Ok when my story starts Gohan is going to his second day of school, he has already made an appearance as Sayiman. Videl is not exactly warm to him but he thinks that she treats him better than others. So here it goes:

Gohan sat in his first period class hearing things that he had already heard before. He looked over at Videl who had a long sleeve shirt and long pants. It was hot out and she was sweating, the weather man had predicted this, why had she not warn something more cool. "Yo, Videl any good reason for the hot cloths?" he asked nudging her arm a bit. She winced in pain; he had not meant to hurt her. Their next class was gym; he would talk to her then.

In gym they were required to where a certain uniform, orange shorts and a white T-Shirt. Videl looked as if she was trying to hide her arm when Gohan walked passed her. "Videl is there something wrong with you?" Gohan asked.

"No I am fine, I will be fine at least," she said to him looking down at her feet.

"Videl you do know that you can tell me anything, I can keep a secret," he said

"Yes I know Gohan but don't worry I am going to be just fine," she said.

She sat down in her row to think about the events the previous night:


"Videl what did I tell you about watching TV!" her father yelled.

"Nothing dad," she called back.

"Don't talk back to your father," he screamed punching her in the arm, sending her across the room. She slumped in the corner. She could beat him but she could not remember any of her training.

"Dad please stop," she whispered, and then she had passed out.


She had woken up in her bed; apparently one of the maids Mina had carried her to bed. This had been going on for weeks now. She had always tried to stop him but never could. He was getting worse and worse, he was no longer holding back on her and it was hurting.

She had tried to go to bed before he even gotten home but lately he was pulling her out of bed and then beating her. She just had to get out of there and she knew it but where to go. She did not really have any friends, sure Sharpner and Erasa but they could not help in this case.

She did not know where to go, she could have told Gohan about the problem but she did not want to trouble him. He would not listen most likely. She sighed; there was no way in telling when he was going to attack her.

Gohan who did not sit far from her, (Son, Satan, duh) noticed that she was not herself today, he had only known her for a day but it felt much longer. He walked over to her hoping that she would not push him away. She was either really weird or in trouble. He sat down next to her and said softly, "Videl what is wrong, why won't you tell me?"

She looked at him, tears in her eyes, "Gohan I just can't please respect that," she said.

Gohan nodded, "If that is what you wish Videl I will not pry, don't forget that my door is always open and so am I," he said and went back to sitting down. He looked over at her in regret but he knew what it felt like to be pried at.

That day went quickly; Gohan flew home as the Great Sayiman and Videl went home in her Jet-Copter. That night was the worst of all though.

"Videl get down here and meat your new mother," Hurcule called out. Videl came moping down the stairs. What she saw was a slut that was marring her father for his money.

"Dad don't be so naïve this woman wasn't your money, I mean look at her she is a slut!" Videl screamed.

"What did you call Jeanne?" he yelled very angry at his daughter.

"She is a slut you can tell by the clothes that she where's," Videl yelled coming to tears. "I am glad mom died so she does not have to see the humiliating man that you have become!" Videl screamed and ran to her room.

"Excuse me I have to go teach my daughter how to act around nice ladies," Hurcule said excusing him from the room and going to his daughters.

"Videl open this door up this instant!" he yelled into the door, no answer. He broke down the door.

"I hope that you are going to fix that," she said simply. Her eyes were all red and puffy, it was clear that she had been crying.

"Shut up and come here I am going to teach you not to embarrass me!" he yelled.

"Take out the E-M-B-A-R-R and then that spells what you really are!" she yelled.

Then he started to beat her again. She just sat there and took; this would be the last time. She was out of here; she would go somewhere where she would be safe, maybe Gohan's.

After her father had left and drove to the new night club Videl dared to get up. She packed little things and then took off in her Jet-Copter. She had gotten Gohan's address in the school directory. She could hardly see where she was going, it was raining and she was crying. She landed just in time for her to pass out.

Gohan had been studying his geometry when he felt Videl's ki. He shot up because it all of a sudden dropped. He ran outside in the rain to see her Jet-Copter. He ran over to it and found a bruised and bleeding Videl in the cockpit. He pulled her out and ran inside the house. "Mom!" he yelled setting her down on the couch.

"Yes Gohan," she said coming into the room.

"Over here, it is a friend from school," he said pointing to Videl.

"Oh dear, Gohan help me get her into the bathroom, we have to get her cleaned up. Then you start a fire down here and I will change her out of these wet cloths," Chi-Chi ordered.

"Yes mother," he said following her into the bathroom, he set her down and got started on the fire.