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Dean held Castiel closer to him, watching the figure opposite him wearily.

'Michael? What the hell do you want?'

Michael sneered at him and looked at his fingernails. 'I heard tell Gabriel had caused a small catastrophe down here. He is getting foolish with his trickster ways.' Michael sighed, turning his eye to Gabriel, who shrank back even more, fear in his eyes. 'My little brother needs to learn his lesson.' Michael took a step forwards, Gabriel squealing and running to hide behind Dean, who stood straight in front of him.

Sam wasn't about to let anything happen to Gabriel, and stepped forwards angrily.

'You lay one finger on him I'll rip your wings off!' he snarled, words coming out a lot braver than he felt.

Michael simply laughed, turning away from the young Winchester. 'You humans; I would not even give you the courtesy of a fight. I needn't touch you to kill you.' His voice took on a dangerous tone.

Michael stepped towards Dean, who held up a hand. 'Stand still.' He said in a low voice, not surprised that Michael ignored him.

The archangel looked down at Castiel, who seemed to be gazing back at him in abject terror, blue eyes wide and unblinking.

Michael grunted. 'I'm pleased he still remembers me.'

'You son of a bitch' Dean growled, stepping backwards to put some distance between Cas and Michael.

Michael looked at Gabriel, who stared up at him, face pale. 'Well, little brother. How little we have become. You will think twice about using your powers so rashly next time.'

Gabriel nodded frantically, before running to grab Sam's hand. Sam picked him up and Gabriel buried his face in the Winchester's shoulder.

'Are you gonna turn them back?' Dean asked, eyeing Michael with caution.

'How will that serve my brothers? I'm not here to clean up behind their mistakes.'

'Then why are you here?' Sam was confused. Why come down, if not to turn them back?

'To tell you what's going to happen now.' Michael stepped backwards, the fire crackling behind him giving him a yellow aura.

'I will not turn them back; they will learn nothing. Therefore, they will stay like this for a while longer.'

'How much longer?' Dean looked down at Cas. He didn't know how much more of being a baby the angel could take.

'Until Gabriel reaches 18'

Dean felt his stomach drop. 'Eighteen?' he gasped, looking over at his brother. 'That's fourteen years!'

Michael flapped his hand at him. 'I will of course speed up the process; he will come of age after a few months. They will age at a rate of two years a time.'

'You mean Cas could turn two tomorrow?' Dean looked down at the baby angel. Two toddlers?

Michael nodded. 'And Gabriel would become six; there will always be four years between them: Just like you two.'

Dean nodded. 'Why won't you just turn them back? Surely their more useful fully grown?'

Michael shook his head. 'Gabriel needs to understand that all actions have consequences.'

'And Cas?' Dean didn't see why the archangel should punish the blue eyed angel.

Michael shrugged. 'It'll be an experience for him.'

Dean felt anger boil inside him, but before he could say anything Bobby gasped and stumbled forwards. He stuck his arm out just in time and stopped his fall. He looked dazed and looked around as if he didn't know where he was.

Michael was gone.

'Bobby?' Sam put Gabriel down, moving over to his surrogate father.

'Sam? What happened?'

Dean sighed and gently passed Castiel to Gabriel, who sat on the sofa, cradling his brother, kissing his tear stained cheek to comfort him.

'You better sit down'


'The son of bitch wouldn't turn 'em back?'

'Nope' Sam sighed and drank some more coffee. 'He said it'll be over in a few months.'

'Months?' Bobby sounded worried. 'You mean we're gonna be having teenagers running around here?'

Dean nodded, casting a glance over at Castiel and Gabriel. Cas was fast asleep in Gabriel's lap, the archangel snoring away, heads pressed together.

'Their gonna age two years at a time.' He told the older hunter.

'I gotta get those other rooms cleared out then.' Bobby grinned up at them.

Dean looked at him, eyes wide. 'Why do I see a happy face? What about this is happy?'

'Like you said Mike said; it'll be an experience.' Bobby looked between the brothers. 'We can't do anything about it; we just better buck up and accept it.'

Dean smiled at him. It looked like the only thing they could do.

He clapped his hands. 'But what do we know about looking after kids? I mean, I looked after Sam when he was small, but he looked after himself once he hit ten.'

Sam nodded, looking worried.

Bobby sighed. 'We better just keep our eyes open and learn from experience.'

Dean sighed, standing up. He better put Cas and Gabe to bed. He moved over to where they were quietly snoozing. He gently patted Gabriel's arm waking him up.

He looked around, eyes open in silent fear. 'Is he gone?'

Dean nodded, heart breaking. 'He's gone now, buddy. Bed time'

Gabriel nodded, stretching his legs, careful not to dislodge Castiel, whose fingers had curled around his trousers.

Dean gently took Cas, cradling him in his arms, the angel's head turning to his chest. He held out a hand to Gabriel.

As they walked up the stairs, first to Dean and Castiel's room, Dean had a thought. Cas and Gabe didn't know any better; it'll be like a quick childhood for them.

He placed Cas in his crib, putting his red blanket around him, gently putting his pacifier in his mouth, Soggy placed next to him within easy reach

Dean and Gabriel stood for a moment, just watching him sleep. Cas sighed and sucked on his pacifier, pulling Soggy towards him.

Dean smiled and looked down at Gabriel. 'Bed time mister.'

He took Gabriel's hand and led the sleepy four year old to his bed, the angel clambering in, kicking off his shoes.

'Night, little man' Dean ran a hand through Gabriel's hair, walking out and closing the door, listening outside the door. He heard Gabriel sigh, the bed springs pinging as he laid down. Soon after the sound of snored filled Dean's ears.

He made his way downstairs, standing in the doorway, watching his brother and surrogate father.

He smiled, Sam mirroring his expression.

'Looks like we got work to do.'


Except that's not the end...

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