Pickles had always hated Valentine's Day, but Toki didn't mind it. He wasn't the biggest fan of the day to be sure, but in Norway, people loved Valentinsdag. That was why he only thought it right to buy the drummer a present. It wasn't much, only a chocolate bar and a carefully written poem in Norwegian, but it would be just good enough. He presented Pickles with it early that morning with a huge, proud smile on his face.

Immediately the drummer refused to take it. "No way, dude. You're makin' me look bad."


" 'Cause I didn't get you anything!"

Toki shrugged and offered it to him again. "Just takes it. If you don'ts I'll cry." That threat always worked wonders.

Pickles snatched the chocolate, opened it, and took a huge bite. "There, happy?"

He nodded. "Ja, very. Thanks."

"It's fine, but next ti—hey, what's 'dis?" he asked, spotting the little poem. Toki said nothing, just sat down on the couch next to him and tried to hide his knowing smile. Pickles read it over and then asked with a confused look on his face, "What does it say? Is it in Norwegian?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I can'ts write in English. Sorry."

"Nat even your own name?"

He shrugged and answered, "Sure, I guess."

"What about my name?" when Toki just shook his head, Pickles turned over the letter, picked up a nearby pencil, and wrote in big letters PICKLES THE DRUMMER. Toki smiled.

"Writes my name next, please."

Pickles complied and quickly scribbled, & TOKI WARTOOTH. And just because it was Valentine's Day, he drew a heart after the names. When he was done he put down the pencil and ate some more chocolate. "Happy Valentine's Day, dude." and he gave the guitarist a kiss on the lips. "I love you."


Toki had never really celebrated Christmas before coming to Amercia. In Norway they just had Første Juledag [Christmas day]on the 25th of December, but it hadn't really been a big deal in his household. His parents had never bought him gifts, and so that was why on the eve of Lillejulaften [the day before Christmas],he laid quietly in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. Mordhaus had been decorated and the whole bit, but he still didn't feel anything special. It was just another stupid day of the year. He went to sleep silently, praying that this year it might be different. After all, he had a family now and someone to love—Pickles-so maybe they'd get him a present for being good...

Or maybe not.

When he awoke the next morning and went downstairs, he was surprised to see a single wrapped and decorated gift box in his chair. Skwisgaar, Nathan, Murderface, and Pickles watched as the Norwegian removed it and carefully sat down, holding the present closely, as if he thought it was a trick and might be stolen from him any moment.

"You knows, the whole point ammnest not to stares at it." Skwisgaar commented loudly, taking a careful sip of coffee. "It ams to open it."

"I cans...open it?"

"Yeah, it's for you." Nathan said.

"Merry Chrishtmash, dildo." Murderface said with absolutely no enthusiasm whatsoever. As he resumed eating his breakfast he muttered to himself, "I hate Chrishtmash."

Toki then turned his attention to Pickles and asked breathlessly, "It ams really for me? I cans open it?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I gat it for you."

"Yous got it?"

Pickles finished off the can of beer he had been drinking and nodded. "Yep. Merry fuckin' Christmas, dude."

Toki unwrapped it painfully slow, trying to enjoy every single moment of it. What he saw inside the box made him jump and yell loudly. "It moves!"

Pickles got up and grabbed the box from his shaking hands. "Hey, calm down! You'll scare it!"

Skwisgaar looked up from his plate, a questioning look on his face. "Its? Pickle, you never said it was an its."

Toki snatched the box back and took out of it a live ball of fur with long ears. It was a small bunny, brown as his own hair with wide, shining black eyes. He let out a squeal of delight and hugged it to him, careful not to squeeze it too tightly and crush it. Pickles watched him with a little smile on his face before saying, "So I guess you like her?"

"Oh, this ams the best thing evers!" Toki whispered, holding the bunny up to eye-level. The creature extended its neck and pressed its twitching, wet nose to the guitarist's face; its tail fluffed up as it tried to snuggle against his cheek. "She likes me..."

"Course she does," the drummer said, gently petting the bunny's soft fur. "Everybody does. We all love you."

Toki's pale eyes met Pickles' green ones. He kissed the top of the bunny's head and then held it in his arms closely. Without shame he kissed the drummer right there, in front of Nathan, Murderface, and Skwisgaar. Everyone was shocked—even Pickles—but nobody really minded it once it was over. It was just one of those moments that didn't need to be mentioned again because it would never be forgotten—Toki's first real Christmas.


Pickles' birthday was a huge deal. Everyone ran around like mad trying to get the party together, despite the fact that the drummer clearly said that he didn't want one. It couldn't be helped, though. Toki thought birthdays were a big deal, so he organized the whole thing. He even invited some fans to attend, despite the fact that Ofdensen said he couldn't. In the end there were well over two-thousand people walking around the Mordhaus, and Pickles was utterly furious with Toki for letting it happen.

He pulled the Norwegian aside and hissed, "What the fuck is 'dis? I told you I didn't want a damn party! I fuckin' told you! How could you do 'dis to me?"

Toki just smiled sweetly and observed, "You ams angry with me."

"Yeah, I'm pissed aff, so why don't you-"

"But you haven't even seen whats I got you for your present." before Pickles could say anything, the Norwegian had stuck out his tongue; there was a little bar going thru it. The drummer's green eyes grew wide.

"You...you gat your tongue pierced?"

Toki nodded proudly. "Ja, for yous."

"But what—why would you do 'dat?"

"Lets me show you." he molded his lips to the drummer's and kissed him like he had never kissed anyone in his life; he turned red and abruptly ended it, breathing hard and trying to contain himself. "See? It coulds be fun..."

"B-But you—did it hurt?"

He nodded. "Fuck yeahs; I cried, but it was worth it, rights? That was worth its, wasn't it? The kiss?"

Pickles nodded, feeling himself grow hot. "Y-Yeah, 'dat was...I...I like it."

"Goods. I'm glad, but there ams also another part of the present." he tugged on the drummer's arm and lead him down the hall that lead to their individual rooms. "We shoulds spend the night together for the first times. Can we?"

"Yeah, sure. If you're ready, I guess." he knew he certainly was. Before Toki could open the door, Pickles wrapped his arms around him and scooped him up into his arms. Of course the Norwegian was nervous—scared shitless. He'd never really pictured himself as being a very romantic or sexy person, but whenever Pickles kissed him all of his insecurities seemed to melt away.

It was a little awkward at first, but gradually Pickles eased him into it. At first the drummer was a little rough, losing sight of the fact that it was he and Toki's first time. At one point the guitarist actually had to push him away and tell him that there wasn't a rush, that he wouldn't be rushed. He had never seen Pickles like that before; he almost seemed hungry, ready to devour every part of him. The drummer's kisses were longer and hotter, his whole body was tense, but somehow me managed to transfer all of these things into a slow, sweet loving urge. He became gentle, his touch became something of a welcomed whisper of feeling.

Never before had Toki been treated that wonderfully.



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