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It'd been 6 months since the battle with the Red Death; Hiccup had finally gotten used to his prosthetic leg and could at least walk around without help or falling everywhere. Even so, he preferred flights on Toothless, the cool summer air flowing through his hair and whisking away the need to walk.

Today was starting out like any other day when Hiccup woke up earlier than everyone else, the memory of the battle suddenly fresher than it had been on that day. He sighed and nudged Toothless lightly to wake him up. Toothless yawned widely and gave a stretch before uncurling and stepping down to look at Hiccup blearily. Hiccup smiled and got up, attaching his prosthesis first before standing and rubbing Toothless' head, "Come on buddy, let's go for a ride before breakfast." The look Toothless gave him conveyed that 'before breakfast' wasn't something that ranked high on his fun list, but the idea of a flight still made him fidget with excitement as he waited for Hiccup to get his gear on and grab Toothless' saddle.

Quietly, so as not to wake his father, Hiccup and Toothless walked to the door and slid out, Hiccup gently closing it behind them. With a relieved sigh, Hiccup led Toothless a little ways down the hill before fastening on the saddle, "Alright bud, you ready?" After a nod from Toothless, Hiccup swung up onto his back and fastened his feet into the stirrups, the prosthesis clicking into the controls for the tail fin. Toothless took off into the air with a powerful beat of his black wings, momentarily flattening the grass around them.

From above there was a perfect view of the rising sun. The horizon streaked with pinks and oranges that seemed to chase the night sky away. The cool air rushed over Hiccup and Toothless, so that Hiccup put his arms up to feel the light clouds above them. His dragon soared high and soft, bugling gently. Hiccup smiled and lowered his arms to rub Toothless' neck, "Come on, let's go a bit faster." With a dragon smile and a click of metal Toothless took off around the island and over the sea, swooping low and high. Hiccup let out a whoop and a laugh as Toothless angled and dipped the tip of his left wing into the waves, causing ocean spray to sprinkle over them. Toothless' low rumbling laugh shook Hiccup lightly before the dragon angled back up away from the water and to the sky again. Hiccup let out a contented sigh and Toothless slowed down, turning back towards Berk, "Well that was fun, wasn't it?" Toothless nodded in assent and flapped his 'ears', "Yup, nothing like cold ocean spray to wake you up…" mused Hiccup, relaxing in the saddle and looking ahead of him as the island came back into sight.

It was then that he saw it, there was something lying on the beach, the waves just barely lapping against it. He couldn't make out what it was from so high and urged Toothless to move closer. When he was still rather high up the details came more into focus and he could just barely make out the shape of..a girl! That was a human, "Toothless, quick land on the beach!" He clicked the tail fin into place just as Toothless angled down and no sooner had Toothless touched to the sandy ground did Hiccup jump down and try to race over. But, his prosthesis wasn't too accommodated to the loose sand and instead of racing he fell flat onto his face, "and the rescuer needs the rescuing." He said sarcastically as Toothless knelt his head down to help Hiccup up and guide his rider over to the beached girl, "Thanks buddy…" He mumbled, attention brought to the girl as he let go of Toothless and dropped to his knees beside her. He couldn't tell if she was alive or dead, her face was turned away from him and her dress was so thin and soaked it was practically transparent. Blush crept up onto his cheeks and he quickly removed his fur vest to put over her as he gently rolled her over onto her back.

Her eyes were closed and her soft lips were tinged slightly blue. Hiccup gulped, preoccupied by how beautiful she was. She reminded him of some sort of goddess in the gentle way her face was constructed, each detail pristine and smoothed. He reached out and touched her cheek lightly, amazed at how soft her skin was beneath his finger tips. It was like touching the finest silk, feeling the softest down and despite how much cold he could feel radiating from her he couldn't bring himself to pick her up. It was as if she had entrapped him in some sort of trance, stealing all his motor ability away from him at that moment. Toothless' soft bugle awoke him from his temporary state and he blinked, startled now to see Toothless nudging the girl with his nose and licking her face with his forked tongue. "Toothless! Cut that out." Hiccup pushed him away gently, confused momentarily that Toothless had taken such a liking to the girl so fast.

In response, Toothless bugled again and nudged at the girl a second time despite Hiccup's disapproval,

"Well come on then, help me get her up…" Hiccup softened and with Toothless' help managed to get the girl and himself up onto the saddle. Carefully he positioned her small body in his arms, wrapping her tightly in his warm vest and holding her close to him. Toothless looked at him, "What? She needs to be kept warm, my body heat should help with that." Toothless flicked his ears then took off into the air, flying the short distance up to the village.

Hiccup looked down at the girl. He didn't recognize her at all, and she seemed so delicate, too delicate to be a normal Viking girl. She didn't look any older than him, probably younger, but not by much. There were no marks of injury, and no sign of any shipwreck nearby, so how in Odin's name did she end up at Berk?