eyes at him, obviously this boy can't accept an apology.

"Then why doesn't it feel okay? Why do I feel like nothing's the same?" He looked like he was thinking about what he was going to say. He crossed and uncrossed his arms nervously.

"Because it's not the same." Freddie simply says. I give him a questioned look so he speaks again. "After you fainted, I realized that if I have anything to do with it, you will never faint like that ever again."

"So you do care about me?" I ask for reassurance.

"Of course I do. It was killing me to sit in the waiting room for that long. At one point I didn't even think you would wake up until the doctor told me you were going to be fine." I never knew that Freddie cared that much but now that I see the fear on his face just talking about me might not waking up I saw that there was something deeper.

"But why?" After everything I put him through I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't talk to me ever again. Freddie then looked at me with a new found confidence like he won the lottery.

"Heck, I'm just gonna say it. Because I love you." My mouth fell to ground as my eyes opened wider than I thought they could. I was happy, I didn't know why but I was. My mouth formed from wide opened to a smile and not just a smirk but a cheesy grin. Just by the look on my face Freddie knew I wasn't going to hit him so he grabbed my hands and pulled them close to him. "So I guess it's okay that I do this." I didn't say anything about him holding my hands because I was speechless.

"Wha-?" Was all I could get out.

"I knew that I loved you the minute I thought you were dying. I didn't love you just because you were dying but I realized that I have always had these unsurfaced feelings. Too bad it took something like this to show them." He smiled at me. I was so happy, just to know that he cared about me so much and now he loves me.

"You have no idea how much that means to me." I say. I pulled him closer to me and wrapped my arms around his neck. While I leaned, he leaned and then are lips met. When I kissed him all my fears, all my worries went away and I couldn't be more happy. Though I hated being in the hospital it was worth it to know I got something so special from it.

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