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Yue sighed happily and decided to allow himself the luxury of a tiny smile as the cool breeze brushed against his feathers, snapping the flames to new heights. Really, a good flight was doing quite well in the relaxation department. Deciding for once to give in to the little voice of his phoenix side (A/N: Darn you, Dark Moon. STOP GIVING AWAY EVERYTHING!), he suddenly twisted into feats of aerial acrobatics that would make the most agile gymnast, swimmer, etc, turn bright green with envy. He was so absorbed in giving his wings a good workout that he didn't feel the approach of a very familiar girl with a pink aura.


Sakura had been just relaxing, and doing a bit of thermal hopping with the last remaining heat rising from the concrete below, when she noticed what looked like a star trying to catch its own tail. After a quick debate with herself, she spilled air from her wings, and started a shallow glide in the direction of the white, dancing dot. After all, curiosity killed the cat, not the dragon.

Once she got closer, Sakura was able to discern a very familiar white aura. Yue? But why would he be out here at this time of night? Better yet, why would he be out here at this time of night doing acrobatics?

Slowly drifting closer, Sakura examined Yue with eyes developed over thousands of generations to scout the horizon for prey. And the Card Mistress was very surprised at the thoughts drifting through her mind.

Who knew Yue could be so cute… Cute? Yue's not cute… Yeah, you're right, he's downright handsome. Aww, shut up, brain. Make me. Don't make me use Erase to get rid of you. You'll just wipe your entire mind. Shut up. No. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. I can't believe you were chasing after Syaoran all that time. Hey! He was sweet! He dumped you because of your dragon heritage. Shut up. Anyways, now Yue… there's a man! And he doesn't think of me as ugly. How can you tell. Dragon Intuition. Dragons don't have intuitions. All right, woman's intuition, then. Are you ever going to leave me alone? No. Now, where was I… oh yeah. Those arms… that chest… those wings… that tail… (Same time) wait… TAIL?????

Sakura made a startled "eep", which made Yue, in turn, whirl about, looking for the source of the danger. Seeing only his Mistress, he relaxed for a second, before tensing up again as he remembered just what form he was in.

They both just hovered there, at a loss for words, when the silence was broken quite nicely by the crash of thunder overhead. In unspoken agreement, they made a beeline for Sakura's house.


Touya grinned in satisfaction as he finished locking every window and door in the house. He whipped out a walkie-talkie, pressed the talk button, and said into it, commando style, "S.A., Kinomoto perimeter is secure, how is your mission proceeding? Over."

Kero's voice blared from the speaker in reply. "Yukito's house is locked up tight, Touya. There's no way they're getting inside."

Excellent… Touya thought, al la Mr. Burns style. They'll just have to work together to find a place to stay that's out of the rain, and that's bound to get them together!!!


Sakura groaned and slumped against the final window of her house. Not one was open…

Yue chose that moment to show up, looking extremely mad.

"Lemme guess. Yukito's house is locked up tight, too?"


Sakura sighed. "Things can't get any worse."

That was when the Irony Gods decided to step in. With a loud crash of thunder, torrents rained down upon the unprotected pair.

Pulling a piece of soaked hair out of his eyes, Yue sighed. "Mistress, I must advise you. Never say things can't get any worse. Because they always will."


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