They all saw her differently

She was like a ray of sunlight; she looked different to every person that she met, and looked different at every different moment she was with them.

Leena looked at her and saw confusion. The girl was so strong and sure of herself in appearance, but Leena could sense an aura of unsure around her. Every decision she made was difficult for her. She had lost so much and was so lonely; Leena longed for her to have an experience of joy for once in her life.

Mrs. Frederic saw an unstable teenager who was forced into an adults job. Any other nineteen year old would be at college partying, not hacking into mainframe's of FBI networks and training to be a secret service agent. Mrs. Frederic could still see the girl's face when she had been told that her future had but one path; the Warehouse's path. Mrs. Frederic remembered the girl's face when she was accused of betraying the Warehouse. The Warehouse was her home now, and the other agent's her family. Besides the Warehouse, she had one thing, that thing being her brother, who was on the other side of the world.

Myka looked at her and saw traces of herself. The stubbornness, ambition, and fear of failing was just what she had remembered feeling her whole life. But with all of the pain in the girl's life, the heart ache seemed worse in her. At the same time, however, Myka felt constantly as though Claudia was an untapped gem mine. Myka wanted to know who she was, wanted to know about her past, rather than be forced to stand outside of the walls and guess what was going on within.

Pete looked at her and saw his little sister. He saw a girl who needed people in her life, but was to scared to ask. He remembered the times where he saw her cry. He could count all of these times on one hand. When she cried, it was like looking at a totally different person. She wasn't the same sarcastic, witty, tech girl with a punk rock attitude; she was the scared little girl who had lost so many different people in her life. She had told him about the abusive foster homes, the years of loneliness and searching. Though she would never admit it, she needed people around her. She needed the help that she was too stubborn to accept.

Artie saw so many things when he looked at her. She was his partner, his apprentice, his pain, and most of all, his daughter. He shuddered at the thought of being a father figure, or at least that's what he said, but in actuality he loves her above what she could even imagine. She gave him hope, brought him down from his cloud and back to reality. When she asked him if she had any independence, it broke his heart because he had to lie to her. She honestly didn't have a choice, the Warehouse had already chosen her path. Artie wanted nothing more for her to be free and be able to experience life as a normal teenage girl. She was so smart, but so closed in, unwilling to let any sign of emotion or vulnerability break through the hard shell that she had worked so hard to create. He wanted her to be happy.

She saw none of this, for she didn't see herself as a person worth worrying about. She thought that she was the problem in Warehouse 13; she felt like she didn't belong anywhere. But at the same time, she felt like she belonged at the Warehouse, where she could be crazy and quirky and not be judged. She loved her family, she loved her job, and even though she would never be able to forget her past, she loved being Claudia Donovan.