Chapter 3- The dog fights for love

The day of the fight had arrived, and Kiba was in his room getting prepped for it. Making sure he had all his equipment and preparing mentally. As he got to the door to leave, Akamaru stopped him and gave a small whimper.

"Sorry, Akamaru, but you cant help me this time," said Kiba as he scratched Akamaru's head.

Akamaru gave another small whimper before Kiba opened the door to leave. As he walked to the field, he started to formulate a game plan for the match. Mina's dad was exceptional ninja no doubt, but every ninja has a weakness. He also has the clan's special technique that eliminates all feeling from them. Which means they can be stabbed, and still go completely all out on you. Even with that, the nerves and bones still can't work if they're broken. He had to hit hard and fast in order to walk away the winner. He was snapped back to reality when he saw Mina's dad waiting in the field. Not only him, but Mina, Hana, Naruto, and all his friends there waiting for him.

"About time you showed up. And here I thought you had chickened out," said Mina's dad frowning at Kiba.

"Not my fault you're impatient," said Kiba getting ready for the fight.

"I've been aching to shut that mouth you've got there," said Mina's dad getting in a fighting stance.

"That makes two of us," said Kiba who locked eyes with his opponent.

In a flash, they went at it. Kiba tried to claw him, but each time he missed. Mina's dad threw a series of punches and missed each time and Kiba caught the last one. Kiba grabbed hold of the arm and pulled him close to nail him with a hard blow. Kiba succeeded, but Mina's dad shook it off. Mina's dad then used a fireball jutsu at Kiba. Kiba dodged it, but a little bit burned his the end of pants. Kiba then tried his fang over fang to attack him. Kiba hit, but soon found out that it was log. Mina's dad appeared above him with a kunai. He swung and got Kiba on the cheek. Kiba jumped back and pulled out his own kunai and reengaged him. Sparks flew with the sounds of metal hitting each other. They had to get some separation, as both were tired from the constant striking.

"I have to admit, you're a lot tougher than I took you for," said Mina's dad, taking in every breath like his last.

"Same to you, though you really shouldn't underestimate me in the first place," said Kiba with a smirk, but still taking in breath.

"Perhaps not, but that doesn't mean you and I are on the same level," said Mina's dad as he now stood up right.

"Then how bout you show me just how uneven we are," said Kiba getting ready for another go with him.

"I intend to right now," said Mina's dad as prepared to unleash his clan's special ability.

'Here it comes,' though Kiba as he knew what was coming his way now.

Mina's dad's eyes grew cold and soulless. He now acted as if he had no emotion. Kiba charged and landed a hard right to the face, but it didn't even faze him. Mina's dad then countered with a hard knee to the gut. Kiba coughed up blood while at the same time tried to get some breath that had been knocked out of him. Mina's dad didn't let up as he followed up with a huge amount of rights and lefts. Everything from punches to kicks, he threw it all at Kiba. Kiba finally caught and opening and kicked Mina's dad in the right knee and broke it. At the same time got some distance from him. Mina's dad couldn't feel it, but saw that his leg was know broken. Even so, he charged as if nothing was wrong. As all this was happening, Mina was freaking out. She had just watched him get the crap beat out of him, then he broke her fathers leg. Everyone was trying to calm her down. Naruto just watched on. He was probably more into it than anyone. He had been in this situation before. He knew the emotions that went with this sort of thing. Everyone stopped when they saw that Kiba had been knocked in the air. Mina's dad then leaped up in the air and dropped his foot right on Kiba's face. Kiba hit the ground hard, and just laid there in pain. Mina's dad now smiled at his supposed victory.

"No," said Mina in a soft voice.

"Kiba, he lost?" asked Hinata who now saw Naruto shake his head.

"It's not over yet," said Naruto as everyone looked in confusion.

Naruto then pointed to Kiba, and everyone saw what he was saying. Kiba was now getting to his feet. Mina's dad now turned around and saw Kiba getting up.

"You just wont quit, will you?" asked Mina's dad who was still emotionless.

"Not yet. Not until I can walk away here with Mina," said Kiba who still had blood in his mouth and was trying to steady himself.

"That's not gonad happen," said Mina's dad as he charged at him and threw a hard punch, but Kiba caught it.

"You'd like to think that wouldn't you?" said Kiba as he looked Mina's dad right in the eyes.

Kiba now pulled out a soilder pill and put it in his mouth. Mina's dad's eyes grew a little bigger as Kiba now disappeared. He then reappeared behind and him and chopped him in the neck. Mina's dad didn't feel it, then suddenly collapsed to the ground. His eyes now returned to emotion.

"Wha- what did you do?" asked Mina's dad in confusion, then squinted in pain from the broken leg.

"You may not feel it, but your body still works the same. I hit your neck and stopped your nerves from there down. You're paralyzed, and will remain that way for a while," said Kiba as he looked at Mina's dad and saw him just smirk at it.

"So you figured it out? A deals a deal I guess," said Mina's dad who smiled as well as Kiba. At this moment everyone was running over to the two combatants.

"Kiba, Father, are you okay?" asked Mina as she treated Kiba while Sakura treated Mina's father.

"I think I'm okay," said Kiba as he now hugged Mina.

"Same here, except for the broken leg," said Mina's dad getting to his feet with the help of others.

"You two really went at it," said Naruto as he bumped fist with Kiba and smiled.

"Yea, I'm just glad it's over and done with," said Kiba who had his arm around Mina.

"Kiba, let me just say I'm sorry for calling you a dog. You have heart and skill, and are worthy of my respect. Mina, you've got a good one here, I wouldn't lose him," said Mina's dad, smiling at them, and them returning it.

"Thank you sir," said Kiba who kissed Mina as they all walked away from the field.

The two lovers can now live with out hatred between families. A bright future is ahead.