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Chapter 2

Tirian strolled through the forests of Aslan's Mountain with Jewel, the noble unicorn. As he always had, he spent most of his spare time with him, and now that he no longer had the responsibilities of a king, that was quite a lot. They would go about, talking with the people and beasts, and just having a nice time. Sometimes, they would meet up with the Great Lion Himself. On these occasions, they would bow low before him, and praise him. Aslan always told the young man and the unicorn that it was not necessary for them to do so, but they always did anyway. It was how they showed him respect, for they knew no other way to do so.

They would also often meet Lucy, the young queen who had ruled along side her brothers and sister hundreds of years ago. Tirian thought Lucy to be a exceedingly lovely woman (for most everyone in Aslan's Country was about the same age, so even though Lucy had been somewhat younger than he, it didn't matter here). Whenever they stumbled into her path, or she into theirs', Tirian would become tongue-tied, and Jewel was forced to do much of the talking. When asked why he behaved in such a way, Tirian said he hadn't the slightest idea why. But, it was clear to him, and Jewel, that he had strong feelings for Lucy, and simply did not want to admit it.

One clear, sunny morning, the two companions were on their way to the home of Poggin the dwarf. Poggin had been the only of the dwarves to join them in their fight to take Narnia back from the clutches of the Tisroc, the Calormeme king. Though they failed, it did not bother them too much, for old Narnia was no more, and they were now all quite happy in their new residence.

Just as they were about to cross the ford at Buruna, what should they see, but the Great Lion bounding towards them. On his back sat what looked to be a person, and as they got nearer, Tirian saw that it was Lucy. He started to sweat. Lucy and Aslan? This was surely too much for him to handle. But he stayed put, not able to walk away from the majesty that was Aslan, and the beauty that was Lucy.

"Good morning, Sire!" Exclaimed Jewel, bowing before the Lion. "What brings you to Buruna?" Lucy climbed off His back, and walked over to the unicorn, and began to stroke his neck.

"Oh, just a morning ride is all!" She smiled, her brown eyes full of joy.

"Stand, unicorn. Do not bow before me, do as the Son of Adam demonstrates." Tirian had been so mesmerized by the young queen, he had forgotten his usual bow to the Lion. He only realized once Aslan had told Jewel to stand. He didn't know what he should do. His throat was dry, and he daren't move, for fear that this wonderful encounter was just a dream, and he would wake at any moment.

"Tirian, is there something the matter? You don't look well." Lucy asked him. Tirian finally got a grip on himself, and replied to her,

"Oh, yes! I'm fine! Never better! And you, my lady? How art thou?" He said quickly. He was amazed that he was even able to speak to her.

"I'm quite well, thank you!" She laughed. "It was nice to see you Tirian, you too Jewel! But I promised Mr. Tumnus that I'd go for a stroll with him, so we must be off!" Aslan nodded his great, shaggy head.

"Yes. I would not wish for anyone to break a promise." Tirian was quite disappointed by this, but didn't show it, need Lucy feel guilty.

"Of course! We wouldn't want to stop you from fulfilling a promise, would we, Jewel?" He asked the unicorn in mock joy.

"Yes, promises are meant to be kept, not broken."

"Wonderful!" Exclaimed Lucy. "I knew you two would understand! Goodbye!" At this, she climbed atop the Lion's back once more, and the two set off towards the Mountain.

"Yes…" Tirian whispered to himself. "Goodbye."