hey everyone its miranda i am new to fanficiton and i love the show no ordinary family here is the first chapter of my story enjoy. p.s... there will be more but comment and tell me what you think.3

"jj what is going on with you"? Daphne asks trying to read the mind of her little brother "nothing and stop reading my mind its annoying" "well I wouldn't have to if you just tell me what's

going on before I have to tell mom and dad". Jj quickly tries to think of a way to tell Daphne that he finally got his power of a genius" okay so…." Daphne eyes bug out trying not to laugh but
also trying not to worry because there mom still hasn't figured out what was happing with us. "damn it" Daphne blurts out "what" jj with a worried face " now that you have this power I

can't call you a dumb ass anymore" "Daphne please don't tell mom and dad" "why wait let me read your mind I need to get used to this power…. Ugh fine but I'm still calling you a dumb ass.

Stephanie was lying in bed thinking about what her day was going to be like while looking over to see that her husband Jim wasn't lying next to her. About to drift off back to sleep she

hears a scream"AH MOM COME QUICK ITS DAPHNE"! Stephanie jumps out of bed and runs {using her power} to jj's room "OMG WHAT HAPPENED" seeing her daughter on the floor passed

out "jj call 911 and grab my purse" jj runs out of the room and Stephanie grabs daphines head to support it.

At the hospital Jim and jj are sitting in the waiting room while Stephanie is in the ER with Daphne to make sure that she is okay "Daphne what did you feel like before you passed out" the

doctor says looking into her eyes with his pen-light "I don't really know all I saw was jj talking then all of a sudden I felt like I was falling asleep" Stephanie holding her hand while having a

sad and motherly look in her eyes. "Okay well we want to keep you over night just to be sure nothing else will happen" "thank you doctor" Stephanie says