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Bloom was glaring at herself in the mirror. She could feel Baltors presence! Not hear at Alafia but in the realms somewhere out there. He was weak but slowly growing stronger.

Baltor awoken from his sleep sweating.

He suddenly felt energized and in need of a walk.

He got dressed and saw that he had clean clothing.

Andra was really putting out. She obviously wasn't useless.

This was Baltors first time out of his chambers so he walked down the cold stone halls slowly.

He heard a meow and looked down.

That danm cat was watching his every move.

"Shoo! Go choke on fur ball!" baltor said.

The cat just looked up lazily and ran down the hall.

Baltor followed the cat. He watched it go into a room that casted light.

He peered into the well lit room and saw andra.

She was wearing the oddest clothing. A short mini skirt with a strapless shirt.

I had only seen her wearing pants. I noticed she had wonderful long legs.

"What are you staring at baltor" she said looking up from pile of scrolls.

"Um nothing" baltor said quickly. "Well don't stand there like a fool come in" she said.

Baltor walked in trying not to look at andra's legs.

She had music in the background, classical oddly enough.

"When can I leave?" baltor asked. "When I say you can" she said flicking a scroll aside.

Anger flared up in baltor "I have had enough of this! I want to be my own person" baltor yelled.

The music changed suddenly. It was dark and wild.

Andra was controlling the music with her moods! "You are your own person! So shut up!" she said. Baltor nodded he did not know what andra was capable of.

"Why did you bring me back?" baltor demanded.

"I like your motives, it seems we share the same ones, I thought maybe if I was alongside you to help, you could actually succeed" she said. "Or you just want me so you can rule" baltor said.

"No dear, you can rule I don't care, as long as someone takes power" she said.

She walked away from the scrolls. "Now be good and sit down" she said.

A chair appeared and baltor sat. "Your hair is a mess darling" she said.

Baltor felt a brush rip through his hair. "Ow be careful" he said gritting his teeth.

"Sorry" she said laughing. "How old are you?" baltor asked. "Twenty one" she said.

The ripping stopped and the brush moved smoothly through Baltors hair.

"Are you meant to be my mother figure?" baltor asked suddenly.

Andra walked from behind baltor and lowered herself to be level with Baltors.

"I could be, or I could be a sister figure, or maybe even a daughter figure, or a lover" she said.

She had a devilish glint in her eyes.

Baltor looked at andra uncertain about what he was about to do.

He leaned forward and kissed andra.

Andra did not pull away like baltor thought she would but kissed back.

His tongue shyly slipped into andra's mouth.

Andra's tongue danced into his mouth and responded well.

When they broke apart baltor was gasping.

He had kissed woman in his life but never anything like that.

"Your to experienced for a witch" baltor suspiciously.

"That's what you think darling" she said.

She gave baltor one last smile before leaving the room.

Baltor was now not so sure about andra, she had something about her that he couldn't put his thumb on. Jenna glared at him with accusation in her eyes.

"What are you staring at?" he snarled rubbing his hand over the scratch marks on his chest.

Yes! That just happened!

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