She turned to her and faced her and they exchanged a few words and even more blows, but this was a fight that was meant for the slayer to win and now that slayer was Faith and not the other.

Something that actually didn't make the brunette skip in one leg and spin around like crazy from the bursting happiness inside of her.

The blonde's turning had been a low blow and her current state as an ex-slayer had been unfortunate.

And the blonde's thirst for blood had been unquenchable.

So she knew, as so did the others who had bags under their eyes because of the extensive research and failed spells in wanting to bring back their friend yet again, that this was a moment that could not be avoided nor prolonged and she felt in the back of her neck and stomach that pull she always had from the blonde that she was close and Buffy wanted something to be resolved and that most likely would lead to one of them dead.

So she turned her back to their hopeful and miserable stares and gave them more, if not some, reasons to hate her and despise her but she couldn't turn away from her call and that was the duty of a slayer.

She knew from the moment she approached her that as much as it hurt her, the blonde was now just another vamp. But this vamp in life had made her heart beat a crazy staccato and her blood boil in seconds like no other substance.

She delivered the last punch and killing blow, watching as particles danced under the moonlight.

Like the blonde's ashes had been swept away by the wind, so had been the love and adoration she once had for her, but Faith had long ago given up on that ghost that haunted her in every turn and step she took, making it go away. She stopped chasing it when it only led her to empty places leaving her with only a soul caring for someone significant in her life.

The ashes where gone and from them there wasn't any phoenix that would rise into life again. Because even Buffy Summers was not immortal.

And from this death, she was never going to come back.