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The demons came at them at a terrifying pace, coming from all directions. Dean quickly drew up his gun, loaded with salt rounds, shooting the nearest demon, sending it stumbling backwards. He quickly looked around to see how Sam was getting on.

Sam was making progress, taking his time, shooting the demons backwards when he needed to. When they came to this derelict house, they had no idea that it would turn out like this; they were only expecting a poltergeist. But, sure enough, the demons had caught scent of their whereabouts, ten of them storming the house.

'Sam, there's too many!' Dean cried, turning a full 360, shooting wildly; the demons were trying to trap them, boxing them in.

'No, we can take them! Keep going!' Sam shouted back, grunting with exertion as two more demons ran at him.

Dean shook his head. This was too dangerous; there were just too many demons for them to handle.

'Sam!' he shouted again; his brother needed to listen to him, see some sense.

'No, Dean! We can do this, just keep shooting!'

'This is crazy!'

'Just do it!'

With Dean now realising Sam wasn't going to listen, he concluded that they needed backup. And fast.

Swinging around again, drawing out his gun, shooting yet another demon, he muttered under his breath.

'Where the hell are you, Cas? Get your feathery ass down here!'

Sure enough, seconds later Dean heard the familiar flapping wings and Castiel appeared next to him, ducking quickly and grabbing a demon by the wrist, pulling him forward and pressing a finger to his forehead. The demon shrieked and fell to the floor, white light erupting from his eyes.

The angel turned to Dean. 'You called?'

Dean turned and shot again. 'Yeah, help!'

Castiel promptly grabbed another demon, before exorcising it.

Soon, the next eight demons were taken care of, Sam finishing the last one off with Ruby's Knife.

Dean looked angrily over at his little brother. 'What the hell, Sam? I told you we should have left it; there were too many!'

'What are you talking about, Dean? We took them!' Sam cried, gesturing at the pile of bodies on the ground, nine of them groaning, still unconscious from Castiel's exorcism.

'Yeah, only cos' of Cas! They outnumbered us, Sam!'

'Whatever' the youngest Winchester adopted his trademark Bitchface, before cleaning the blood off his knife.

Dean looked at him, incredulous. He strode over to Sam, who didn't look at him.

'Maybe I didn't want to get killed on some pointless hunt! Just follow my lead on something, will ya?'

'No way Dean! I'm not a kid anymore! We could have taken them if you weren't so scared!' Sam was getting angry. He was fed up with Dean trying to use 'I'm your big brother, therefore what I say goes' He had a mind of his own now and he wanted to prove he could use it.

'I wasn't scared, Sam. You would've got us killed if it weren't for Cas. We follow my lead, got it?'

Sam was about to angrily retort when he was interrupted by another, unwelcome voice.

'Boys, boys. Someone pee in your sandbox?' the high pitched voice of Gabriel reached their ears, both brother's turning around to look at the Archangel.

'Hello, Gabriel' Castiel looked at his brother, not at all surprised by his presence.

'Oh, come on!' groaned Dean, putting his gun away and turning in frustration.

'You boys had a bit of a tiff?' Gabriel smiled wildly and looked from one to the other.

'None of your business.' Snapped Sam, looking at Gabriel coldly.

'Seems to me like you need some teambuilding practice!' Gabriel laughed, winking at Castiel, who looked back at him, wide eyed.

'What the hell do you mean?' asked Dean, turning back to the Archangel.

'Something to unite two warring brothers. To channel their focus into. To learn to work together again.' Gabriel pondered over this, looking deep in thought. Suddenly a beam of a smile erupted on his face. He turned to look at Castiel, who, as an angel and a very curious angel, quickly read his mind.

Dean watched his face as realisation struck. 'What?' he asked them both, knowing Cas knew too.

But Cas wasn't listening. 'Don't you dare, Gabriel!'

Gabriel smiled wildly again, before raising his fingers, seconds away from clicking them.

'You need someone to unite you both. Someone to care for' he grinned.

Castiel quickly started muttering frantically in Enochian, trying to undo whatever it was Gabriel was about to do.


Gabriel's fingers clicked and the whole room filled up with a white light. Sam and Dean quickly brought their hands up to shield their eyes. A few moments later, the light dissipated and Sam and Dean looked around the room.

Then, as one, they simultaneously looked down.

'Well, that's just freaking great!'

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