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"Okay, Jordan, Sawyer, Grace, and Bridgette are set up with their dolls and The Little Mermaid." Peyton said as she walked back into Haley's kitchen. They had all planned to meet and it had been discovered that the elementary school had flooded overnight after a pipe burst, so all of the elementary school age girls were there with them.

"I just dropped Mark off at Sam's for the day." Nathan said as he walked in through the garage door.

"Okay," Brooke said as she continued to eat the popcorn that Haley had set out on the table. None of the rest of them were hungry, but they had all learned that when Brooke was pregnant and stressed she ate a lot. She was more stressed because of the fact that Julian hadn't been able to come with her.

"So, any ideas about what these dreams mean?" Peyton asked after they were all at the table and had spent several minutes avoiding the subject.

"It could just be nothing." Haley said as she made shapes with some sugar that had been spilled on the table.

"Hales, you died in the dream. We need to be SURE that it's nothing." Nathan said taking her hand in his.

"Okay, but how are we supposed to make sure? It's not like dreams are an exact science." Haley said looking up at him.

"Well, let's go over the dreams again." Peyton said trying to make sense of it in her own head.

"What's there to go over? They die and you and Nathan become total messes and then he shoots us." Brooke said before popping a piece of popcorn in her mouth.

"Thanks, Captain Obvious." Peyton said with a smirk.

"Your idea." Brooke replied with a grin.

"I meant seriously like details and stuff." Peyton said.

"What? I'm not serious enough? I know how bad this is, Peyton!" Brooke yelled defensively.

"Brooke, I didn't say that!" Peyton yelled back looking across the table at her best friend.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! You guys this isn't getting us anywhere! We don't know what these dreams mean and it's scary, but we can't turn each other!" Lucas said looking at the two women.

"I'm sorry P. Sawyer. Luke's right; we need to stick together. You know why I'm so scared? It's the not knowing and the last time I was this terrified just because I didn't know what was going to happen was the shooting. I was in the gym and everyone in there knew me, but I didn't know a single one of them. And I was so scared because everyone I cared about was inside. You, Lucas, Haley, Nathan, Mouth, Skills, and Rachel. And even though I wasn't in the room with Jimmy Edwards or shot in the leg, I was scared! And you guys had each other, but I was all alone. I can't be alone again." Brooke said as she began to cry.

"You won't be." Haley said smiling as she took one of Brooke's hands and Peyton took the other. "None of us will be alone."

"What are we going to do? I mean, these dreams could mean nothing or they could mean something really, really bad. What are we going to do? Just wait?" Nathan said looking around the table.

They all exchanged silent glances knowing that there was nothing more to do.

The silence was broken when Lucas's phone began to ring.

"Hey Skills," Lucas said answering after glancing at the caller ID. "Having some trouble with the JV boys?" He asked laughing. After Lucas came back they had begun to coach the Ravens again. The part school year they started making practices class periods. Skills handled the JV, or ninth grade, boys in the morning then Lucas and Nathan came in the afternoon to help with the Varsity.

"HE WHAT?" Lucas asked as his face became stricken with panic. He quickly stood up and then spoke again. "We'll be right there." He then hung up and looked at them.

"Luke, what's wrong?" Peyton asked as she stood up behind her husband and gently rubbed his back.

"There's a shooter at the school. The guys were leaving the field house and a lot of students were running towards it and screaming and they couldn't figure what was going on and then one of Jamie's friends ran over and said something about a shooter and she saw their friend Madison get shot and Jamie freaked and ran towards the school. Skills tried to stop him and tried to follow him after he slipped inside, but the security guard wouldn't let him go after him." Lucas said.

"My baby is in the same school with a shooter?" Haley asked in shock as she stood up.

"Who's the little son of a bitch? I swear to God, if he even points that gun at Jamie, I'll kill him." Nathan said as angry tears began to form.

"Chuck," Lucas said softly.

"Chuck? As in ex-best friend Chuck?" Brooke asked confused. It was so hard to process.

"Apparently," Lucas said. It really wasn't that surprising; Chuck had gotten into some bad stuff and fallen out of friendship with Jamie.

"We need to go." Haley said as she grabbed her jacket.

Lucas, Nathan, and Haley quickly left and soon Brooke and Peyton were left alone.

"So, it's about time to make the girls lunch," Peyton said after a few minutes of silence.

"I can't do this. I can't act like everything's normal, not with Jamie in that school." Brooke said before getting up, grabbing her jacket and going outside.

Peyton went to go check on the girls before following Brooke outside.

"B. Davis!" Peyton called as she walked towards where Brooke was sitting on the grass

"This isn't fair!" Brooke said after Peyton sat down. "Jamie's been through enough. Haley was pregnant with him during the first shooting, then the accident after the wedding. Then everyone thought I was the pregnant one and Nathan totally freaked when he found out. And do I even need to mention the state championship? And then Nathan's accident and then Carrie and drowning and his parents nearly getting a divorce. And getting kidnapped! And I could go on and on and on!" Brooke said. As she spoke tears began to form in her eyes. "And what if I never see him again? He's Jamie. We can't lose him. And what if he dies? He'll never know how much I loved him or how the night of the storm I would've died if it meant he got to live. He'll never know." Brooke said crying.

"Jamie knew- knows." Peyton said as she gently wrapped her hands around Brooke's.

"What?" Brooke asked as she wiped at her tears with her sleeve.

"Do you know why we came back to Tree Hill?" Peyton asked.

"My wedding?" Brooke asked confused.

"We came back a month BEFORE your wedding, Brooke. And you know why? One minute I'm traveling around the world with Lucas and Sawyer and the next I'm getting a phone call from Jamie and I'll never forget what he said when he called. He barely let me get out a hello before he started talking. He said, 'You need to come home. Aunt Brooke drowned and she's okay now, but she nearly drowned and it was so scary watching. And Mama and Julian and Dad are trying to help her, but she's scared and when I was scared I just wanted Mama or Dad or Aunt Brooke cause she's my best friend, besides Madison, and then I thought you're Aunt Brooke's best friend. And she made me pinky promise not to tell you, but I had my fingers crossed.' And that was when I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. I left you behind and I hadn't even known that you nearly died. And that if you had died the last time we had talked had been nearly a month before on Thanksgiving and that night I told Luke I wanted to go back. And a week later…" Peyton said trailing off.

"You showed up in Tree Hill and you never left again." Brooke said softly as the two lay back on the cool grass.

"Brooke?" Peyton asked looking over at her best friend.

"Mmmmm?" Brooke muttered. Her eyes were now closed.

"I'm sorry I left. I'm sorry I wasn't here for you during things with Julian and with the company and your mom. And I'm sorry for never saying anything." Peyton said as she began to creep Brooke's arm. They used to make each other do this all the time at sleepovers.

"Peyton, I get it. You don't have to apologize for living your life. I get it, okay? The important thing is that you came back." Brooke said smiling.

They lay there for about fifteen just talking when they heard the back door open and the girls run out.

"Mom!" Sawyer called as she led the group. "The little kid school called and wanted to know if everything was okay.

"Shit," Peyton said glancing at her watch.

"Bee, can you go get Mommy's phone and call Daddy then bring me the phone?" Brooke asked sitting up.

"Are you sure Julian doesn't mind?" Peyton asked.

"Yeah, he loves picking them up. And after he hears what happened he'll insist."


"Skills, what's going on? Where's Jamie?" Haley asked running over to where he was standing beside some cops.

"He ran inside. I'm sorry. I tried to stop him. This more than kinda screwed up."

"Why would he do that? Why would my baby run towards a gun? We told him about Jimmy and Keith, and what about Quentin?"

"The same reason Nathan ran back in for you that day. The same reason I ran back for Peyton. He's practically been in love with Madison since he was seven and she's practically been in love with him." Lucas said with a slight smile.

"They won't let me talk to the goddamn police chief!" Nathan said frustrated as he came over. "You know what? Screw this! I'm gonna go get Jamie!" He yelled and began walking towards the school.

He stopped briefly when he heard Haley's phone ring.

"Oh my God! Baby, it's Jamie!" She yelled in Nathan's direction before putting it on speakerphone.

"Hey, Jimmy Jam," She said softly.

"Mama, I'm scared," Jamie said. In the background she could hear Madison crying.

"Sweetie, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, but Madison got shot in the leg and it's bleeding a lot." Upon hearing this Lucas gestured for her to hand him the phone.

"Hey, buddy. Have you put pressure on it?"

"I did, but it isn't helping." He said with panic in his voice. As Lucas spoke to Jamie, Nathan walked up to Haley and held her close as they listened.

"Take off your shirt and rip of a really long and wide strip and tie it as tight as you can around where it's bleeding."

"Okay…" There was some shuffling and then Jamie spoke again, "When can you come get us? She lost a lot of blood and she's getting really sleepy."

"Jamie, listen to me buddy, this is really important: You have to keep her awake. Talk to her about a good day or make her laugh. Where are you?"

"In the library. But I don't know where Chuck is."

"Buddy, just hang tight. Make sure to block off all the entrances."

"Okay. Can I talk to my Mama?"Jamie asked.

He handed the phone back to Haley and he and Nathan went towards several cops.

"My son's inside and his friend is hurt really badly. We know where they are." Nathan said.

"I'm sorry sir, there's nothing we can do until we know the location of the shooter."

"What? What about sixteen years ago? My wife got you the shooters name, the number of hostages and where we were but you still didn't come in and I am not going to let my son be as scared as I was that day!"

"They didn't have the number of shooters." The cop replied.

"Please, I know that this is one kid. You need to get the kids out. I know where my son is and there are only so many places a shooter could be."

"Nate-" Lucas said softly.

"My son is inside! You have to do something more than just stand around-" Nathan yelled before being cut off by a shot echoing from inside the school.

"Jamie?" Haley yelled into the phone. "Jamie? Jamie?" Jamie?" She kept repeating before falling to the ground. It took a second, but then they realized. The phone had gone dead the second of the shot.

"Jamie!" Nathan yelled before lunging towards the school but Lucas and Skills held him back.

"He's gone, Nathan." Lucas said holding back tears.

There was silence outside the school. The only sounds were Haley's sobs and Nathan's screams.

Then they saw the school doors open.


So what do you think?

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