Cosmic Era 81: As the peace gained by the Clyne faction cause rapid developments on military hardware, the world seems to have been steadily becoming a utopia. In order for the world to be a safer place, the PLANT government, led by Lacus Clyne-Hibiki has discussed plans of expansion of PLANT territories on earth in order to maintain the peace garnered by winning the Destiny-Rebirth war.

Though peace maybe in the situation on the surface, tensions have been developing between the Alliance Government and the Clyne-led PLANT alarm the Orb Union and once again, it orders an inquiry to the arms development that ZAFT has begun.

Alternate Mobile Paradigm: Gundam SEED Seraph

Phase 01- The Witch and the Princess

Finally getting of the Orb Union's executive escort, Esther Albionne prepares for perhaps the most important meeting of the newly-minted Orb Special Mediatory council as emissary to PLANT. Dressed in black blazers, hiding behind a blue top and her lower body being covered by her mid-length gray skirt, it is not hard not to look at her with amazement. Her emerald-colored eyes beamed the utmost confidence. Her long brunette hair is a marvel to look at. Her face, despite having spectacles would be a sight to see. It is hard to imagine that such a girl is a Natural.

More to her looks is the fact that this same Esther is the same person who wrote 5 books which were all really popular to the Earth's populace. These books were all talking about a future in which Coordinators and Naturals lived in harmony and were looked upon by what they can do as a human being and not what their genetic class is. This philosophy of hers gained her a following amongst the Naturals while getting the ire of some elitist Coordinators and purist Naturals. As a political analyst for Orb, she became one of the most trusted aides of Cagalli Yula Attha.

As the relatively young emissary of Orb, still at her twenties would go out; One of Clyne's most trusted generals escorts her on the way to the pink princess' office . General Kira Hibiki, ZAFT's Supreme Commander, and the Lacus' Clyne's spouse has been the target of many of many of Clyne's detractors for his meteoric rise in the command structure. Irony is it that the general was often found earlier in his career as the scorn of ZAFT itself. General Hibiki was once feared as the infamous pilot of the GAT-X105 Strike in the First Bloody Valentine War, and in the Second Bloody Valentine War, he was the pilot of the ZGMF-X10A Freedom and the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom, both symbols of Clyne's power over PLANT.

Kira, who was often found by Lacus reading Esther's books, asks his favorite Author a question which has fascinated him for a long time since this is the first time he has seen the emissary in-person.

"Miss Albionne, I've been reading your books really often and I'd like to ask you something. Why is did you make Dietrich blind when he finally gets his wings? I got confused during that part of your story..."

The young lady; seemingly astonished at the general's inquiry and started laughing. She replies to the General with a really interesting answer:

"Regretfully, Dietrich didn't really grow up. He gained his means to fly, but never the reason to fly. Dietrich does not need someone to tell him where to go. He needs to decide for himself where to go. Imagine yourself always pointing at where the wind blows, General Hibiki. If you let the wind blow your ship too much, it'll damage the sail and it will have no means to move. It will be destroyed by the current."

Still bursting in laughter, Esther asks Kira:

"Why do you look so nervous? Did I hit the right spot with you?"

Kira, who looks mostly like a balloon with too much air, would succumb to his nerves surprisingly. He replies to the brunette-haired, emerald-eyed messenger of Orb;

"It's …just that I don't want to lose something really close to me anymore. I can relate much to Dietrich's character in the novels."

You could see delight as the book writer's eyes widen and quickly, Esther opened up with an interesting insight while chuckling;

"I'm really worried about your constant worrying, General Hibiki. It seems like you're being strained by events that haven't happened yet. Also, your subjectivity baffles me. Your job description expects you to not be phased by this at all. You cannot be worried about me if for example I was really close to you. But are you really worried about me right now, as someone you just barely knew?"

The General looked up in the azure sky and gave the emissary his answer;

"If you'd like to know Miss Albionne, I look at you as someone really close; it's as if I've met you before. But to answer your question, I'm not so sure myself. Maybe I would, but it's not as if I'm saving a close friend."

As Esther pressed for another question, another voice would suddenly reverberate; it was the PLANT Chairwoman herself, Lacus Clyne. Who could ever mistake that voice as it serenely echoes through the scenery? The woman who has been part of changing both Bloody Valentine Wars' outcomes has personally come to greet Esther. The Cherry Blossom haired heiress, well known for wearing Oriental-inspired dresses would sport another version of her black and purple robe. She wears her hair down, those candy-like strands that reflect her innate sweetness. As Kira hears her angelic voice, he temporarily leaves Esther who is somewhat disappointed that she can't utter another question to her newly-acquired subject.

Kira greets his Commander-in-chief, both in work and in the household; as some people at ZAFT headquarters often joke about, with an embrace. Kira was to follow up with a kiss, but Lacus says;

"Not here, I still have an agenda with Miss Albionne."

With caution, she whispers to the general;

"I don't get why Cagalli would send us an envoy. I know that you like Esther's works. I do too. But isn't it unnecessary for her to send Esther, knowing that you're her brother. Are we really at odds with Orb this time, Kira?"

The man who was once called Yamato would reassure Lacus;

"I'm pretty sure that Cagalli is just busy. Besides, Esther is your successor at the helm of Terminal. I don't know how she's a threat to us."

Relieved, Lacus would eventually turn her attention to the 25-year old book writer from Copernicus, she opened with this remark;

"I see that you're probably tired from all the talk emanating from Kira. He's a big fan of yours. Anyway, let us not make waste of the time. We have more pressing matters to talk about in my office."

As the scene shifts to Lacus' office, Esther brings the pink princess the news.

"Miss Clyne, I was sent here by Orb to deliver frightening news to you. Reports from various sources have confirmed suspicion that a threat from within the PLANT Supreme Council has surfaced and has been funding the remnants of the Destiny movement. It is advised by the Orb Prime Minister Cagalli Yula Attha to be in constant alert right now."

Lacus is surprised, but unfazed by the news. She then inquires about the situation within the Reforming Earth Alliance.

"I understand the concern, and I'll see to it that we will investigate the matter. Since it's alarming here, I'd also like to know about something else, Miss Albionne. Has the Alliance made movement as of now? I know you're not just Orb's emissary. You're the one reverend Malchio handpicked to be my successor. As a fellow member of Terminal, I have always wanted to meet you in person."

The Brunette has also been stars truck since the meeting. Lacus has been both an inspiration and a challenge to the young maiden. She wouldn't have been in her place had it not been for Lacus Clyne, the songstress of peace. As she tells her rival and mentor her answer as eyes glitter with excitement and pride.

"I'm surprised you didn't want to strangle me and make me say something about it…." She chuckled.

"The situation within the Alliance seems to be stable. As long as they're weary of war against both Orb and ZAFT, they're not ready to move. And I believe that this time, the Alliance will be on your side more. The uprising I am speaking of comes from dissent within the Coordinator populace. It seems that some Coordinators still believe that they're the 'cream of the crop'. Our primary opponent right now is still the shadow created by both Bloody Valentine Wars."

Lacus looked impressed, never has she seen someone with the same wavelength as hers. Even she had some lapses in some of the conversations she has with Kira. She thinks it is because they were taught by the same mentor. The conversation was really going along well. That is until, something really disturbing happens.

"BANG"—Gunshots are heard circling around the complex. Esther and Lacus were both shocked to see Kira's sweaty body telling them;

"The complex is surrounded. It seems like for the first time, we were tricked. We've got no recourse but to escape this complex."

Lacus was confused. She knew she trusted most of the Council. She was always keeping tabs on them to be sure. In her mind reverberates:

"I must've trusted them too much for my own good."

Esther knew this was going to happen. She thinks she may have failed her mission. She has also things in her mind as well:

"Great, now all three of us are in jeopardy right now. Hopefully the saying 'three times is the charm' or 'witches don't really die in a fire, they dissolve in water' applies here. I don't want to lose this second shot this easily."