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Gohan and Videl walked to there first period class hand in hand. They were both a bit nervous, Videl was not as nervous as Gohan though. He was not use to all the publicity.

Videl gave Gohan's hand a slight squeeze, Gohan looked at her. "I am ready let's go," he said with a smile.

"Ok but I will warn you, all of a sudden you will be everyone's friend," she said.

"That is ok, you though, will always be the first and foremost important friend in my entire life!" he said.

"Gohan I am flattered," she said, it was then that they realized that they were at the door.

"Damn, so much for a calming walk," Gohan mumbled.

"I will be just as good as your calming walk," Videl said kissing him on the lips.

"You are if not better," he mumbled through the kiss, and then deepening it.

Finally he pulled back, "Ok lets go now, but I want to finish this up at lunch," he joked.

"Yes sir," she said saluting him like a sergeant general.

"OK, OK enough let's go finally," he said walking into the room. What were they face to face with when they got in, cameras!!!!!!!!

"Ah what the hell?????" Gohan yelled as the flash's blinded them.

"I saw them kissing, they are an item," one of there classmates called out.

"They were in the janitors' closet I heard," another said.

"Hold on, I may kiss Videl in public but I did not make out with her in the janitors closet!" Gohan exclaimed.

"What you wouldn't want to?" Videl asked so only he could hear.

~that is not it the point that I was trying to make was the fact that we didn't YET~ he told her, after hearing that she beamed.

There was an extra half an hour added on to first period because the teachers couldn't get the class to get off of Videl and Gohan.

'Dende, what did I ever do to you?' he thought.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------

Dende's lookout

"How about not letting me do my job because you have really stupid questions," Dende screamed.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------

It was like that every period, they decided that it was a better choice to just hold a question and answer period. Videl and Gohan had to sit in front of all there peers and answer question after question.

When the day was over both fighters collapsed onto Gohan's bed.

"Man what a day!" Gohan commented.

"Yea, wait till tomorrow!" Videl told him, she knew what she was talking about too!

"Are you trying to tell me that the horror won't end!" he exclaimed.

"Nope, at least they haven't found your house yet, then all hell is going to break loose," Videl said.

"That is what you think, my mother will scream at them until they leave," Gohan said laughing at the thought.

"Yea your mother is no pushover either," Videl said.

"I know, I know, she even scares me sometimes. To think that great Saiyiman is afraid of his mommy," Gohan said making Videl laugh.

"Dinner," they heard Chi-Chi yell from the kitchen.

"Good, I am starving," Gohan said patting his stomach.

Videl stood up and patted it with him and said, "You are always starving!"

"So," Gohan said giving her puppy-eyes. "Is there anything wrong with that?" he asked.

"No, you just are an expensive person to feed!" she exclaimed.

"But you still love me right?" he asked even though he knew that she did.

"Yes of coarse, how could I not?" she asked pinching his check. (Face)

They ate Dinner in piece, then Gohan and Videl went to bed, they were totally exhausted.

The rest of the week went like this and almost the rest of the year, they got no breaks from there peers. Finally the graduation dance was coming up.

"Videl, I have a question for you, I know that we have been dating for like ever but I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the graduation dance with me?" he said.

"Oh of course silly, who else would I go with, no boy will even look at me afraid of what you might do to them!" she said. He smiled, they were damn right; if he ever caught anyone hitting on Videl they would most likely never get up from there fight.

The night went great, as they were flying home, Videl in Gohan's arms, Videl noticed that they were not going back to his house. "Gohan where are we going?" she asked.

"You'll see," was all he said with a sly smile. They touched down on and island. Gohan looked a bit uncomfortable as he said, "Videl can you please hear me out?"

"Ok," she said.

Gohan got on one knee, "Videl, I have loved you forever it seems and if you don't mind I would like to spend the rest of my life with you. Videl Satan will you marry me?" he asked holding out the ring. It was a nice ring too, a very nice engagement ring.

"Oh you silly, silly boy of course I will," he said smiling. Then she jumped into his arms and kissed him.

And the rest well, let's just say it was history!


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