Hey everyone so I never thought I would make it to chapter 10 but I did and it feels great. Hope you all like this chapter enjoy!

"Hey Daphne you made it" Megan said as she gave Daphne a hug, with one drink in each hand "here you go" Meghan says as she hands Daphne an alcoholic drink. Daphne walks over to the open couch, "hey Daphne" Chris says as he sits down next to her. "Um hey Chris how are you" Daphne said as she gulps down the last of her drink. "Ugh good, do you want a refill"? Daphne nods and Chris goes to refill it. He ends up getting three drinks into her and by then it was already 3am and Daphne had no control over her body everything was spinning and she thought she was going to throw up. Everyone has already left she was the only one there, scared and drunk she starts walk more like wobbling home. Daphne takes out her cell phone and begins to call the house.

Stephanie and JJ where sound asleep until…. Ring ring.."Hello, who is this?" Stephanie says with an irritated voice. "Oh hi mommy it's Daphne" Daphne says as she giggles, "DAPHNE WHERE ARE YOU?" Stephanie says in a worried and scared voice. "Relax I'm on my way home from a party it was so much fun oh and ha-ha I had a little to drink but don't worry I am not driving" Stephanie jumps out of bed and runs{using power} outside and found Daphne about 10min away from the house. "Daphne Powell what were you thinking?" As Stephanie begins to scold her Daphne begins to turn green. "Oh um sweetie turn around" and by that Daphne throws up all over the neighbors front lawn.

The next morning Stephanie gets out of bed a little earlier to check on Daphne, who was not so sound asleep, she was actually on the bathroom floor. Stephanie couldn't help but laugh remembering the days where she would be in Daphne's shoes and her mother would be in hers. "Daphne wake up". Daphne slowly opens her eyes "what time is…" Before she could finish her sentence she moved to the toilet to throw up. Stephanie used one hand to hold Daphne's hair back and the other hand to rub her back.