x Sightless x

A Suzalulu by Skiperella


"Who are you?" the young successor of Japan's prime minister barked at the two foreign children who were trespassing in his clubhouse. They both looked like the people on television who gave their self the names 'britannians'- as one girl of the pair had light brown curly locks in two pig tails, fair skin, and beautiful lilac-colored eyes. While on her back looked to be a taller male that looked quite similar to the girl if it weren't for his spiky jet black stands, and closed eyes that never bother to open, even though the male was obliviously not sleeping. Her small arms shook as she tried to hold up the small body that wrapped her arms around his small neck.

"I'm Nunnally Vi Britannia" she addressed in a high-pitched voice, suitable for any girl her age. "And this is my older brother, Lelouch" she acknowledged the small boy almost crushing her spine.

"Nunnally, who's there?" the boy asked, as he was answered by a different person.

"I'm Kururugi Suzaku, the only son of Japan's prime minister- and you are trespassing on my land!" he yelled before he jumped down from a wooden box, and with a wooden sword in one hand, poked it hard against the girl's chest. The little girl overacted and screamed, letting go of the creature that was once on her back that now fell to the ground with a hiss of pain.


"Nunnally!" the boy cried, as he patted around the floor to recognize what he was laying on, before getting up on two feet and pointing an index finger at the eleven.

"Don't touch my, Nunnally!" he screamed in a desperate matter, wrapping his arms around her tummy, lovingly. "Are you alright, Nunnally?" the raven-haired male asked in a worried tone. "I'm fine, Lelouch" she replied, as the girl's attention reverted back over to the eleven, with a glare set on her features.

Suzaku, feeling the menacing look the youngest of them all gave, felt a bit guilty for his actions. "Sorry" he apologized, as the female nodded to him in forgiveness.

"It's okay" she replied, making the blind creature next to her smile in delight. Suzaku had a light bulb turn on in his noggin, as he ran away from the two britannians for a moment, going into the back of the dark building to fetch them some food.

"I'll be right back!" he yelled, panting, as the two siblings stayed put. After a few seconds, the eleven jogged back into the front of the shed with a basket of apples in his calloused hands.

"Me and Kaguya just went apple picking before she had to go back home".

"Who's Kaguya?"

Suzaku blinked twice, forgetting that he hadn't explained who his sassy little cousin was to the strangers. "She's my cousin on my mother's side" he answered, as the threesome began exiting the dark shed towards the apple trees (with Lelouch holding onto Nunnally's hand for guidance). Emerald orbs scanned the green bushed on to the trunks to find some more red delights and caught sight of a good dozen on one tree.

"Hey! There's more of 'em! You guys want to pick some with me?" he asked the britannians, as Nunnally nodded in agreement for both of them. Suzaku smiled a toothy grin, beginning to climb up the trunk of the tree with obvious practice, and sat on one of its lower branches that were a good 6-feet above the ground. Nunnally looked at her brother and then back at the tree, trying to come up with a idea that would let her brother participate in the apple-picking, too.

"Wait one minute, I'll be right back" she said, while her small legs looked blurry as she took off running back towards the building to find a box they could use as a stool.

Suzaku gazed back down to the sightless boy who was swinging his hands in the air, trying to identify where he was on the ground, where Suzaku was, and where the supposed trees were. The eleven put out his hands so he could lift the boy who was getting closer to the tree, up.

"Grab my hands" said the eleven, as Lelouch's face looked up to where the sound was coming from in the air. He began waving his hands in the air to find the other's boy's ones, and felt the young palms that fit over his own fists, before Suzaku pulled and lifted him up in the air.

"Woah!" Lelouch shrieked, as he rose from the safe, promising ground to the risky tree's arm. He hanged onto the branch, as he tried to pull himself up.

"Let me help you" Suzaku said with kindness behind it, putting his hands under the brittan's arms.

"Let go of me!" screamed the stubborn raven. The startled eleven retreated his hands back to his sides, watching the boy struggle to get up onto the branch, as his upper body strength betrayed his own determination.

"I don't want your pity" he muttered between his teeth, finally raising his entire body onto the wood. Suzaku helped the raven sit up straightly so he wouldn't fall backwards, but Lelouch shook off his touch with a grunt.

"I'm not pitying you, I was just trying to help" said Suzaku, modestly.

Lelouch leaned back a bit; forgetting that he had shook off the other's supporting hold on his back, and began to fall backwards out of the tree.

"Lelouch!" yelled the eleven, as his arms reached out towards the falling boy, who also extended his limbs out to him as well. In a flash, Suzaku embraced the raven in a tight hug, as Lelouch's arm's wrapped around the eleven's slender neck for dear life.

After a few seconds passed, Suzaku and Lelouch's faces began to become hot red, as they became aware of what position they were in. The eleven was about to let go of the raven's waist, before the brit did something that caught him off guard.

Lelouch unloosened his arms that were once around the japanesse's neck like a noose, and placed his dainty hands onto the eleven's cheeks. He then groped them over his nose, mouth, eyelids (when Suzaku closed them in enough time), forehead, and the hair on top of his head. Suzaku's blush darkened at the smile the other made on his lips in the midst of exploring the eleven's face.

'He's kind of cute…but in a girly way' he thought to himself silently. His thoughts were interrupted by the raven parting his lips to speak.

"Suzaku, right?" Lelouch asked, his hands moving with the bobbing head of the other.

"Your japanesse…but you don't look any different than even me" he stated with realization, amazed by how the other's features didn't seem to be same thing the adults back at the palace would say about how the so called 'savages' looked like. Suzaku smiled at the foreign male, feeling a small amount of empathy for the sightless creature that seemed to not have never seen an asian in his life, but did seem to have had the gift of sight before.

"Yeah, well there are some major differences between you and me"

"Like….you being able to climb a tree?" queried the pale-skinned male, tilting his head in an innocent matter. The eleven chuckled at this, not finding the heart to the other what he really meant.

"Yeah, like climbing a tree".

The two's conversation was interrupted, when the brunette noticed the blind boy's sister had returned, dragging a huge cardboard box in her right hand, and a empty picnic basket in the other.

Violet eyes looked around to find her missing brother and the japanesse male, before Suzaku yelled "Up here!"

Her lucent eyes filled with joy as she watched her usually desolated brother hang onto the other boy as if they were best friends, not considering the fact that he could just be trying to not fall out of the tree.

"Lelouch! Suzaku! I'm going to hold the basket and you can throw the apples down!" she shouted, throwing the box that was going to be used as a foot stool to the side, and opening the maple-colored lids of the basket before putting it over her head like a hat.

The green-eyed boy nodded to the girl's request, removing the pale hands away from his face. Lelouch made a puppy-like whine in response, yanking onto the japanesse's hakama, urging him to not leave. Suzaku turned back to the alarmed boy, with understanding of his sudden actions.

"Here, you can try" he said, grasping onto the other's small wrist, pulling it up to a branch filled with the tree's ripened ovaries. Lelouch gasped at the touch of the round fruit in his hand, and instinctively grabbed and ripped it off from it's stem. The brit immediately tried to take a bite out of the juicy product of the apple tree before it was stolen right out of his hands.

"Ah!-" he screamed, as the eleven placed a finger over his lips.

"Hush, we've got to pick off some more before we eat, alright?"

Lelouch would have barked right back at the boy, if he didn't had this strange feeling of wishing to appease the other's request. The raven stretched his arms out towards where he had taken the apple and began shaking the branch, letting the fruits plop down to the ground.

Nunnally giggled along with Suzaku, watching Lelouch, who was wheezing excitedly with elation from all the fun he was having. After a few seconds, the britain's short stamina started to drain out, as he let go of the apple tree's arm.

"I think we've got enough for now" Suzaku stated before jumping off the large plant, and landing on the ground safely.

"Suzaku, come back!" the banished prince exclaimed, feeling around where the eleven once was.

"Lelouch, you gotta jump!" Suzaku shouted, extending out his arms so he could catch the boy. The brit shook his head speedily, while his sister placed the basket, now filled with apples, on the ground.

"He's going to catch you, Lelouch-I promise" Nunnally yelled, as he brother's sulking expression changed at the sound of her voice.

"Bu-Butt I don't know where I'm-'just do it!'"

Lelouch's shut eyelids tightened, as he placed his palms on the branch he was sitting, before he jumped off.

The boy yelped as he free-falled what seemed to him like minutes, before landing in the eleven's strong hold. Suzaku set down the brit gently in the grass, kneeling down to the ground next to him as he sat down apple-sauce style. He pulled out a red ringo out of the basket, and munched on it happily.

"These taste awesome!"

Nunnally sat next to Lelouch, pulling her pink dress down to cover over her knees , and scanned the basket for two, decent-looking, apples before picking a pair out and handing one to her brother who took it graciously. Lelouch promptly took a mouthful bite out of the juicy fruit, before swallowing down the delicious substance.

"They are good" the brit agreed, as his sister hummed a 'mhm' between bites.

After about 15 minutes past of their previous activity the group, now stuffed full of the red fruit, laid out in the grass as Nunnally and Suzaku looked up to the clouds while Lelouch hugged onto the eleven's waist, as if he were a big teddy bear.

Semi-purple eyes looked over to her older brother as he had his hands wrapped around the japanesse. "Strange…my brother really isn't keen on even talking to strangers, but here he is, already hugging you like he does me" she pointed out in an envious matter, as the eleven grinned down towards the drooling boy at his hip.

Suzaku shrugged lightly, not sure how to respond to the girl's words, before he almost jumped out of his skin when he heard his name being called from his house, which was a good 100 feet away.

The britannian prince began to whimper as his arm around the eleven was removed so Suzaku could get up off the ground. "I've got to go" he said, turning around towards his news friends who sat up at the news.

"Wait! We came here in the first place because our father told us we were living here for now on" Lelouch said, holding onto his baby sister's hand, helping her to stand up before he arose from the ground himself.

"Oh well…than I guess last one home is a rotten egg!" the eleven yelled, grabbing Lelouch's hand , who released his little sister's before he took off running with Suzaku.

"Boys Verses Girl!"

"No Fair!" Nunnally shouted, taking off to catch up to the other two who was taking the lead.

The naïve children laughed and giggled all the way up to the house, as they didn't even realize that there fates were now intertwined with one another, forever.

Hehe, this was sorta of like a Flashback, before I start the real thing so you guys get a good idea of what's going on. And im actually surprised that no one has ever though of making Lelouch the blind one of the siblings….it's actually quite cute. :]

Please tell me your opinion. [I'm also looking for a Beta if anyone is interested]