Orbital Defence INitiative

Built to replace Thor's Hammer, an illegal (under the Outer Space Treaty of 1966) nuclear weapons platform placed into space during the early 2000s when it became apparent that extensive cave systems were being used by the Taliban. The advance of conventional bunker buster missiles meant that it was never used. However during the re-escalation of the communist conflicts America deemed it necessary to replace this weapon with a new weapon capable of complete devastation.

ODIN was born. Sixteen 100 megaton titanium tipped missiles were attached to a MkVII oribital defence pod. These missiles were controlled by FRIGGA (Fully-Resonant-Intelligent-Geographical-Guidance-Automation) a tier one artificial intelligent. ODIN's missiles were capable of penetrating 5 miles into the ground before detonating.

During the outbreak of the 60-Minute war one of ODIN's missiles was fired into the Saudi Arabian peninsula leaving the crater known of Morka's Hole. It was launched from the USS Barack Obama, a command class submarine.

During the aftermath and the Nomad empires, stories changed the nature of the weapon believing that no nuclear weapon could be so powerful as to create such a area of damage. The story changed declaring that ODIN was in fact another particle accelerator based weapon.

Though a further thirteen missiles were fired by Anna Fang, only time will tell whether anymore of these missiles shall be launched against a once more fledgling humanity.