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"ALLI! Hurry up damn it!" a teen yelled as she leaned out a doorway. She got hit in the head with a roll of toilet paper and "I just got in the bathroom!" was yelled back.

"Hurry still!" the first shouted and chucked the roll at the bathroom door and missed because of her bad aim before she sighed and flopped onto the bed in front of the laptop on the plastic shelving and starred out the window.

(A/N: You don't have to read the following paragraph. It's a description one.) She wore simple stuff and always had a piece of black clothing, even if it was clothing people didn't see. Most of the time it was an outfit like she had on today. Black baggy ripped up jeans, black tank top, and a dark red dress shirt that was a few sizes too big that she wore opened up. To "complete" it as she would state to anyone she would wear a crystal and dog tag on a silver chain around her neck that matched the stud earrings in her ears. The black seemed to make her skin look even paler.

"It's so nice out..." she muttered and shifted her gaze to the computer and started at the Hetalia video waiting to be played. She just started to laugh as she remembered the first time she watched and when she showed her dear friend the show.

A beep from the computer brought her from her thoughts as she looked up. On the screen was what looked like an error box. After pushing herself up she sighed and ran a hand through her long dark brown as dark hazel green eyes read it over. "Free Units, just click yes..." she read aloud and clicked no.

The computer beeped again and she read the same thing and like the last time hit no "Stupid adds..."

Once more it popped up and the teen glared at it and pointed "I don't like you." she growled and jabbed the no button.

Another add popped up with a beep irritating her "Oh it's on now. War!" she growled and started clicking no on the boxes as they popped up.

Alli walked into the room and stared "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Not now. War. Fight. Computer. Must win." the dark haired brunette muttered, focused on the screen with an angry look.

Somehow the one that just walked in knew what the other had said and understood. She was practically family to the older sitting at the computer.

(A/N: This is also a description paragraph like above. I'm sorry!) Alli wore mostly blue and a little black. Opposite of the other. She mostly worse a blue jacket over her two tank tops and capris. Today the tanks tops were black with white flowers and a black one underneath. Her capris were a light blue that matched the jacket and to finish her outfit she wore half of a silver heart around her neck. Though what stood out were two erhm...assets that were also guy magnets. If you looked at her next to the other you wouldn't think they would be friends. Alli had bright blue eyes and wavy mid back length light brown hair that contrasted with the other's.

"Mack!" Alli yelled when the other gained her I'm-going-to-burn-you look to the computer. She ran over and grabbed the older's foot and started to pull her off the bed.

"Augh! Damn it sis! You're gonna make me lose!" Mack yelled as she griped the side of the bed against the wall as she kept jabbing the computer.

Alli just grunted and pulled harder on Mack's leg "Let go!"

"One no! I gotta win! Two you're pullin' my pants down a bit!" Mack yelled, causing Alli to start laughing and stumble enough to bull the older off the bed. Though they both heard a beep and then a 'congratulations' from the computer.

Both teens stared and Alli rushed over to the computer and her face paled "What did you do?"

Mack rubbed her head from where she had hit it "Uh...fought the stupid pop-ups?"

The younger sighed "No. You just ordered some random units!"

Mack stared in confusion as she sat up on the floor and tilted her head "I...huwhat?"

"Congratulations. You have just ordered our free unit set. Your first of many will be delivered in three days." Alli read aloud before looking over to Mack "That's what you did."

The green eyed teen just sat there and stared at Alli with a blank look. The two just sat there for a few minutes staring at each other before Alli broke the silence "Well?"

Mack shrugged "Eh. They don't even know where you live."

"That's not the poooiinnnt~." Alli said "And I'll give you to the count of three to run before I smother you."

Mack's eyes went wide as she scrambled up "No! I don't want to die by getting suffocated by your boobs!*" she yelled and started to run and soon Alli chased her.

Three days passed for the two easily forgot about any order or most things from that day. On the third day from the order there was a knocking on the door in the morning.

"Mhhhph...AAlliiii..." Mack mumbled in her sleep and Alli looked across the room to the bed next to the door "G't da door..."

The blue eyed teen sighed and looked out the window next to her to see who was there and started to giggle before bursting out laughing "S-Sis!" she laughed out.

"Nu." Mack grumbled into her pillow.

"Really! You've gotta see this!" she laughed out and there was more knocking "Mack!"

The older pulled out a pillow and just threw it at where she thought Alli was but missed completely while mumbling something that was gibberish.

"Ugh fine..." Alli grumbled and stood up, already dressed because she had woken up at five, and headed down the hall and to the front door.

"Hello?" she asked as she opened the door to reveal a guy with dirty blond hair and gray eyes and a yellow delivery uniform.

"Oh hello." the guy said and tipped his yellow cap "Yeah uhm I've been told to deliver a unit here." he said and gestured to the box behind him that seemed a bit over seven feet tall.

Alli looked over the box "What's in it?" she asked as she pointed at it.

The delivery man looked at the box "Not sure. There are two units that tall..." he said.

They both just stared at the box in awkward silence "So...are you going to sign for it?" the guy asked her.

"Huh? Oh. Not me." she said then smirked "I'll be right back with someone though." she left the door open and ran into the small connected kitchen and to the refrigerator. She opened up the freezer and snatched an abandoned zip-lock baggie off the counter and filled it with ice. The delivery guy watched from the doorway with curiosity.

Alli giggled as she rushed back down the hall to her room and looked down at Mack who was on her front hugging her pillow, drool slipping from her mouth. The younger kept giggling as she pulled back the sheets and dropped the bag of ice on her back.

There was no reaction for a bit before Mack jumped up screaming "That's cold! What the hell?"

"Door for you." Alli giggled as she got a glare.

"That's not funny. I was sleepin' and dreamin'. It was a good dream too..." Mack grumbled and crossed her arms.

"What were you dreaming about?" Alli asked.

"...Nothing you need to know." Mack said before heading out to the door. When she saw the guy at the door she was instantly glad she wore a bra to bed (even if she was prett flat). She could tell it was a little odd for the guy also because she was still in her tank top and athletic shorts pajamas.

"Yea'?" she asked lazily with a yawn.

"Uhm...I was told to deliver this unit." he said and held out one of those electronic sign pads.

Mack yawned again and sighed "One, what's your name? Random delivery guy is waaaay too long. Two, units?"

"Ok. One, Marcus. Two, the one that was ordered three days ago." he said and pointed to the box afterwards.

'Unit...unit...oh yeah...' she thought and took the pad "First and last?"

"Yeah." he said and Mack grumbled.

"Ma...cken...zie Jett." she sounded out as she wrote out her name, not bothering with cursive.

"Ok then..." Marcus looked down at the pad "Ms. Jett."

Mack held up her hand with two fingers "One, drop the formal." and put down a finger "Two, don't call me Mackenzie. Just Mack."

Marcus just laughed "Alrighty then Mack." he said "I don't think I can get this up the steps so here's your manual and good luck. I'm pretty sure you'll need it. See ou with the next unit." he added before leaving to his truck.

The engine revved up and Mack looked and started to howl with laughter as she saw the side. There was a large mint green bunny with wings on the side and a polar bear and puffin next to it but the bunny was the biggest and in front. "A-A-ALLI! OH MY GOD!" she howled and had to use the door frame for support.

Alli started to giggle "That's what I was trying to get you to look at!"

"Flying mint bunny!" Alli mimicked with a British accent.

"Did you come all this way to see me?" Mack also mimicked and they laughed harder.

The two kept laughing as it drove of and for a little time after. Minutes of crying laughter later they went over to the large crate/box and stared at it. Alli took the folder containing the manual as Mack circled the box.

"Whoa...Mack if that was flying mint bunny then that means this involves-" Alli started but Mack interrupted with "Hey dude, if I kick this do ya think it'll open? Or should I get an ax?"

Mack starred at the box and Alli stared at Mack and sighed as she took out the manual and started to read it and noticed that the other had lifted her leg deciding to kick it.

"M'kay, get ready to dodge 'cause I'm pretty sure this isn't gonna work but..." she turned to smirk at Alli "But I'm gonna do it anyways."

The shorter of the two sighed as she read the manual "Hm...Manual for your new..." he eyes went wide "Mack! Russia's in the box!" she yelled just in time and Mack's foot barely missed and she fell from the momentum.

The green eyed brunette just stared at the box "You almost let me kick that!" she yelled.

"Well there are ways to open the box without getting killed. One way is...well I've got to look up how to say the word so I'll be back in a bit." Alli said then headed back inside.

Mack stared at the box and let her mind wander 'If I had kicked the box what would've happened...' she thought and bit the tip of her thumb as she thought 'He would've...burst outta the box and been all pissed or I would've just probably broke my foot...' she thought but was brought out of by the sound of a trumpet being blared into her ears.

"SPACE CADET! WELCOME BACK TO EARTH!" Alli yelled as she laughed as Mack jumped up with a yelp and slammed into the large box.

Mack turned around as she rubbed her forehead and just glared at Alli "Damn it Alli. What the hell! Do you know what mass destruction lies within such instrument?" the older yelled as she stood up "Well I do! I play one! And you played it wrong! You aren't even playin' it right! Gimmie that damn thing."

Alli handed it over with a sigh "Geez sis..." she mumbled and watched the older.

"Now, you hold it like this and how you play right is quite simple." Mack started on her lecture of how to play the instrument.

The younger just sighed before taking in a large breath and yelling "Брат! " the best she could at the top of her lungs.

There was sobbing heard and they both just stared at the box and opened it up carefully to reveal a crying Ivan. He looked down at the both of them before looking out of the box a little "I-Is she here...?"

Mack and Alli exchanged confused glances before knowing who he was talking about and saying "Oh, no. She's not." in unison.

Instantly the Russian calmed down and then smile "Where am I?"

"Uhm...Alli's America..." Mack said from where she stood with the trumpet.

Ivan looked at the two of them before saying "So that's why you both speak like that, da?"

"Well actually most of my family is not from America." Mack stated "I talk like I do because of all of what I am-"

"British!*" Alli cut off with a yell and received a glare from Mack.

"I am NOT British. I am English." the older said through clenched teeth.

"British~!" Alli yelled again with a playful grin.

"EFF UP! ENGLISH!" Mack yelled back.

"BRITISH~!" Alli just yelled again before circling Mack and singing "British~" over and over loudly.

Ivan watched the two curiously as they continued to argue. He looked back at the box he had just stepped out of and picked up a good sized box from the back and grinned as he opened it.

He looked back over to the arguing teens and continued to watch them as the one that had been yelling shut up started to chase the one that had been yelling/singing British. Soon the two were on the ground wrestling and both still yelling. The tall unit pulled out one of the bottles of vodka and stared at it for a few seconds before undoing the top.

"Oh no ya don't." he heard and Mack jumped up and snatched the bottle from his hand and badly landed.

"I give that a negative two." Alli said and the older just gave her a glare before continuing to talk to the Russian.

"Anywaaaaays, here vodka is not drinking water and teens like me and Alli can't buy it. So that means you've gotta save all that 'til we can get you a fake license." Mack continued as she looked over the large bottle "And you have five of these huge things…?" she mumbled the last part.

"How long will we have to wait? Not long, da?" he asked.

The girls gave some nervous laughs "Well I guess it just depends on who we get it from and how far away they are." Alli answered.

"And we're in the middle of nowhere Washington." Mack added "Trees, trees, and more trees for miles."

Ivan stared at them both with a face that showed he was thinking on what they had just said. Both of the teens felt themselves feel a bit worried when the unit almost twice their size didn't answer right away.

'Oh no….We're gonna die via pipe! So it didn't matter whether I kicked the box or not!' Mack thought and placed the trumpet in the grass as she waited for him to kill them both.

'THIS…is NOT good...and we're going to die…greeeeeeeeat.' Alli thought as she just watched him and tried doing her so called "chibi-eyes" on him.

"Ok." He said and smiled causing both of them to have a double take.

"Huwhat…?" Mack mumbled.

"Ok! Then take your things and head inside." Alli said as Ivan took back his vodka from the confused teen before heading up the steps and inside the house.

Alli smirked "It was my chibi eyes that worked."

The other just gave a grunt "Right …It was obviously my doing 'cause I was holding the vodka hostage because that was my plan all along." she said with a know it all smirk and Alli just rolled her eyes as she headed inside to make sure her house wasn't about to get destroyed by a certain new guest.

Mack followed but then pulled her down the stairs inside the house to where the were in the downstairs hallway/tiny room "Don't break anything! We just gotta….check something!"

"What're you doing?" Alli snapped.

"This is a serious and crucial matter." Mack whispered.

Alli stared at her with an unamused look on her face "Is it really?"

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeees." Mack said "One, we have some….unit guy of a nation from a show now in your house and he is INSANE. Worse than me! Two, we don't know how to make any Russian food. And three, he's gonna run out of vodka and then we'll be screwed because I'm sixteen and you're almost fifteen. We can't buy that!" she started shake Alli by her shoulders.

"Stooop!" Alli yelled and pulled away from Mack "You ordered him. Just be nice to the Russian. MAYBE he won't kill you." she said as she walked up the steps and leaving the older to stare.

"But-….But-…It's your house!" Mack yelled as she ran up the stairs to catch up.

They both came up the stairs to see Ivan staring at them with a blank looked that cause them to get a cold chill up their spines.

"Now I know how the Baltic's feel…" Mack whispered as she started to laugh "WELL THEN!"

"Da?" Ivan asked her and she just kept laughing.

Alli sighed before pushing her away "Go away sis. You're not helpful…"

She came back and smiled "Ok so…you sleep on the couch, stay away from the alcohol, don't break anything and everything will be alright."

Ivan looked around the room "It will do." he said and dropped his box of things on the couch "So, what is your name?" he asked as he leaned down.

"Alli. The other one is Mack." she answered.

"Ah." he said and continued to look around "It is cold here."

The teen looked around and walked over and shut the door "Better now?"

"Da." was all she got for a reply along with a child like smile.

Alli smiled back 'This isn't too bad. He freaks out Mack and doesn't bug me. This will be great.' she thought and flinched when she heard a crash.

Both of them turned to see Mack with an armful of cookies at the edge of the connected kitchen, the jar shattered on the ground, and a molasses cookie in her mouth. She looked over at the two that were standing in the living room and then started to run down the nearby hall.

"MACK!" Alli yelled and sighed when the sound of a door slamming was heard "I swear I'm going to hit her..."

"I'll get her, da?" Ivan said and the girl looked up at him.


"Da." he said and the teen smirked and nodded. The unit then casually stared down the room and to the bedroom at the end. HE knocked on the door "Open up." he said calmly.

"Fuk nu! Desh arh nyiiiine! (Fuck no! These are mine!)" was then yelled in response.

Ivan tried to turn the knob but it would only jiggle. Obviously, it was locked. He tightened his grip on the door and forced it open, breaking the lock in the process. He stepped inside the room "Give me the cookies." he said to a wide eyed teen.

She shook her head from where she was sitting on Alli's bed next to the window still holding the cookies and munching away one one.

Ivan sighed and smiled "Then I'll take you and the cookies."

"NOOOOO!" Mack yelled and the cookie from her mouth dropped as she stumbled off the bed and made a sprint for the door behind Ivan. She ducked when his arm went out (in a fear that she would get clotheslined) and ended up dropping half of her "stolen goods" and she ran into the bathroom.

Alli watched the whole thing as she stood in the hallway opening and sighed as she got out her cell phone before heading outside so the screaming wouldn't interrupt her call.

A while passed before the youngest walked back into the house and the sound of a car driving off was heard. She walked into the house that was silent and she felt worried at that. She walked up the steps to the living room and saw furniture tipped over, Ivan fixing the furniture and Mack passed up on the floor covered with cookie crumbs and a bandage on her head.

She stood at the edge of the room staring and Ivan noticed her "Oh where were you? It was quite hard to get her to calm down." he said with a smile.

Alli then just stared and the unconscious brunette "Is she dead?"

"Nyet." Ivan said as he went to flipping over the couch.

"Good. Well I ordered some Chinese food." Alli said as she made her through the mess and set the boxes on the counter and pulled out some plates. Ivan was next to her watching her andd looking at the food.

Movement was heard from the other room and "Food...?" was mumbled from the other room before the once unconscious teen shuffled in and over to where the other two were.

"You and your stomach..." Alli muttered when Mack had wrapped her arms around her neck and saying "You're the best sister ever, y'know that?"

The younger pushed her off and got her food "What the hell is with you today?"

The others shrugged "Adrenaline rush?" she answered as she dished up her food and sat at the table that the other two were already at. The other two had already started to eat while Mack grabbed a napkin and started to pick out the extra that were with the food.

"What are you doing that for?" Ivan asked.

"The veggies are disgusting..." she muttered.

Alli giggled "British~" and got a few extras thrown at her with a grumble.


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