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"With nothing to hold him back, Harry threw himself into his school work with vigour and Quidditch became his second love after Hermione. Harry and the survivors of the group that had helped to nurse Harry back to health after Hermione had saved him were as close as you could get. However, the horrors of war stayed with them for a long time afterwards, and when there was the sound of breaking glass, exploding stone work or other such loud bangs, they would all take out their wands and assuming fighting stances. Considering the months of hell they had been through, they kept achieving top marks throughout the rest of their school years with ease – Defence Against The Dark Arts giving them 100% marks on every test they took.

The group became Prefects with Harry and Hermione becoming Head Boy and Girl during their final year. They had an odd way of arriving at Hogwarts, and it would go down in school legends as the first time that pupils had arrived via muggle parachute after diving out a plane from 25,000ft.

Achievements came to them like metal to magnets, and the Quidditch and House Cups were won for Gryffindor every year – followed in second place by Hufflepuff. On their final day at Hogwarts as students, everyone had gathered on the lawn to present the group with their graduation certificates and a Special Award For Services To The School after Mildred discovered that they hadn't got that reward after they got nearly everything else in the bag. Hermione graduated top of the year with Harry one point behind her with the others. During the ceremony, Harry dropped to one knee and proposed to Hermione there and then. She of course accepted his offer at once. After spending a week at Godric's Hollow doing nothing much except laze around in the summer sun, the group went on a three month trip around the world before returning to Britain in time to see Miss Cackle return to the school she loved the most – Cackle's.

As for the group…

Susan followed her Aunt into politics the hard way, and worked her way up the ranks to become head of the Auror Corp and head of the DMLE by the time she retired in 2148. She died several years after that with her wife of many years in 2153, Hannah, by her side, Harry and Hermione along with a number of their children and people who weren't. Over the years, a few purebloods who held strong views on witches emerged and outright banned witches from marrying each other, so the group had flown to Holland and had the service down there.

Hannah always had a kind soul to children, and she opened a home for the many orphans and the unwanted left behind after the war. When news of her marriage to Susan had leaked, a number of Aurors had been sent to arrest them both, but one call from Hannah had Harry, Hermione and Parvati brandishing their revolvers at them and telling to get lost – but not so politely. Hannah also worked hard with Hermione to get laws changed which said that pureblood families could get rid of their daughters with no questions asked about it. She died two years after Susan did, and some say it was a broken heart because she was never the same after the death of her wife. She was buried next to her wife in the Abbott family plot with their children, Harry, Hermione and Parvati in attendance.

Parvati studied hard to become a magical lawyer, and set up her own practice which dealt with cases of victimisation, racism, and discrimination. She also gave a lot of her time to helping with the home. Her family tried to marry her off to a wealthy Indian suitor, but she cut all ties with them after what had happened with between her, her twin and the family. She eventually married a muggle and had several children with him. However she never stopped loving Lavender and when she died in 2156, Harry and Hermione ensured she was buried next to her. The Patil family had attempted to claim the body for cremation in India, but the pair had flatly refused this to happen and carried out Parvati's wishes – inviting the family to take her at their own peril.

Daphne and Astoria were treated with a lot of suspicion during their lives, but both became Aurors and worked in cases involving muggles. Both were found dead though in 2057 naked in bed and in each others arms. Rumours of an incestuous relationship had been voiced several times, and the rumour mill got it right for a change.

As for Harry and Hermione… well they married one year after they graduated and went on honeymoon with the other three guarding them from possible attackers. Hermione became involved in the creation of new laws and was elected to serve as a judge in 30 consecutive sessions of the Wizangamot based on the fact she was known to be fair to all. She stood for Minister and won the post that she held for over 50 years, and it became known as the second golden age of Magical Britain. She died in 2161 just after having an orgasm while making love to Harry. Harry would later say it was how she would have wanted to go…

Harry didn't know what to do with his life. He hadn't expected to survive the war, so he went to all the places he had never been to while living with the Dursleys. Once the three page list was complete, he took to helping Hannah and Susan to run the children's home. He spent many years doing it, and only left when he took on the post of DADA teacher for one year at the request of the Ministry when the previous applicant retired. He loved flying though, and he created the Devastator and Marauder class of broomstick which became the first to exceed the speed of sound. He lost his mind for a couple of months after Hermione's death, and their children attempted to put him in a home for demented old folk. He cut them out of his life, but later made up with his three daughters. Although he spent a lot of time at home, he could always be counted on to watch any Quidditch match involving his much loved and favoured Gryffindor. He often comes to just sit in his old dorm and think. His public appearances, other then Gryffindor matches are quite rare now, but the last survivor of the 2nd Dark War occasionally speaks to warn of the dangers of complacency regarding followers of the Dark Arts" the old man looked at the two young teenagers sat in front of him.

"How… how do you know all this?" asked the girl.

"You had to have done your research on some of the more personal details about everyone" said the boy.

"Where did you get them?" the girl quizzed the man.

"Ah, yes…" the old man said with a croaking chuckle, "There was something I nearly forgot to mention. You've listened to my story now for over three hours now, and you don't even know who I am"

"Who are you" asked the pair, expecting him to be one of the many people claiming to be a child of the Heroes of Hogwarts and Britain.

"I'm not sure if you know of my name, for I have not done much in the way of anything special, but you may call me Harry Potter…" and Harry watched with a pleasure as the jaws on both teens dropped.

"Radcliffe! Watson!" a tall man in dark purple robes came towards them in the library at Hogwarts. "You are in trouble for missing both your Charms lesson and Muggle Studies. You will both serve detention this evening for this" and Harry tutted loudly.

"You skipped your lessons?" he said. "You blaggards… you scoundrels. Why, in my day pupils were hung up in the dungeons for less then that" and he laughed heartily. "They were helping an old man. I think we can forget the detentions in this case, don't you, Professor Davis?" and the headmaster was forced to agree.

"If that is your wish, Sir" he said.

"Go on" Harry waved his hand is an exaggerated gesture. "Away with you, you rogues" and the two teens left quickly.

"I wish you wouldn't do that" said Davis. "You are an old man now, and you have to face it" he said. Despite pushing 193, Harry drew himself up to his full height and radiated the power that had made him famous.

"An 'old man' I might be, but I've forgotten more about life then you'll ever learn" Harry said, and Davis backed off several feet from Harry and offered his apologies. Harry kept him on edge for several long moments before accepting it and then watching him leave. He looked down at the round object in his hand and tutted once again. "Did I really just show the entire school their Headmaster handed his arse by an old man? Dear me…" and Harry cancelled the spell and went to watch his much loved Gryffindor play Slytherin.


Despite being older then everyone in Gryffindor combined, Harry was always most welcome in the common room when he dropped by and he took the offered glass of Butterbeer before heading up to the dorms – first the girls' dorm and then his own. He lay on his old bed, closed his eyes and let his mind drift back to happier days with Hermione and the others.

"Harry, you're always late" Hermione said to him.

"Well you know me…" Harry opened his eyes and looked at his wife.

"Hannah is cooking her famous stew again" Hermione held out her hand to help Harry get up off the bed. He felt younger for the first time in years, and a little light headed to boot. He happened to look down and saw himself lying on the bed with a still chest.

"Hang on" Harry said. "I've left my body behind" and Hermione kissed her husband in the lips tenderly.

"You'll won't be needing it" she said.

"No…" Harry said as he followed her to the whiteness. "I don't suppose I really do…"


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Chapter Twelve of Dark Frontier which makes up the final chapter of this fic.

I wanted to try something different and this is the result. The final sequence with Harry talking to Hermione on his death is a homage to the final part of Watership Down where Hazel leaves his body behind to join a run of the great rabbit god (or at least that is how I interpret it).

This chapter also marks the end of something… not counting my crossovers, the one shots or True Friends 2 (on perma hold) this marks the last chapter of a Harry Potter fanfiction of a story that I am still writing. Rest assured though, that I will write more Harry Potter stories, but I'm taking time off to rest.

Before I go, I have news regarding something that happened to a fic in progress. As some of you will know, I lost all the fics I was working on. This chapter was done word for word from memory – a marvellous achievement. However, I accidentally uploaded part of Special Union 5 to the document uploader on this site so I have most of it safe!

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