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Chapter 1

Sometimes I really hate that woman! But sometimes, I can't help but to admire her bravery. That woman is a challenge which is what I like. I'll take on any challenge that doesn't degrade me. I have too much dignity for any of those stupid dares like wearing a dress in public. That woman, Bulma, though is really something. She holds up a nice argument but, at the same time, she still obeys me. I can't complain.

The only thing I could complain about was how she always wants to talk about feelings. She's always thinking she's fat, and she always wants me to turn off the TV so she can talk about her day. It's so annoying. At least during the day. But then there was that one night. It was full of indescribable passion!

Our relationship didn't progress since then. Lately, she's been very sick. That woman keeps on hogging the bathroom just to vomit. It's disgusting. Then her mother's always with her, taking care of her like she's some kind of weakling. Then again she was at that state.

"Vegeta." Bulma called me into the kitchen one evening after fixing herself some coffee. I had just finished training in the Gravity Room and was not in the mood to talk about her feelings. She was standing behind the counter looking fragile and lost. I've noticed that she lost weight by looking at her wrists and cheekbones. They added on to the pathetic look on her face. I can see that bad new coming like a hurricane!

"This better be about dinner." I told her. It was already six o'clock and she hasn't even begun cooking. How annoying.

"No, I need to tell you something important." I sighed at the annoying situation but I sat at the table and nodded for her to continue. I might as well get it over with. Before speaking, she took a deep breath. "I'm pregnant" She drummed her fingers on a mug of coffee before adding "with your child."

"Pregnant?" I spat like it was a piece of rotten fruit. "Are you sure it's mine?"

"Yes. Remember that night?"

"That one night?" That one night can do so much!

"Yes. Our first and last night."

"You're pregnant? With my son?" The thought was very…interesting. Me with a son? I can't imagine holding a child. Who am I kidding? I don't have to hold him! That's the woman's job! Finally, I have someone to train and to take on the Saiyan heritage even if he is only half.

"Or daughter." She nonchalantly sipped her coffee.

"What?" I practically, if not, yelled.

"You see, there's a possibility that this baby can be a boy or a girl, Vegeta. I don't know how you Saiyans do it, but that's how it is on Earth."

Me, the prince of all Saiyans, have a girl? That can't be! "No, that's absurd! There's no way!"

"What's wrong with having a girl?" Is she serious?

"For one thing, girls cry too much about everything, they won't stop talking, they can't handle anything!"

"That's not true, Vegeta." She protested. "I handle you pretty easily."

"Well, I'm young and I want a boy!" I yelled, getting out of my chair.

"Oh please, you're 32!"

"And that's not young?"

"Look, Vegeta, you wanting to have a boy isn't going to make those chances even higher!"

That woman thinks she's so smart. Well she's not! "The point is that I need a son to train with and to carry on as the family protector. I can't do that with a daughter and you know it."

"Well," Her voice was lower and calmer as she slowly started walking closer to me. She's trying to scare me, but it isn't working. "If it is a girl, and I hope it is, you won't be able to do anything about it!" She yelled at the last part and stomped off.

I would've yelled back, but it was pointless. I decided to answer the door when the bell rang instead. It was Kakkarot just standing there like the idiot he is. I wanted to slam the door in his face, but he stepped right in. "Hi, Vegeta!" He greeted in a louder voice than what I'm used to.

"Kakkarot, get out of here." I tried to push him out, but he maneuvered around me.

"I came to give Bulma something. Chi Chi didn't tell me what it is but I think it's important."

"She's in the back room." I told him. The sooner he's out of my face the better!

"Are you okay? You seem more agitated than normal." How on this planet would he know that? I always treat Kakkarot like this. I don't see what makes today even different. "It's probably because of Bulma's big news. You don't want a kid, do you?"

"That's none of your business, Kakkarot. Now get out!" I pointed a finger to the door and watched Kakkarot to see if he would leave. Like the pest he is, he didn't.

"Come on, you could tell me!" I simply stood there, not moving a muscle, like a statue. "Do you think it'll be a boy" he hesitated before saying "or a girl?" Just the thought of it made me cringe. "So you want a boy?" He plainly asked.

"Yes, didn't you?"

"Well, I would've been happy with whatever." He closed the door and sat down on the couch. "If you want a boy so badly, why don't you just tell Bulma?"

I slapped my forehead because of his stupidity. "It doesn't work that way, Kakkarot."

"Oh, is there anything you can do?"

I'm the prince of all Saiyans. I should be able to do anything about everything! Why can't this be one of them? "Of course not." I answered bluntly. I'm afraid that if I added a sarcastic remark, his brain would explode. His abnormally small peanut-sized brain.

"Well, I guess there isn't anything you could do." He chuckled a little.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Oh, just the thought of you having a girl. I mean, you can't just grab all the dragon balls from all around the world, bring them back here, summon the dragon, and wish for a boy without Bulma finding out!" He exploded with laughed. "That's crazy!"

For the first time ever, Kakkarot has finally come up with a plan. And it was a good one! "Kakkarot, that's it! That's what I need to do!" I sprang up. "I can get all the dragon balls in no time!"

"Yeah! And I'll help."

"No!" I yelled. "You're staying here!"

"Oh, come on, please?"

I sighed. He's not going to make this easy unless I said yes. "Forget it!"


Kakkarot isn't completely useless. Maybe he'll come in handy when something boring happens. "Fine. But you do as I say."


And in less than three seconds, I began to regret that last decision. I have to remember what I'm doing this for. I'm doing this for a son. But would it be worth it if I brought…him…along? He's my son! Of course it will!

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