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Scores Left Unsettled


The scent of my freshly brewed vanilla latte fills my nose. My eyes flutter closed and I lean my head back to breathe in the wonderful smell deeply.

"I know I smell good, but jeez woman," the voice of my boyfriend, Eli Goldsworthy, chimes into my thoughts. My eyes snap open and I turn my head to face him. He has that lovely smirk on his face. I try to contain the butterflies that start up in my stomach. But I have no such luck.

"Shut up," I say, smiling. I slap his arm playfully and he draws back like my touch scorched his skin.

"Ouch, abuse much?" he says, putting on a fake pouty face. I giggle and turn back to the table in front of me. I lift my cup of coffee to my lips and take a small sip. The hot beverage warms my chilled body. The weather outside is dipping just under 10 degrees. I set the coffee back down on the table and I hear a soft chuckle beside me.

I turn to see Eli smirking again about God knows what. I give him a questioning look and he just chuckles louder.

"What?" I demand. I reach up to touch my cheek to see if I had anything on my face, but I didn't feel anything. But instead of telling me what he was laughing about, Eli showed me. He lifts his hand and swipes his index finger over my upper lip, clearing off the excess whipped cream from my coffee. Then, without hesitation, he lifts his finger to his own lip and sucks off the whipped cream. My face burns multiple different shades of red. I avert my eyes from him and I hang my head, looking only at the latte in front of me.

Eli chuckles again and he drapes his arm over my shoulders. I sigh at the smell of his cologne and lean my head again his chest.

"You do know there are other people at this table," Adam says, obviously annoyed.

"Sorry Adam," I say to him.

"I'm not sorry," Eli growls into my ear and takes my earlobe in between his teeth. I yelp and jump a little bit in his arms. I hear Adam groan and I look over at him. He's been looking a lot better these days. The accident had been two months ago and we had all recovered from our physical and mental traumas.

"Oh, come on, Adam. I think they're so cute," Fiona Coyne says to her boyfriend. If it hadn't been for Fiona, I don't think Adam would have recovered as fast as he did. She asked as 'nurse' for him when he was released from the hospital and hot him everything he needed, like food and new comics because for a while he couldn't get out of bed due to his massive painkiller intake. Today is the first day that Adam felt well enough to step out of the house and we all decided to celebrate by going to the Dot.

"Ugh, don't encourage them, babe," Adam tells Fiona. She giggles and scoots closer to Adam in her chair.

"A little PDA never hurt anybody," she says. Fiona leans toward Adam and gives him a small peck on the cheek. Adam's face turns bright red and he tries to hide it, but we all saw. Adam reaches up with his casted forearm and scratched his head nervously. Fiona giggles and leans her head against Adam's shoulder.

"I'm with Fiona on that one. Eli and Clare are super cute, almost to the point where I feel horrible that I don't have a boyfriend," my best friend Alli says beside me. I look over at her and smile. He had just recently transferred back to Degrassi after her stay at an all-girls school across town. She thought that she could handle the 'not boys' thing, but it turns out it only drove her more insane. I'm happy to have her back.

"Well, I'd have to side with Adam," Fitz says from across the table next to Adam. Things between Fitz, Adam and Eli have gotten better. They don't fight, well… physically, anymore. Things have been a bit awkward between Fitz and me ever since the night of the A Day to Remember concert. As horrible as it sounds, I still haven't confessed to Eli that I made out with Fitz and ended up half naked. I felt like he would be really mad since we haven't even gone that far yet. And plus, things are going really well between Eli and me and I don't want to mess it up.

"You're just jealous," Eli says to Fitz sarcastically. I draw in a sharp breath and tighten my muscles as I prepare for a snide comment from Fitz's side. But surprisingly, Fitz brushes it off and smiles as Eli.

"Oh, of course," Fitz says just as sarcastically. But the look that Fitz sends me tells me that he might only be half kidding. And in an effort to keep myself from falling apart, I smirk at Fitz and his smile grows wider.

"How are things with your dad?" Adam asks Fitz. Fitz gives me one last wink and turns to Adam.

"Well, I called the cops like Clare suggested and I've been living with my brother for the time being," he tells him. A few short months ago, I found out that Fitz was being abuse by his father and he had been keeping a secret. But one night, he came over to my house for help and of course I gave in. He denied any help for a while for fear of making his father even madder. But after a huge fight between the two which landed Fitz in the hospital for a short stay, he decided to end it.

"That's really good, Fitz," I say to him. He looks back at me and gives me a look that I don't quite recognize.

"Yeah, well I don't have to live in fear anymore," he says. Ever since his father has been out of the picture, Fitz has gotten a lot nicer. Oh, he's not a complete sap or anything, but he's no longer beating people up. He confessed to me one day that he used violence to cope with his father issues. And let me tell you, the new Fitz is a fun person to hang around. Even Eli and Adam are realizing this.

"I can't even imagine what that must have been like for you," Alli says from bedside me. She's using a voice that know all too well; her flirty voice. Oh, God no.

"It was pretty tough," Fitz says, looking at her weirdly, like he doesn't know why she is talking to him. Today is one of the first official interactions that Fitz and Alli have had.

"Oh man, 4:00 already?" Fitz says, looking at the clock on his phone. He pushes his chair back and slaps down the money for his coffee on the table.

"I've gotta go. My brother wants me to help set up the new TV," he informs us.

"Need some extra help?" Eli asks him.

"Nah, man. You enjoy your date," he winks at us, but his gaze is fixed on me, "Thanks anyway though," he says and puts his phone back in the pocket of his dark-washed jeans. We all tell him goodbye and he nods back at us.

Then Eli drops his arm from around me and leans forward on the table to discuss the newest issue of a comic they're reading. Then Fiona and Alli start talking about this new store downtown that they want to check out. I kind of feel left out and I awkwardly sit there between Eli and Alli. But then I feel a cool breath tickle the back of my neck and I jump slightly. The person chuckles quietly.

"I'll pick you up tonight, Clare," Fitz whispers into my ear so low that only I am aware. My eyes grow wide and I sit frozen for a moment. Then I whirl around in my seat to say something to Fitz, but he's no longer there. I look around the Dot and I don't see any sign of him. I try to convince myself that I'm going insane, but then I see his face from the other side of the front window. He is staring straight at me and he smiles. I want to give him a dirty look, but I find that I can't for some reason.

I look away from the window and turn my attention to the people at the table in front of me.

"Hey, Clare," Alli says into my ear, "Is that Fitz guy seeing anyone?" she asks. My veins clog with ice and my breathing stops. Is she serious? Well, Alli does have a thing for bad boys (i.e. Johnny and Drew the player). But… Fitz? Really?

Wait a minute! Why do I care? Why should I care who Fitz or Alli dates? Especially Alli. But something about that combination makes me want to burst out laughing because I know for a fact that Fitz would never go for Alli. No offence to Alli or anything, but she just isn't his type.

"I don't think so," I say nonchalantly. Alli nods.

"Well, he is super cute. And he's one of those damaged boys, like Eli is. I feel like I should help him," she tells me.

"Yeah," is all I have to say to that. Seriously, what is wrong with me? Why does my chest all of the sudden feel tight? Why do I feel mad? I don't want to admit it, but I know exactly what I'm feeling. But it just can't be true. I don't like Fitz like that. I have Eli, and he's all I need. But why am I feeling something that I never would have thought I'd feel towards Fitz:


Just as I was having this internal dilemma, my phone vibrates in my pocket. I fumble to pull it out and flip it open to reveal my newest text message.

This isn't over.
There are still some scores I need to settle with you.

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