After getting over their shock, Dan had only one thing to say.

"I want one." He said with his eyes lit up in enthusiasm.

"What?" Harry said flabbergasted. When he had made the light sabers he had designed them to work with wizards and witches, not muggles. He wasn't even sure it was possible.

"Mr. Granger, I'm not sure that it's possible for you to" he never got to finish that sentence as Mr. Granger interrupted him.

"Posh, I've seen the movies a hundred times and I know how they work, plus they would be useful against wizards who think we're helpless."

Hermione turned to Harry. "Is there anything in the design that would make it impossible for a muggle to use?"

Harry frowned. "Not the design per say, but there are two problems. One, they can't swear a magical oath to get access to the Holocron, and two, even if they built them, they would be unable to use body magic or Padeomency to enhance themselves."

"What's the problem with that?" asked Mrs. Granger.

"And what is Padeomency? Or body magic? Or" Mr. Granger stopped when his wife put a hand on his shoulder.

"Let them speak dear."

Harry then preceded to explain how the blade itself used ambient magic to power itself, but that to use it fully the wielder had to use Padeomency, and Body magic, neither of which a muggle could use.

Regardless of that fact, Dan was determined to get a light saber "Even if I can't use it as well as you guys, at least we won't be helpless if trouble comes calling."

Harry and Hermione shared a sigh; this was going to be a long summer.


It took nearly a month for the Grangers to build their light sabers, even with Harry and Hermione's help. Without access to the Holocron (they couldn't swear a binding oath) they had to learn everything directly from Harry and Hermione, who were only able to teach them some of what they needed to know. They had to find other information, like the final design, on their own.

As an added problem, it took them far longer to actually build the weapons than it did Harry and Hermione. Quite simply, they were unused to drawing runes, and hand to practice until they were perfect.

As the adult Grangers practiced rune drawing, Harry and Hermione practiced Padeomency and other "Jedi" arts.

Eventually they decided to give a little demonstration of what they, and the blades could do.


Harry and Hermione walked out into the backyard of the Granger house. The adults were waiting there already. Since the backyard was surrounded by a hedge, they weren't worried about others seeing the sparing match that was about to happen.

First, both Harry and Hermione turned their containment fields to maximum power, so that only a slight amount of heat could bleed through. This was so that they didn't accidentally kill one another during their spar. The worst that might happen is a simple burn score, which would heal in a matter of days. Painful, yes, but better than being sliced in half because they were careless.

Then, they bowed to one another, and ignited their respective blades. Hermione's blade was azure blue, while Harry's was a bright green.

The adult Grangers watched in awe as the fight began.

Harry started by charging towards Hermione. As he got closer Hermione prepared to block him, and he flipped right over her as he brought his blade down.

This surprised Hermione, who barely got her blade up in time to block the overhead strike.

As Harry landed right next to her, Hermione was off balance and in the midst of turning to face him. Harry in turn took advantage of her surprise to launch a series of rapid slashes at her abdomen. Luckily for Hermione, Harry lost his footing for a moment on the dew filled grass, giving Hermione a chance to recover.

Hermione twisted and blocked the strikes, retreating rapidly. Harry advanced just as quickly, striking over his head in two directions. While this left him open to most attacks, the blur of green light was keeping Hermione's blue blade up near her face, blocking the strikes from two directions.

Realizing that she was in a bad position, Hermione ducked one of Harry's swings, and twisted her blade around hers, forcing them both to the ground. Harry responded with a leap that disengaged their blades and carried him a few feet from Hermione's blade.

The two of them settled into a circle, pacing around it, and then engaging in a series of rapid moves before disengaging and moving back into the circle.

Finally, after nearly five minutes of this, Harry went on an all out attack.

The two Jedi's blades flashed in blurs as Hermione was forced back. While she had the skill, she didn't have the same killer instinct that Harry was imbued with, the same instinct that let him kill a basilisk at twelve years of age.

Because of this, Hermione decided that a traditional sparing technique was not going to let her win against Harry, so she tried something new.

A lightning fast block by her blade, and Hermione jumped. Harry, not expecting that, pushed forward, right underneath her. In a similar move to what Harry used at the beginning of the sparing match. Hermione landed right behind him, already facing him and attacking. Harry barely got his blade up, and was forced to rapidly give ground to recover from Hermione's assault.

The major difference here however, was that Harry had less room to retreat. Hermione had maneuvered him so that he was forced into the wall of the house.

As soon as his back hit the wall, Harry knew he was in trouble.

Hermione knew it to, and pressed her attack with renewed ferocity.

Harry struggled to block the rain of blows coming at his from all sides, but the wall behind him stopped him from bringing his blade behind him to counter fast strikes from Hermione. A few more seconds, and Hermione would win. Harry refused to be beaten however. With an unexpected swing, he pinned both blades to the ground. Only for a second, but that was all he needed. He jumped, and pushed himself off from the wall, flying almost fully horizontal; he hit Hermione before she had a chance to react, sending both of them tumbling across the yard with their blades left behind.

When they stopped struggling, Hermione's parents started clapping and Dan had a wide grin.

"If you two can do that already, I think that by the time you're done you'll be better than the real Jedi!"

Harry and Hermione blushed, got up, and summoned their blades back to their hands.


Dumbledore was a rather unhappy man. Prior to the tournament debacle, he could have called himself an unhappy Leader of the Light, or an unhappy Chief Warlock of the Wizemgot, or even an unhappy Supreme Mugwump, but now, he was simply an unhappy man.

He had lost the title of Supreme Mugwump thanks to Madame Maxime and Karkoroff, and he had lost the title of Chief Warlock thanks to Fudge making public the fact that he opposed the pardoning of Sirius Black.

He had tried to delay the pardon, or even just simply declare Black an unfit guardian, but Fudge, curse him, had made those statements public.

Dumbledore cursed again. When he tried convincing Fudge to delay Black's pardon a few weeks ago (so that he could ensure the blood wards around Privet Drive were fully recharged), Fudge had turned on him in an instant. The statements he had made were leaked to the press, and the Prophet had an absolute field day.

Head of the Courts to Deny Lord Black Justice!

Headlines like that all but ruined him. In fact, when he tried reorganizing the Order of the Phoenix, only a few people like Mundungus Fletcher and Hestia Jones responded to his call.

What was worse, the house he had been intending to use for Headquarters was under Black's control, and Black was not too happy about Dumbledore trying to keep him away from Harry and on the run.

The upshot of it all, was that Dumbledore had few supporters remaining (even Moody would not come near him on the chance that he would betray his own people, Dumbledore had forgotten that Black was once a member of the Order) and the only position he had left was that of Headmaster.

Considering the fact that the board of governors was only one vote shy of firing him made that position tenuous at best.

Dumbledore cursed Harry Potter, for he was the reason for all of this. If he had just gone along and helped Voldemort rise back to power, none of this would have happened. Voldemort needed a physical body before he could be killed for good, and the Tournament had been the perfect way to do it without any suspicion falling on him.

The added bonus of Voldemort killing one of his own Horcruxes would have been good to, but even that had failed.

No, Dumbledore was not in a very good position at this time.


So I'm back, and I would like to thank all of people who have reviewed this story and given me ideas.

Apparently Padeomency is actually a real discipline that involves reading the lines on feet. For the sake of my sanity and my plot I am choosing to ignore this information.

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on killing my main characters, when the story moves forward a bit some of those things will come into play.

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