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(A few months later)

Clare's POV:

I woke up to an uncomfortable pain in my side. They babies did kick a lot but they have never kick this hard.

Eli was asleep and I didn't want to wake him so I clutched my belly and got out of bed. I waddled to the couch in the living room and plopped down on the couch coution and groan, "Oh!" That kick really hurt and I wasn't sure what was happening.

As I sat there for a few more minutes before I heard loud footsteps, "Clare?" Eli walked into the room with his messy bed head wearing black boxers. When he saw me clutching my stomach in pain Eli ran to me, "Clare! What's wrong?"

"Oh!" I cried out as I felt another kick.

"Clare breath. Is the baby coming?" Eli asked in pure panic.

I shook my head, "N-No, I have another week."

"I'm taking you to the hospital, just let me go grab the baby bag." Before I could fight him on it, Eli had run to the other room to grab our bag filled with baby cloths and a change of clothes for me and all of the other things a mom needs in the hospital.

"Okay here let me help you up." Eli rushed to my side and I saw the green bag slung over his shoulder. Eli was freshly dressed in sweats and a tee shirt though I was still in pajamas. Eli took my hands and helped get me up from the couch.

"Eli I'm not-"I stopped when I felt a sharp pain, "Oh!"

"Yes, you are." Eli rubbed my back as he got me to Morty and he helped me into the front seat before putting the baby bag in the back and climbing into the driver's seat. Eli drove off towards the hospital as he took my hand and pulled me close to him. These were the times that I was very thankful that Morty did not have seatbelts. There was nothing I needed more than Eli's warmth and comfort right now because my stomach hurt like hell.

I felt a wet liquid between my legs and I saw it soak through my pajamas, "Eli my water just OH!" I felt the sharp pain again. I guess this wasn't the babies kicking. I was having the babies.

"Clare just hang on for another minute, I'm almost at the hospital…" Eli tried to sooth me but there was no soothing this. It hurt.

"E-Eli!" I squeezed his hand as hard as I could, hoping the pain would go away but it did not.

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Eli's POV:

"My wife is having a baby I need her taken care of NOW." I demanded once we got to the hospital.

The women working there nodded and handed me a clip board, "Fill out these forms and we will call you back in a minute."

Forms! Was she nuts! "No I need a doctor now." I said getting more and more irritated.

"But Sir its regulation-"

I cut her off, "To hell with regulation my wife is in a shit load of pain and she needs a doctor NOW!"

"O-okay." The women stuttered she picked up her phone and muttered a few things in it before saying, "Okay, the doctor is coming and they will take care of your wife but you need to fill out the forms before I can send you back."

I nodded, "Thank you." And I began to fill out the forms.

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Clare's POV:

I looked down at my beautiful daughter as Eli stood close by with my new born son. I wanted Mason to meet his new siblings but Alli had him asleep in her lap in the waiting room.

My new born daughter had my color hair and Eli's green eyes while our new born son had Eli's deep hair color and hazel eyes. They were both just beautiful and I couldn't be happier.

Eli smiled, "Switch? I want to see my daughter."

I handed Eli our baby girl and I took my son. A doctor came in, "Hi, we just needed to know the names for the birth certificates?"

I looked at Eli and we smiled, "Our son will be named Ethan James and our beautiful daughter will be Anna Elizabeth Goldsworthy."

"Beautiful Names." The doctor smiled before walking out and Eli came back over to the bed as we switched babies again.

Eli smiled, "Can you believe we have three beautiful children?"

"It's really been a blessing." I smiled. We had three gorgeous children and a fantastic life. I was truly bless to have such an amazing family and a wonderful husband that adored me I could not help but feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world. I smiled and brought Eli down for a kiss, "It has been a blessing." And then he kissed me.

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