Disclaimer: I do not, unfortunately, own any of the characters that I have decided to have fun with on this page. They were created by and belong to my idols Gene Roddenberry, D. C. Fontana, Leonard Nimoy and the rest of the ST:TOS-gang. To whom I am eternally grateful for making such titillating characters for me to play with. Cheers!

There are a few spoilers for some TOS-episodes, but not much. I have used the fantasy available in my head to make up all kinds of devices, planets and anything else that I have desired. The only thing I haven't been able to do is to get TOS-Spock to show up in my bedroom. Damn. All I got was this crappy red-shirted security guard ... ;)

And, please note, this fic is a slash story. It tells of the romantical relationship between two men: James T Kirk and Mr Spock. If that makes you wanna puke, please leave this site first. If, on the other hand, it makes you kind of warm and fuzzy and slightly horny: Welcome, friend!

(Btw, I know that the guys on our favourite starship are American and should, therefore, speak American English. But however much I try, I cannae make meself drop the superfluous 'u's and change the 's's into 'z's. Sorry. Bear with the European, folks!)

Chapter one: What does the T stand for?

"So tell me, what does the 'T' stand for?" the stupid blonde asked, fluttering her eyelids like crazy while gazing at the gorgeous Starfleet captain.

Spock was silently watching, growing more angry by the second. He knew the jealousy and hate he felt was if not logical then understandable, but it still made him uncomfortable to admit it. First the blonde chick almost had them blown up, now she was hitting on his captain. Didn't she have any sense of propriety?

Anyway, everyone knew that James T Kirk stood for James Tiberius Too-sexy-for-his-own-damn-good To-die-for Kirk. He shook his head inwardly, his thoughts were illogical. He switched his brain over to a complicated technical problem instead.

The woman was persistent, but Kirk just smiled in answer. He could sense Spock's anger. He wasn't too fond of the girl anyway and he saw no use in her knowing personal details about himself.

He had never understood why women always got the feeling that he liked them. He didn't mind the fairer sex, but he usually preferred men. They were easier to comprehend.

Like Spock. How wouldn't it be to let his fingers slide down the dark haired Vulcan's back and feel Spock's lean strong digits caress his own thigs. What he wouldn't give to be part of that closeness. He knew male bond mates were known of on Vulcan, but he was also sure that Spock wouldn't look kindly on the idea.

He cast a glance at Spock. He looked like his stern self-controlled self. Perhps the blonde would prove an adequate way of spending an hour or two. 'Adequate'? He was starting to sound like Spock. Anyway, he knocked the idea right out of his mind. He'd much prefer a game of chess with a certain blue-shirted Mr Spock any day. What he'd actually prefer was a roll in the proverbial hay stack with said Mr Spock. But you can't get it all, eh?

He gave the blonde a guarded half-smile and turned to walk away. Spock followed him, but fortunately the blonde grasped enough common sense not to follow.

They were walking in silent companionship, hands behind backs, toward the bridge. Spock was still pondering the solution of the technical problem and Kirk was wondering what the food processors would prepare for him in the mess today. Just as they were stepping out of the turbo lift and onto the bridge, he was brought back from the depths of his hungry stomach by Spock.

"Captain, do you suppose that a Choland tube with an X2-amplifier might make the sodium tonnage dynamo in the Jefferies tubes more efficient?"

Kirk thought about it for a moment, then gave a small laugh. He put a hand on Spock's shoulder in an amicable fashion and replied "Once again, Mr Spock, you have overestimated my inteligence in the enginerical field. Why don't you consult Scotty instead?"

Spock looked into Jim's smiling eyes and almost felt like giving a little laugh himself. The hand on his shoulder was warm and somehow felt protective. Spock didn't know what it protected him from, but he enjoyed the sensation. It felt like Jim's hand belonged on his shoulder. Spock straightened his back and went to find Scotty.

Kirk sat down in the captain's chair and leaned back. He looked at his First Officer go into the turbo lift. 'I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave' he said under his breath and smirked. He turned toward the helm and said out loud "Position report, Sulu."