What if Lucas and Haley had died the night after the state championship? How would the lives of the people who loved them be five years later?

So the title is My Immortal by Evanescence.

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If you were to enter the Tree Hill cemetery on November 26, 2011, you would see more people than usual. Most of them are fairly young, early twenties, but their faces have aged and their eyes are tired with a lifetime full of pain. The group of people is loosely gathered around three gravestones. One belongs to Keith Scott, who died about six months before the other two people. Right beside Keith's is a grave belonging to Lucas Scott. And the last one belongs to Haley James-Scott.

There are many people at the graves. Some are young, some are old, but they are all pained. Some are crying, some are quietly mourning.

Nathan Scott briefly visited his Uncle Keith's grave. Then he stopped at his big brother Lucas's. He had knelt down and carved a 3, the number of his brother's basketball jersey. He also reminded him that his jersey had gone up in the place of their father's. Now their legacies could hang side by side forever. Lastly he went to his wife's grave. He places a bouquet of purple flowers in front of her grave for her and a small plastic basketball for his son. His son had died before they had a chance to name him. But Nathan had named him James Lucas Scott, what he and Haley had decided they liked at the party and his name had been carved in small letters on the grave stone. Nathan reads the inscription on the grave. It has the usual beloved wife, sister, daughter, friend, and mother and below it has Nathan's wedding vows from their first wedding. He reads them again; they are just, if not more, as true as they were that day on the beach. Someday, this beach might wash away… the oceans may dry… the sun could dim but on that day, I'll still be loving you. Always and forever. I promise you Haley. He tries to speak, he wants to say something, to tell her how much he missed her, but no words would come. He lies down on the ground beside her grave and places his ear towards the Earth hoping that maybe by some miracle he can hear her voice again.

Peyton Sawyer stands in front of Haley's grave. She had begged Haley to come back to them, but she had never woken up, just like Lucas. She puts a picture that she drew on the ground. It's of Haley, Nathan, and Jamie how they would look now. She takes a breath and walks over to Lucas's. Peyton places a picture on the ground. It's one of the many she had drawn of the two of them, this one is during the school shooting. She opens her mouth and begins to speak, "Hey, Luke, it's me. I haven't been doing too good, okay, I'm a mess. I have been since you and Haley left. I just can't believe that it's been five years. Some days are better than others, but most I just want to give up. Brooke is the only person I have left and she's my best friend and I love her, but she's not you. You promised me that you'd never leave me, but you did. And I know it wasn't your fault, but it's you, okay, Lucas? You're the one next to me when all my dreams come true. But the funny thing is that now none of my dreams are going to come true because you're not with me. I still love you Lucas and I always will." After Peyton finished speaking she just stood there sobbing.

"Hey, Tutor Girl, it's me." Brooke Davis says as she stands in front of Haley's grave. "I don't know how much longer I can take care of Peyton and Nathan. They're still destroyed and I just don't think I can do it anymore. I mean I get that Peyton was in love with Lucas and Nathan was in love with you, but I lost you guys too! And I know it's been five years, but it feels like you were here yesterday. And I just… I really miss you Hales. But I need to tell you something. The night of the accident Rachel stole your keys to the cabinet. We were gonna steal the answers to the Calculus test, but I totally didn't after I heard. I just really miss you Haley." She placed her hand on the ground where Haley was buried and then walked towards Peyton. She pulled her sobbing best friend into a hug and the two stood there holding each other because they were pretty much all each other had left in the world.

Karen Roe stood in front of her son Lucas's grave. It was hard for her to believe that it had been five years since she lost him. She looked over to see Lily sitting in front of Keith's grave talking. It hurt her that Lucas and Lily had never known each other. There were no words to describe the pain she felt every second without Lucas. People think that time heals wounds but it doesn't. Not if the people you lost were your son and his best friend, who was like a daughter to you. Andy wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, trying to comfort her, but it didn't work. Every day felt like the moment she had been told that Lucas was never going to wake up.

Skills Taylor stood against a tree. He had never been to Lucas and Haley's graves, he even stood back at the funeral. He couldn't bear it. He had known them most of his life and the thought of them in the ground made his heart break. He couldn't handle seeing at their actual graves. He knew that some people thought that maybe he was being selfish, but the truth was that he wanted to remember them the way they had been, not the way that they were.

Mouth McFadden slowly walked up to Skills. Most of their friends were around the graves, but he couldn't do it. So instead he stood next to Skills and they shared memories of Lucas and Haley.

There are several more people wandering around, but none of them were close enough to Lucas and Haley to stay longer than a few minutes.

Suddenly a large group of people walked in. Nathan realized that they were Haley's family.

Her parents walked in the front. They were followed by Haley's oldest brother, Samuel, who was 15 years older than Haley, so he was about 38. He was walking with his wife Anna and their three daughters Lauren, Bridgette, and Sarah. He was followed by Haley's other brothers who were twins. They were about 13 years older than Haley so they were around 36 by now. William was with his wife, Isabella and their son Tyler. Daniel was with his wife Leslie and their son Patrick and their daughter Elizabeth. Then there was Haley's oldest sister Vivian, who was ten years older than Haley, so she was 33. She was with her husband Ben and their daughter Haley Faith. After her was Taylor, who was 27 and was pretty much as Nathan remembered. And lastly was Quinn, she was 25 and had always been the closest to Haley.

Nathan got up and hugged all of them. He was talking to Quinn when he heard everyone get quiet. He looked up to see Dan walking towards him.

"You're not welcome here." Nathan growled as he walked towards his father.

"Nathan…" Dan said. It wasn't much, but it was enough to get Nathan angry.

"I said you aren't welcome here!" Nathan yelled as he walked over to his father. When Dan didn't step back Nathan punched him in the face.

"Son…" Dan said starting to speak.

"Don't call me son!

"Son…" Dan said starting to speak.

"Don't call me son! You aren't welcome here! You killed Keith! He was your brother! And whether you'll admit or not you killed Lucas and Haley and my son! I'm your son! If you would've just helped me then I wouldn't have had to rely on Daunte! But you didn't and so he killed them! He hit Haley and Lucas didn't take his medication because I was planning on losing the game! They're dead because of you! You're a murderer, so just go back to jail where you belong!" Nathan yelled furiously.

Dan looked at him for a minute and then walked off. When Nathan looked around everyone was staring at him.

"Nate," Peyton said walking towards him.

"You're on his side?" Nathan asked angrily stepping back. "He took them from us! He killed them!" He ran off towards the parking lot as fast as he possibly could.

"Come on," Brooke said grabbing Peyton's arm.

They got in Peyton's car and drove around to look for Nathan. They finally found him sitting at the same table that Haley had first tutored him.

"Hey," Brooke said as they walked towards them.

"This isn't fair. I know that it's been five years, but it still feels like the state championship was yesterday. I don't know how I'm supposed to move on. I can't move on. I'm going to carry that night with me every day for the rest of my life. That night was when my life ended and my living hell began. I tried to move on because I know that that's what Haley would want, it's the kind of person she was, but I just couldn't do it. I didn't even know her two full years, but she changed my life and I just can't live without her anymore. And I know that you guys think you understand, but you don't!"

"Nathan, I loved Lucas! I still do and I was close to Haley! And Brooke dated Lucas and was closer to Haley than me!" Peyton said stepping forward.

"God, Peyton! Do you have any idea how screwed up you and Lucas were? And you had only been with him for a few hours before the accident! And you didn't even talk to Haley after she came back from her tour! And Brooke had broken up with Lucas months ago and she still had you! Neither of you understand my pain! I lost my brother, my wife, and my child! I'm done! I'm done with all of it!" Nathan yelled as he suddenly pulled a gun out of his pocket.

"Nathan! What the hell are you doing? Haley wouldn't want this for you!" Brooke yelled running forward.

"Haley was the best thing that ever happened to me! The best thing! My life was empty before I met her and now it's empty with her gone!" He yelled as he held the gun dangerously close to his temple.

"Nathan! Please don't do this!" Peyton pleaded stepping forward.

"I'm sorry. Always and forever." Nathan said before pulling the trigger.

"NATHAN!" Brooke and Peyton yelled running to his lifeless body. When they got there, Nathan raised his limp hand and shot both of them.

All three of their worlds went black.

Nathan Scott woke up with a jolt. He was in the chapel at the hospital. He could feel tears running down his face. It was all just a dream. "Thank you." He whispered.

Peyton Sawyer woke up with a jolt beside Haley's bed. She realized that it had all been just a dream and felt tears form in her eyes. Suddenly Haley stirred next her, "Nathan! Nathan!" She muttered as she opened her eyes and looked around with an expression of terror on her face.

"Hey," Peyton said smiling at her friend, "I'll go get him." Peyton stood up and walked to the door. She stopped in the doorway.

"Hales?" She said turning.

"Hmm?" Haley asked groggily.

"Thank you for waking up."

Brooke Davis woke up with a jolt in Lucas's room. She realized that it had all been a dream. She felt tears form as she looked at Lucas's still body. "Please wake up, Luke. They can't lose you." She whispered before kissing him on the cheek and leaving the room.

When she closed the door behind her she saw Nathan and Peyton walking towards her. She could tell by their expressions that Haley had woken up.

She wondered if they had all had the same dream or maybe she had been the only one. But she was so glad that it wasn't reality that it didn't really matter.

They were all going to be okay.