"I will miss her advice, her healing, and most of all, her inspiration," Beverly said as she stood before the coffin of her 100-year-old grandmother, Felisa Howard, on the planet of Caldos II.

Caldos II was an early terraform project which had been renovated to exactly recreate Scotland on Earth. Deanna had been to Ireland, but not Scotland, and she was eager to see more of the colony, although, of course, her first priority was to comfort Beverly in her time of loss.

"That was really beautiful," Deanna told Beverly when the eulogy was finished.

"I wonder who the man who threw the camellia on the coffin was," Beverly pondered.

"I didn't notice," said Deanna. "What did he look like?"

"He was in about his mid-thirties, with longish hair."

"I didn't see anyone who looked like that."

"Whoever he was, he must have known that camellias were my grandmother's favorite flower."

"Perhaps he was a friend, or a patient," Deanna suggested.

Deanna accompanied Beverly back to her grandmother's house, where she noticed a picture of Felisa Howard.

"Your grandmother had such incredible green eyes," she commented.

"All the Howard women have had green eyes, except for my mother and myself," Beverly replied.

On the Enterprise the next day, Deanna noticed that Beverly looked surprisingly happy for someone who was in mourning, so much so that she teased her about having a new boyfriend, which Beverly denied.

"However, I did have the most incredible dream last night," Beverly admitted. "I fell asleep reading my grandmother's diary, in which she describes a red-hot affair with a thirty-four-year-old man named Ronin. The next thing I knew, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. He came to me and touched me in all the right places." Beverly's eyes went dreamy as she recalled the encounter.

"Well, perhaps you should read two chapters of your grandmother's diary tonight," Deanna suggested teasingly.

"I saw him last night!" Beverly exclaimed to Deanna the next day. "Ronin! Oh, Deanna, he's like no other man I've ever met! He's so passionate!"

"That's great!" Deanna said with a smile. "You do have to remember, though, that you and Ronin have both just suffered a tremendous loss, and a shared tragedy can sometimes create the illusion of closeness."

"Oh, I'm not really in love with him," Beverly said dismissively.

"Beverly has resigned from Starfleet and chosen to remain on Caldos II as a healer," Jean-Luc told Deanna. "I don't understand this at all. It's completely unlike her."

"It's Ronin." Deanna sighed heavily. "Since meeting him, she's become a completely different person. I tried to tell her that she was rushing into this, but she wouldn't listen."

Later, Deanna was suddenly jolted out of a peaceful sleep by an intense feeling of dread. Beverly's in danger! Quietly, so as not to awaken Will, she crept out of bed and made her way to the transporter room.

Upon beaming down to Caldos II, she saw a sight that nearly made her heart stop. Felisa Howard sat up in her exhumed casket, her eyes glowing a malevolent green. Green bolts shot from them, causing Data and Geordi to fall to the ground unconscious.

"No!" screamed Beverly from somewhere, but the only thing Deanna was really aware of was the pain that suddenly ripped across her abdomen. Oh dear God, please no...please don't let my baby be born in a cemetery...

She felt herself being gently lifted by Will and beamed back aboard the Enterprise.

"Will, the baby...it's coming..." She whispered breathlessly. She felt Will lower her onto a soft but firm surface and realized that she was lying on a biobed in sickbay.


"Beverly's not here," Will said grimly. "We're going to have to do this ourselves."


"Yes." Will embraced her tightly. "We can do it, Imzadi. Everything's going to be all right. I'm here, sweetheart. I'm right here..."

Deanna cried out as another painful contraction seized her. Will gently removed the clothing from the lower half of her body and put her feet up in stirrups.

"I feel like I have to push!" Deanna gasped.

"Go ahead and push," Will encouraged her. "You're doing great, babe."

Several pushes later, Will held their squalling newborn daughter in his hands.

"It's a girl!" he cried joyfully. "We did it, Imzadi!"

"Oh, Will..." Exhausted, Deanna lay back on the biobed as Will cleaned the newborn, wrapped her in a blanket, and lovingly placed her in her mother's arms.

"I was so afraid...something happened in the cemetery...something that really scared me..."

"It's all right," Will said soothingly. "Everything's all right now. It's all over with, and you're just fine."

"Data and Geordi..."

"Listen, sweetheart, Beverly just hailed me and told me to close all the plasma conduits at the weather control stations," Will told his wife. "It'll only take a few minutes, love, and then I'll be right back."

Deanna gazed into her newborn daughter's tiny face and thought how much she resembled Ian at birth. Suddenly she longed for her five-year-old son so badly that tears come to her eyes.

Will seemed to be gone for a very long time, and when he finally returned, Beverly was with him.

"It's all over," Will told Deanna. "Data and Geordi are going to be fine. It turned out that Ronin was an anaphasic life form who used Beverly's grandmother as a host to maintain molecular cohesion. He took over Felisa's body and made her attack Data and Geordi. Then he tried to take control of Beverly's body, and she was forced to vaporize him with the phaser to save herself."

"Beverly!" Deanna embraced her friend tightly. "I'm so glad you're all right! I've been so worried about you!"

The two women embraced for a long time, and then Beverly turned her attention to the baby in Deanna's arms.

"Her name is Kyanna Elizabeth Troi Riker," Deanna told her.

"She's beautiful," Beverly said. "I'm sorry I wasn't here for the delivery."

"That's all right," Deanna said. "Will did an excellent job."

"So did you." Will grinned and hugged his wife. "I love you so much, Imzadi."

"I love you too," Deanna whispered.