A month, a week, and three days. That was how long it had been since Kurt's famous failed spying escapade, and Blaine's famous failed attempt to seduce the boy with Katy Perry. And things, in Blaine's opinion, were starting to get a little awkward.

When they'd started spending time together, Blaine had held off on the I-want-in-your-impressively-tight-pants vibe. The moment, drinking coffee with Wes and David, when Kurt's face started to crumble? That was the moment Blaine knew a boyfriend was the last thing Kurt needed in him. Even though, as a rule, he refrained from thinking like this, he knew that their chances of lasting weren't the best. They lived far away. Kurt was already going through a lot for being gay, even without "rubbing it in their faces", which was what he knew the bullies would say they he was doing if he started actually dating a boy.

And not lasting with Kurt would be so much worse than not being with Kurt at all.

So he took on the roll of mentor for the time being, his protective side going to good use, driving the long drive to Lima to confront bullies, to take Kurt out for a supportive lunch, to be the good guy.

But it had been a month, a week, and three days, and neither of them had made a move towards something more. And it was beginning to drive Blaine insane.

"Blaine? Did you hear me?" Kurt asked him abruptly, and he sound of his name on the boy's pouting lips was enough to pull him out of his reverie. A reverie that mostly involved looking at those lips and trying to resist the urge to kiss them.

"What? Oh, sorry. I got distracted." Blaine looked at Kurt as apologetically as possible, hoping against hope he didn't ask what distracted him. They were sitting in the best coffee shop in existence. They had determined it was the best simply because it was located almost exactly between them, taking an hour for Blaine to get to, and just under an hour for Kurt. And though Blaine hadn't mentioned this to him, the fact that it had a loveseat by a fireplace that fit them both perfectly, so that they sat angled to look at each other and their legs touched slightly, also gave the place points.

"It happens." Kurt conceded, and Blaine could've sworn Kurt's eyes made their way to Blaine's chest, and the grey got a bit darker. A second later the look was gone. Wishful thinking. Balls. Blaine thought.

"Um. What was I talking about?" Kurt asked. Blaine laughed loudly.

"I have no idea." He admitted. His face flushed, and tried to remember. He'd been looking at Kurt's lips. Kurt's lips had been moving at the time. You would think, wouldn't you, that watching someone speak would give you a little insight as to what they're saying?

"Glitter." He said, remembering the way Kurt's tongue flicked against his teeth at the beginning of the word.

"That's all you remember? Glitter?" Kurt asked, looking offended.

"You were... feeding doves glitter, or something. Because you are that gay." Blaine smiled wide when Kurt simply laughed, instead of cringing at the word being used so flippantly in the middle of nowhere in Ohio, as he had when they'd started being friends.

"Why does everyone take me seriously when I talk about that?" Kurt mused. "My Step-Brother, my Dad, my-" he stumbled over his words for a second. "-Blaine." He finished lamely, his cheeks turning quickly to a rosy, adorable pink.

"I could deal with being your Blaine." Blaine murmured, looking awkwardly at his cup. There was a silence, heavy with things unsaid that should've been said before now. And they stayed unsaid. Kurt, being the master of delightful conversation that he was, managed to brush past that comment and back to the subject at hand. It still wasn't far enough from the subject of "them" for Blaine to be really comfortable, though.

"It's too bad you couldn't make it to the wedding," Kurt said, sounding so sincere it almost hurt Blaine to hear the regret in his voice. "I think things between Finn and myself are finally truly mended." Blaine felt a huge surge of jealousy in his chest. Kurt had told him about his past with Finn pretty early on. He'd also told him about the song his Glee club had sung to him at the wedding. Which was great. But the idea of a boy Kurt had harbored a crush on for so long dancing with him while singing about how perfect he was set Blaine's teeth on edge. He wanted to be the one doing cheesy things like that. Calm down, the guy is straight. He thought to himself. He managed a smile.

"Kurt, that's great." He said, and resisted the urge to place his hand on Kurt's smaller one. It was just sitting there, on Kurt's knee, taunting him with it's delicate grace. Their hands hadn't touched (at least, besides accidental brushes while reaching for the same thing that made Blaine's heart speed up) since he'd impulsively grabbed Kurt's before his Warblers performance, and it was getting harder every time he saw him not to take it again.

"Yeah. He's going to be living with us as soon as we find the right house-" Another fit of jealousy, that he fought off with a pitchfork "-so I'm glad he won't be calling me a fag anymore." Grrrrr went the protective monster in Blaine's chest. That, too, he fought off with the pitchfork. There was only so much protecting he could do, and since he didn't have a time machine, the angry feelings weren't helping anyone.

"But really, as great as dancing with Mercedes is-" Oh for god's sake, he's gay. You have no need to get jealous of the girls too! "-I really wish you'd been there do dance with. And to introduce to my dad. And Carole. They've heard a lot about you."

And there they were. Right back to the cusp of talking about what was going on, right back to skimming past it as though Kurt was just stating fact, both knowing they were pushing it. Both knowing what he meant, both pretending they didn't. Kurt speaking a bit too fast as he got to the part that meant more, getting a little breathless and his heart making a racket in his ribcage. Blaine seeing this, hearing this, and not saying a word. Because it had been a month, a week, and three days, and it felt too late to suddenly admit to anything. So he just nodded.

"Yeah. That would've been great." He said, almost completely distracted by the flush about Kurt's neck.

"And it really was beautiful, Blaine," Kurt continued, his eyes getting a far-away look as he reminisced. "The colors, the lights, my Dad and Carole, the ceremony- it was almost perfect."

The 'almost' didn't escape Blaine's notice. But, like everything else, he let it slide. They continued to talk, and he made a concerted effort not to let his eyes wander to Kurt's eyes, or down his arm to his hand, laying on his knee, or anywhere in between. Kurt recounted every detail of the wedding, and Blaine wished like hell he could've been there, and then Blaine told Kurt of how his parents had a commitment ceremony to renew their vows when he was thirteen.

"So I went crazy, of course, because I'm this gay kid and suddenly I'm in charge of a whole wedding," He told Kurt. Kurt laughed, and Blaine knew it was because that wasn't too different from what just happened with him, except Kurt was four years older than Blaine had been. "But I somehow didn't realize that I wasn't actually in charge. My mom was great. She used most of my suggestions- I had excellent taste, even then." He confided in Kurt. Kurt giggled. Was that a nervous giggle? Blaine tried not to dwell on it.

"I will always hold a grudge that she took my sister's suggestion for flowers over mine. Mia is a year older than me, and she said hydrangeas and carnations- dyed green."

"Oh, god, dyed flowers are so tacky." Kurt said, rolling his eyes.

"Exactly!" Blaine exclaimed. "Admittedly, purple and green are my Mom's favorite colors-"

"So have violets and white roses with lots of leaves and a green ribbon!" Kurt said exasperatedly, his voice slightly higher than usual. Blaine grinned. This was a much more comfortable topic of conversation, flowers. Nothing awkward or tense or telling about flowers. It was just so nice, talking to Kurt. Especially when he could really relax and just talk, being natural around him like he wasn't with most people. Only vaguely distracted by the way Kurt's gesticulating had misplaced a lock of his hair that was now falling into his eyes, and Kurt hadn't even noticed.

"Myself, I've always wanted a spring wedding." Kurt mentioned, and something clenched in Blaine's stomach. He nodded and made a quiet "Mmm-hmm" sound, to show that he's listening. Oh god. We're talking about weddings. We're talking about our prospective weddings. This is not good. This could get bad so easy. Do not think about Kurt in a tux, Blaine. Do not. The image, of course, came even more easily into his mind as he tried not to think about it. Burt walking his son down the aisle, Blaine waiting at the end with a gigantic smile on his face, vows... You're not even a thing. He reminded himself. He doesn't even know how you feel about him. He probably doesn't feel the same way about you. Stop imagining lifting his veil and kissing him square on the mouth-

"And it would have to be outdoors, of course, because I am so not having a Church wedding, and renting out a ballroom is never as classy as it sounds." Kurt continued, Blaine struggling epicly with the imagery in his head. It wasn't really fair to paint such a wonderful picture and then expect Blaine not to paint himself in there as well.

"And I've always known what flowers I want at my wedding." Kurt said. "Burgundy iceberg roses, and orange lilies."

Blaine's jaw dropped.

"Me too."


"So wait a second."

Blaine was lying on his bed, angsting at Wes and David, who were playing video games while sprawled across Blaine's floor. The game was paused at the moment, though, and David was turned around at an uncomfortable-looking angle, giving Blaine a very incredulous look.

"What?" Blaine asked, sighing.

"You two are absolutely pining after each other, talking all the time, keeping each other up late chatting, coming this close-" He put down the old Nintendo controller and held up his thumb and index finger so that they were almost touching. "-to actually teaching him Warblers music just because you like singing with him and couldn't think of anything else, and you both have the exact same idea of the perfect wedding?"

Blaine just sighed again.

"Yes. And that's what makes this all so difficult. It's been a month, a week, and four days, David-" David and Wes laughed loudly. "Oh, shut up." He grabbed a pillow off the bed and threw it at them.

"Blaine, you just made me die. You just killed Pikachu!" Wes exclaimed.

"Pikachu will live." Blaine said, not really interested in talking about Super Smash Bros right now.

"He will not!" Wes insisted, pausing the game again. "That's the point. You killed him. He's dead. Pokemon killer." He muttered, turning around.

"What were you saying, Blaine?" David asked.

"I was saying, he's perfect. So goddamn perfect. And I've turned into this, this- this mentor for him just because I wanted to be there for him without any romantic pressure. Just because I have this silly idea that gay guys can be friends without getting into bed with each other."

"And they can, Blaine." Wes reassured him.

"Just not you and Kurt." David added.

"He probably just sees me as an older brother." Blaine moaned.

"He does not," David said. "Tell us again what he did when you told him you have the same wedding fantasy."

"He-" Blaine began, but his face flushed and he felt like he was on fire and he pulled his pillow out from over his head, smashing it on his face and muttering into it. "He ut is nd on ay ee."

"Sorry? Didn't catch that." Wes said cheerfully, pushing Link off the level. David reached around and pulled the pillow away from him.

"He put his hand on my knee." Blaine said, miserably.

"Exactly. He put his hand on your knee." David repeated. "Now, we've met Kurt. We've hung out with him. And one thing you always seem to forget is that Kurt is not a very physically out there person."

"Except with one person." Wes told him.

"And that person's name starts with a B," David said. "Have you seen how close he sits to you?"

"Dude, we gave you the entire bed the other day, and he sat squished up to you the entire time." Wes said. Blaine was pretty much sure there was no way he could be blushing more. It wasn't so much that he was embarrassed that his friends had noticed that, more like he was embarrassed that the mere memory of Kurt sitting next to him for so long made his blood rush in his veins. And that his friends probably noticed that too.

"If we hadn't been there," Wes continued, "He probably would've been horizontal with you in three seconds flat."

No, Blaine was wrong. He could totally be blushing more.


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