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"Do not pity the poor man for he has other means for survival."

- Quote by Dark Promise




Chapter 4: In The Belly Of The Beast

"You've wasted your time," Sakura retracted her hand and gazed at the blindfold with sincerity, "that doesn't work on me anymore."

He was silent for a moment before his voice became low. "I'm sure that Senju woman would love to know how you've been consorting with me."

Sakura tensed. "What do you mean?"

"That handjob was quite… nice." An arrogant smirk planted plainly on his face.

"H-how? You couldn't have possibly…" Sakura stuttered and trembled.

"I've never thought of you as dumb, but you never were one to listen to Kakashi."

A flash of memory crossed her mind then.

"The poisoned kunai Shizune taught you to make won't work on Sasuke, Orochimaru would have made sure he was immune to it."

"So… you…?"

"Faked it? Hn."

The once soft emerald green eyes sharpened to a glare. How could he overcome the sedative? She made it herself, it should have been flawless.

"If this… indiscretion leaked out it would be devastation for you wouldn't it? To know that the Hokage's prized student and top kunoichi in Konoha could not control herself and gave into her own desires. The Hokages and council members would see you unfit to continue my case…." A malicious smile and a pause before, "you would lose your status as a as a respected kunoichi in the village to become a simple woman who will then be called by one name… slut."

Tears threatened to break free, "You wouldn't be that cruel." He would be.

An odd chill settled into the room. The rickety chair dug into her back.

"If you do my every whim… I'll let you go free." He coaxed softly.

She swallowed. Sakura was definitely torn with the choice: to either stand up and tell him to go fuck himself and walk away and risk the incident going public and ruining her career and self image entirely or submit to him. Any hardened shinobi would opt for the first choice but for a woman of her status taking that risk would be too costly. In the end, she had no choice. Gazing down at her clenched fists in her lap, she trembled. Long silk pink bangs shielded her eyes.

"Okay…" She whispered.

Self satisfied he leaned back in the chair, cocking his head to the side. Even though he couldn't see past it she still felt bare before him.

"Come tomorrow evening… alone…"

"How can I? The ANBU and Hokage herself only has the key."

They were still whispering to each other.

"Find a way." His tone held no emotion to them.

Bottom lip quivering she stood and turned away.

ANBU opened the doors as Sakura rushed past.





Sakura crept closer to the sleeping woman. A dangerous sleeping woman.

The key was kept in a safe box located in one of the desk drawers.

Getting on her knees, she crawled around the desk and quietly opened the small wooden door. Tsunade who had been slumped over sleeping on multiple scrolls and papers, shifted. The pink haired kunoichi stilled and held her breath. A soft snore told Sakura that her master was still sleeping. Letting out a shaky sigh she remembered the combo to the lock. She was rewarded by a faint click and the giving way of the wood divider. A cold black key laid upon some old parchment. Eyeing the key with victory she gently plucked it from its resting place and deposited it in her bra. Turning, she crawled the whole way to the door. She didn't use the window for fear a breeze would come in and wake the sleeping Hokage. Her student only relaxed as the door to the Hokage office closed without a sound.

Bypassing the guard who was looking at porn magazines again, she arrived with haste.

Almost breathless, she didn't look up as she unlocked the cell and swung it open.

"Sasu-!" Spinning red sharingan pierced her soul and as if a great weight bared down upon her, she collapsed onto the ground; knees slamming against cold concrete.

Opening her eyes, she saw darkness all around her except for the place she was laying. A beam of light shone down from high above. It didn't give off any warmth, only light piercing through the darkness.

And she was naked. Squealing she covered herself, green eyes search around for any signs of life.

"What do we have here?" A voice sounded in the dark.

Ears perked, her head swiveled to where she heard the familiar tone.

"Aah, It's Sakura." Another voice... but the same voice? What was going on?

Forms emerged.

She gasped.

Seven Sasuke's surrounded her and they were naked as well.

Blushing, she adverted her eyes to the ground.

One male came close and balanced on his haunches. It gave her an unimposing view of his assets. Not that she's already seen them before.

With his index finger he lifted her chin up, making her lock eyes with his.

"I'm surprised he put you here... for the time being anyway."

"W-where am I? What is this place?" Sakura's tone was of wonder and fear.

"You are in the belly of the beast," The male smiled which caused her heart to skip a beat. Sasuke never smiled.

It took a few moments for Sakura's brain to register. She was in Sasuke's mind.

"I'm sure you've heard of the seven deadly sins?" With a nod, the male gestured to those around him. What she hadn't noticed before is that while they appeared to be Sasuke, there were little differences. The way the hair laid (one had an entire eye covered, another with flame-like appearance), the color of their eyes, the stances and personalities. One wore a frown or a look of indifference while another had an almost manic smile.

"Which are you?" She decided to speak up.

His member, once flaccid sprang to a wondrous size.

"Seven guesses who..." He half-heartedly joked with a smirk.


Sweat instantly beading on her brow she sat up and curled into a ball.

"The others?"

Lust paused for a moment, unhappy that Sakura subtly rejected him.

"I'll tell you if I can touch you." Bartering. Somehow the Uchiha was good at that.

Sakura frowned, "How long will I be here?"

"As long as he wants you here."

"Who is he?"

"Our master, the real one."

Relaxing her arms, she let them fall away and presented her soft breasts to him.

Not wasting a moment he dropped onto the ground behind her and cupped the soft round globes. There was a perceptible moan coming from the woman. Lust smirked as he felt her nipples pebble instantly in the palm of his hands. Dipping his head he laid full well placed kisses on the ridge of her shoulder. She shuddered in pleasure as he hit the apex of her neck, knowing it was an erogenous zone. Licking and nipping her earlobe playfully, Lust decided to go ahead and tell Sakura more.

"That one there," He gestured with his chin, "is Gluttony."

Curious, she watched as Gluttony inhaled blue balls of light that kept appearing out of the blackness around them.

"What is he eating?"

"Power. He eats so much it causes our master to have an unquenchable thirst for it as you know."

One of his muscular hands splayed across her stomach, causing her skin to twitch in small sparks of excitement.

Eye lids at half mass, she tilted her head back to rest against Lust's shoulder. He chuckled, "I'm not done yet."

Emerald pools drifted to another Sasuke, but this one was grabbing the blue orbs of light and trying to herd them into one place. If Gluttony got too close to the orbs the other male collected, hisses and pure malleable malice would ooze from its pores.

"That's Greed. Gluttony likes to eat power while he likes to collect it. Store it. Use it." His fingers played with the coarse pink curls between her thighs.

Instead of clamping her legs tight, she spread them, allowing Lust to rub his digits against her slick heat. His touches, words, and body had a strong effect over her more primal and sexual side. That was obvious. Fighting the sexual urges enough to stay coherent, Sakura turned her head at the next one.

This Sasuke looked down at her with no emotion. Indifference. While many would think Sloth would be a heavy, lazy figure it still retained it's original form.

"That's Sloth."

While eyeing the stoic male, she heard sounds coming from the darkness. Squinting, she saw a body hidden in shadow. It could be considered a pitable creature, considering it was in a fetal position and the voices coming from it made her very sad.

"No... it's all my fault" A voice sobbed. Broken.

"It's hopeless... all you can do is give up." Another voice sounded listless.

Gaping in horror this Sasuke had to heads. It appeared sickly with gray skin with dirty smudges marring it's features while the two heads were disfigured.

"The twins... Acedia and Despair. They are not apart of the original sins, but they came to be here over time."

She wanted to reach out to the one hiding in the darkness to the point her heart ached.

The next Sasuke frightened her. It was the one with the manic smile. He was held back by an invisible force, but it was obvious what he was after.

"Can I kill her? I want to see her blood," Onyx eyes widened, "pretty blood... lovely bones." The male roared in anger when he couldn't get close.

"It's quite obvious what he is," Lust whispered in her ear.

"Wrath." She whispered back, eyes never straying from the most lethal part of Sasuke.

A tear trekked down her face. This is what the council made Sasuke, a person so torn you can't glue back the pieces because they simply don't fit anymore.

Lust distracted the pink haired kunoichi by slipping his digits into her tight heat and hissing in pleasure as the walls clenched around him.

"Tight..." His cock ached for release.

"I don't want to know anymore..." She could feel the throbbing erection against her back.

"There are two more..."

The last two faced off with each other. Pride and Envy.

"Naruto is better than me..." Envy admitted.

"The idiot will never be better than me!" Pride shouted back, "I am of the Uchiha clan! The strongest warrior clan!"

"Will you give yourself to me now?" Lust smirked against her pale skin while Sakura was lost in thought.

This man was just too broken to be fixed.

End Chapter.

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