x Sightless x

A Suzalulu by Skiperella

(4-Just Say It)

"Suzaku, Lelouch? I'm home", announced a very tired-sounding Nunnally. Two hearts and two sets of eyes enlarged in panic at the greeting. 'Fuck my life', thought Suzaku as he processed the certain environment, position, and after math sitting right on top of him that would probably be locked away from his sight if she caught them right now. However, than a light bulb lite up brightly inside the eleven's noggin.

"Suzakuwhatdowe-", stammered Lelouch before the rest of his unheard words were muffled by Suzaku's hand.

"Just follow my lead" he whispered as he picked up Lelouch and sat him in the chair. Lelouch blindly looked around the room worriedly, listening to his baby sister's footsteps draw nearer and closer to the dinning area.

"Suzaku, what do you...gah!". There was a loud crash noise and the sound of thunk that followed the raven's squeal that in turn made the preteen female run over to the pair even quicker.

"What happened!", she yelled in anxiety. Before her in the dinning room was a perplexed eleven leaned over the girl's brother, who was completely soiled in water from the waist down. Both stared back at her with the same solicitude. Lelouch finally caught on.

"Oh sorry, I think I placed the water too close to the edge" the raven improvised, grabbing a napkin that was placed on the usual left side of his plate as he tried to dab at his drenched shorts. Suzaku was a bit taken back by the raven's fast response. 'He keeps surprising me each and every day'. The japanese helped the boy clean himself up in the same hasty manner.

"It's fine, it was mostly my fault for not seeing it sooner" the eleven added in. Nunnally observed the boys from afar and stood there for an moment, just staring, before going over to the dinning table to pick up the dirty dishes. "I'll take care of these, why don't you help Lelouch into some other britches". Both of the boy's warmed up inside at the double-meaning statement before Suzaku was the first (and most ecstatic) to leave with the teen while holding one hand to go down the steps towards the basement and into the raven's washroom.

Lelouch tilted his head as he heard the soft click of the bathroom door closing behind them. "Think she fell for it?".

"Of course, I mean their isn't any reason she shouldn't of," the eleven uttered, locking the door behind them. Lelouch frowned in the darkness afore the brunette switched the light on. "What's wrong?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"About what? Why wouldn't she doubt us?" he asked as an answer with Lelouch nodding in reply.

"Well, I mean were obviously just best friends who just got carried away with the night. Why wouldn't she?". However, although the eleven was expecting that nasty pout on the raven's face to disappear at the explanation; it didn't even budge. Suzaku put on a smirk as he backed the black-haired teen against the counter, pressing his black uniform trousers against the raven's dripping shorts directly-wanting to get a reaction out of the sightless boy.

Nevertheless, Lelouch was not in the mood for whatever the eleven had in mind. "Go away", the brit barked at him with a look of confuse as he tried to get away from the eleven. "I was just going to help you change", Suzaku said as he put his hands up as a sign of surrender; not wishing to upset the raven furthermore.

"I can do it myself...just go, Suzaku",the brit mumbled as he backed away a few more feet before meeting the bathtub.

"Lu, I...I".

"Go away!", the raven yelled at him in in the same octave as a child who was about to have an tantrum. He hanged his head; facing the floors beneath his extra-sensitive feet. With just a long face and a damp set of trousers, Suzaku looked away from the agitated brit. "Fine, whatever," he muttered under his breath as he slammed the door behind him.

Lelouch raised his head up immediately, pulling back the extra pieces of hair that were in the way of his ears as he listened to the loud footsteps of the other male he was just grinding himself upon a few minutes earlier. Covering his mouth with balled up hands, he fell into a soft soundless weep while sliding down to the floor against the tub into a small hub.

Through the small whimpers that were audible, only one name was called.

"Good Afternoon! So how's being new around here? Making some friends, Suzy?," Milly asked the startled eleven who was sleeping at a empty lunch table afore being woken up to a pair of a very nice set of bosoms in his face (if he did say so himself). And he probably wouldn't of even talked to Milly until the next student council meeting tomorrow if it weren't for the fact that Lelouch decided to give him the silent treatment and stay in the infirmary all day with Sayoko. But he wasn't quite in the mood to think about something like that at the moment. In fact, he only had one thing on his mind.

'What did I do to make him so upset?' he asked himself. Looking up at the peppy blond he decided maybe she could help him with his dilemma.

"Hey, Milly"

"Hm?" He thought over how he should word what he wanted to ask the Ashford heiress.

"Let's say, that you like someone and that person likes you back-", he started off with a raspy voice, "-but one night everything was perfect but then everything changed from being the perfect moment to the perfect nightmare and now your partner is upset and wont even speak to you." Milly made a small grin at the eleven's growing blush, already guessing who the minor had in mind, as she tried to find a right a way to answer his question.

"Well; could I of maybe said or did something that could of upset him?"

"Imnotgay!" he shouted at her when she mentioned the latter word. She held a face full of surprise before bursting into laughter.

"Calm down boy; you did say we were talking in my first person, correct?". Suzaku never turned as red as he did right then in his entire life. Milly waved her hand like she was wafting the air, trying to make the eleven move on past his embarrassing outburst to her newest question. "Did I?"

He thought long and hard about anything that could of made the sightless teen upset- but his results ended up empty. "Not anything that I could remember".

"Well think long and hard, Suzy; there must be something... what happened right before everything turned sour?" Suzaku tried summon his mind to go back in time to last night before he left. 'What were we talking about before Lelouch threw that tantrum- heh, the look on his face was just too precio- woah now! Stop getting off the topic at hand and focus, Suzaku.'.

"About what? Why wouldn't she doubt us?" he asked as an answer with Lelouch nodding in reply.

"Well, I mean were obviously just best friends who just got carried away with the night. Why wouldn't she?".

'Dear god. I'm so fucking stupid'. Suzaku face palmed mentally and physically at not realizing this sooner. "Would it be bad if you were using a second-person scenario that which instead of titling your partner as a friend instead of a lover be really bad?"

"Nah," she responded immediately. "Unless their like really sensitive. Then uhm...you fucked up big time, buddy." Suzaku banged his head on the cafeteria table in complete despair while sighing the word 'Fuuuuuuck' under his breath. Milly made a big cat-like grin as her sapphire eyes looked at the eleven with complete sympathy.

"Let's cut the bull-", she leaned uncomfortably close to the japanese's face afore whispering, "-It's Lelouch, isn't it?".

'Boy, could that asian get as red as a Reindeer's nose', she said to herself. "Judging by the growing tint of creeping on your face, I presume I hit the ol'bullseye?" she taunted the distracted eleven even more. Poor boy could only sit there; throat dry, face flushed. Milly moused a bit at the eleven's silence and squeezed his shoulder. "You don't have to be in denial, Suzaku."

"Who ever said I was?," he asked questionably, quirking an eyebrow at the blond's hand on his shoulder blade.

"Again, cut the bull-" she held up her left index finger, "For one, you immediately denied you swinging the other way when no had even mentioned it-", added her middle "-secondly, you even denied the existence of you and Lulu even having a fling to his face -", a ring finger joined the party,"-and lastly, your even denying it from yourself; which is pretty sad Suzy".

All Suzaku did in reply was gave his head another good bang."I've never felt this way before now for any guy so I know I'm definitely not a fag"

"Fine. Have you ever been told you may be pansexual* than my dear?". Suzaku shot up, forehead completely red from being hit repeatedly, and glared fiery emerald into her aqua-colored irises.

"Has anyone ever told you to stop sticking your fucking nose into everyone's business?". The girl chuckled darkly.

"More than I can count, love." She looked around at her busy-going classmates to notice that everyone was putting their trays away and getting their last laughs and jokes out of them before the bell would ring. She returned her stare back at the brunette who was staring at the ceiling, completely oblivious to everything around him.

"Suzy, all I can say is that the most obvious reason Lulu is upset is because he thought you two were something more. While in truth-" she grinned at the frowning minor,"even if you rather not admit it, is true. So just go make up to the kid and while your at it I would probably tell him how I feel."

Green eyes were reconnected with the polar blue ones sitting across the table. "You make it sound so easy."

"Well, it's a lot easier than you think it is. Trust me."


"Well this was a lovely chat but I believe there's a 12th grade Mythology 5th period classroom that I'd hate to be late too" More like she couldn't afford another detention for being tardy as usual. "Well continue this some other time?". Suzaku didn't want to promise the noisy gal anything but something told him he may end up confiding more things with her in the future anyway.

"Sure. See ya, Milly"

Lelouch placed his fingertips against the school's newly-installed lockers, using it as a guide as he leaned against them, walking only a few steps ahead as he tried to walk straight. Where was Sayoko you ask? Searching for her sightless little master that snuck out on her when she went to go fetch him a soda from the machine in the cafe.

He went by, step by step; trying to remember the outline of the school, trying to remember the same path he and Suzaku took their 2nd to last class of the day that was currently going on.

'I need to find him...I need to apologize'. He rushed his steps even faster as he held onto the wall for unnecessary balance. 'I need to tell him much more'.

Each digit pressed against the cold steel and iron mixture that made up the combination-protected cubbyholes. Each step carefully calculated down to the single degree. 45 degrees left foot, 12 degrees right foot, (he began to hear the shuffle of guys coming down the hallway) 32 degrees left foot, 16 degrees right foot, (Most of the boys came to a halt, one kept walking onwards, in Lelouch's direction) 40 degrees left foot, 8 degrees right foot,(he was getting closer, and closer) 39 degrees right foot, 11 degrees left foot- then bang.

It happened as fast as it came. The raven grunted as he tried to prop himself on his elbows on the school's tiled floor. In the few milliseconds, the haunting teen who had turned in his direction and tripped him while he was walking. You read right; Tripped. A blind person.

Through the giggles and sounds of laughter that came from the other guys, now surrounding him in a circle, only one of those dark chortles were recognizable to the sightless teen.

"Luciano?". If their was any sign of laughter or last giggles left in the others; it left when that named was uttered into the air.

"Hey, there Lelouch" the man asked in a mocking tone, causing some of the others to return back to giggling."Have you seen- heh, pardon me, let me rephrase that- have you held hands with recently with dark-skinned, not knowing his rightful place, chink lately? Ive been looking for him everywhere."

Lelouch gritted his teeth as he clenched his fist afore calming down and facing towards the sound of Luciano's baritone voice with a growing smirk. "No, I haven't seen Suzaku today. He mentioned something about looking for a low-life scumbag that liked to cheat on his girlfriend occasionally with the most near-by piece of - oof!".

"You really don't know what your talking about."

Lelouch would of sworn he heard something crack when the brute of a brit kicked the side of his rib cage again, and again. However, he also would of sworn he could hear nearby running footsteps. 1/2 inch Heels at about 15 mph to be exact. 'Sayoko'

"What are you doing to him! Get away you brats!" she yelled, trying to keep her cover as much as possible. Luciano and his fellow hooligans retreated back from once they came when the spotted the maid running towards the scene. As soon as she arrived, the gang of bullies had already split, leaving a wheezing Lelouch on the floor as he clutched his sides; trying to hold in the pain. "I'm sorry I came to late, Master." she whispered, dialing on her phone the nurses from the top floor of the school to report down in the east wing of the school immediately.

In a plain white room, with plain white walls, and plain white sheets covering plain white beds that were separated by plain white curtains laid a pale, blind, white boy laying under those sheets. Yeah, the whole room's like camouflage to the extreme. The room's color coordination was completely altered when a certain someone tip toed into the room, locking the door behind him. He walked over to the only occupied bed, holding the only thing in the world Suzaku could call the closest thing to an living angel.

He studied the way the teen's chest heaved up and down rapidly, more than it had when he had watched him slept in his bedroom the first night of their reunion. He noticed the skin-deep bruises nicked around the visible parts of his skin that were uncovered from the sheets. He heard the small little whimpers being hummed out of the brit's esophagus unconsciously from the pain.

'Damn...he's so fragile, I'm afraid I might just break him into two'.

"Suzaku?" the raven asked, as his eyelashes fluttered.

"I'm here, Lu." 'Ill always be'."Lemme see the damage."

"It's only a rib fracture, nothing to get upset about," the blind teen shrugged off. However, Suzaku was not satisfied. "Hey, wait a minute!" the black-haired teen protested as Suzaku pulled off the sheets to uncover a topless, but bandaged up Lelouch. Their were countless more bruises that could be made out to be in the shape of shoe prints, mostly gathered around his sides.

Crud. The guilt was settling in the eleven faster than expected.

"This is all my fault."

"It's not!" Lelouch yelped, "It's mine, I was the one who snuck away from Sayoko." Suzaku looked into the brit's pale eyelids. "Why did you do that?" he asked, taken by the thought of Lelouch doing such a thing. Well, doing such a thing without a good enough reason at least.

Also doing such a thing a thing with a reason that made you turn bright pink before you said it also interested the eleven as well.

"I was trying to look for you," he said in a soft whisper, licking his lips "trying to look, because I wanted to know if...to kn-know if-"

"-I liked you, as in more than a friend?" Suzaku finished the raven's statement, as the other bobbed his head against the white plush pillow behind his head; rosy cheeks flushing a deeper tint. For a moment the room was painfully silent afore the sightless teen could make out a word the eleven said in a not comprehensible octave level to be heard.

"What was that?" lelouch choked out. Suzaku sighed heavily as he tried to repeat what he said. It was the most simplest and shortest thing he could ever say; but it was all so the most difficult.

"Y-Yes...Yes, I do" he admitted, noticing that the room got extremely hotter in the last few minutes and was debating with himself if e should open a window to cool the room or not if it weren't for the dorky smile lurking onto the pale face of Lelouch Lamperouge. And a few tears sliding down his face. (he was always a crybaby at heart the eleven remebered)

"I li-like you t-mmph!" the boy's awaited words were cut short by the abrupt kiss Suzaku gave him. The eleven bent down even move, placing his hands on the outside of the raven's head for balance as he leaned into the kiss. It wasn't like their first one; full of passion, tongue, and lust, but much slower that, yet deeper and all so wonderful and innocent in its own way.

They both pulled out of the long awkward kiss; with only one of them opening their eyes to meet the other's that would never do so.

"Suzaku?" he asked, sounding completely intoxicated as if he had just gotten a fix on his favorite drug.

"Yeah?". Lelouch made his lips form into a fine line, debating over what he was going to say. "What is it, Lu?"

"You're poking me... down there."

Suzaku, not even processing what the hampered up raven had said and could only think 'Oh'.



*Pansexual- Pansexuality has a double meaning but in this chapter I used its 'sexuality one'. It it's own 'sexuality category'- it refers to people who are attracted to people, regardless of their gender. I know its really hard to comprehend . Like I used to think "Oh, so their bisexual?", but it's a completely different ballpark. They really don't care if it's a boy or a girl that they like- they'll like them regardless. For Example, If it was you and you met a person with a unisex name like Sam or Misha. And all you knew was that you liked their personalty, you guys shared the same qualities in everything, and you knew you were physically attracted to them.

Now, without knowing their gender, you had to admit that would be someone you'd like to date. But the only thing you would want to know is what sex they are. SO that's the only difference! Pansexuals don't ask themselves that question- they would just go ahead and date them.

Kinda get it now? It was my own description of how it works so I hope I helped explaining it. Please do review to let me know If you think I'm wrong or have an opinion about what ive mentioned.

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