Clare's POV:

Lying in Eli's arms, I couldn't be happier. We had been married for two years now, and we didn't love each other any less. Sure, we had our fights, but all couples do. But we always made up, and that was always…..steamy. (If you know what I mean) But Eli was doing very well as a writer for the newspaper, while I was an assistant at a law firm. But anyway, the marriage only made our relationship better. But I couldn't shake the feeling of wanting a family.

"Eli? Are you awake?" I whispered, as I poked his chest.

"Baby is you okay?" Eli asked, sleepily.

"How do you feel about having kids?" I asked, I had to admit, I was slightly nervous. I knew Eli wanted kids, but I wasn't sure if he wanted them so soon.

"Well this is an odd time to have this conversation. But I guess now is as good as ever. You know I want kid's baby. Whenever you're ready, I'm game" Eli tells me.

My eyes widen at his positivity towards the subject, "Really?"

Eli chuckled and kissed my hair, "Yeah, I know you want a family, and I wouldn't mind having a few little Eli's or little Clare's or both running around."

I smiled huge at my amazing husband, "Well are we able to have kids?"

Eli looked a little confused, "Well I know I can, why did a doctor tell you something I don't know about?"

Oh crap, I could see how that could be misinterpreted, "No I mean like finationally, do we have the money to raise a kid?"

Eli looked relived, "Of course, I have been saving up for us Clare. I told you when we got married I would take good care of us."

I smiled, "Okay, just making sure."

"Hey Clare, not that I mind at all, but why the sudden need for kids?" Eli asked.

"Well it's gonna be thanksgiving in a few days, and I know we are going to be spending it with your family, but since mine sorta fell apart. I was hoping next year we would have a little family of our own." I admit.

Eli looked saddened, "Clare I'm sorry, I didn't think about your parent's situation. But if you really truly want kids, and you're ready, I would love a family of our own."

I gave him a quick kiss on his bare chest, "So does that mean we can have kids, like soon?"

Eli looked down at me, "Baby, we can start trying right now" And before I knew it, Eli was on top of me, both of us giggling like mad.

"I love you Eli" I say, before he gets ready to enter me.

"I love you to, my beautiful Clare," He kissed my stomach, "And I love our soon to be little baby too" With that, Eli and I made love.