OtakuPC continuation. 2.1

Continuing with the potential effects of the Master PC program, and the interpretation of an n-dimensional being born from that world. Pieces written by Tangent, Metroanime, and Kender


The world was decidedly stranger after the Week Of Master.

The program had allowed one person to be changed, or a change to be applied to everyone within 60miles of the PC. Special "bomb" editions that had unleashed changes to entire populations had furthered the strangeness.

Then, after the chaos *that* had unleashed on the world, the MasterPC had gathered itself off and its birthing cry had altered regions even further. Entire cities, mountains, landmasses - all altered to some bizarre dreamscape.

However, one day after the Master had left, the problems were still being found.


Event +1

Stately Norris manor:

"Ships are ready for takeoff, we just killed the last of the Genestealers," a marine in full combat armor said after saluting sharply.

Andrew (sometimes called the Major or 'Drew') Norris nodded acknowledgement. "What are the scans reading? Any changes?"

"Still reading instabilities," said one of the scientists. She stood and adjusted her glasses. "Best estimates are that this section of space will start coming apart one hundred three years from now. However the dimensional aperature will reach a point in space at the same time as the sun in thirty two years so everything will be moot at that point."

Andrew nodded. "Okay, people, we're going to have to pull out. When that reaches critical mass we're going to have the sun's mass increase by a factor of twenty in this area, so what we need to do is find either technology to keep that meeting from happening or we need to colonize some other worlds."

"Sir!" Corporal Max Klinger (nobody was sure who he *used* to be), saluted. "Is this a bug-out?"

"Something like that," Andrew said, shuddering at the sight of a soldier in pink power armor that had been decorated in lace and bows.

* * *

Skyfire blinked drowsily. Looking at the sleeping forms of Godzilla (the Americanized version), Godzilla (the most recent Japanese version), and Rodan, he could now guess why the hundred story tall Jiggly Puff had been called into existance. That the titanic pokemon was unable to move due to its great weight, and was infact dying as a result of its physical structure being a poor design to support such mass was noted.

Skyfire was a doctor (a fact that would surprize many), and had been fully intending to subdue what he assumed to at least have been sentient beings, knowing that only someone of the appropriate size could hope to do so without having to resort to lethal force. Noting that the huge pokemon seemed to be growing aware of its dilema, Skyfire moved to try to help it. If he could.

"Hush, child," he thundered as quietly as he could at his current size. "Let me roll you into the bay, so that you can at least spend your last moments in as much comfort as possible. Maybe we can get someone to restore you to yourself if we buy you some time."

That the Jiggly Puff had calmed down and let him help was noted, as was the fact that the other giant monsters had apparently awakened and left the area while he was busy with the task. Getting a hundred story tall pink ball of flesh into the water without either harming it any further or causing a tidal wave had left Skyfire unable to deal with them, and once they were gone, his priority had been comforting the child who had heroicly (if somewhat foolishly) sacrificed itself to be able to stop them.

No one actally able to further aid the child arived in time to be of any assistance. Skyfire sang an ancient draconic lullaby of his clan to the Jiggly Puff during its final moments (an ironic gesture that it seemed to appreciate).

Shifting down to what his fellow Rangers had labled as his 'raptor' size, Skyfire took flight and headed east to try to hook up with the rest of the team. If anyone had dared come close enough, they might have seen oily tears of grief...

* * *

Tenko was bored. Losing the Mol-unit half-way back to her father's birth-world had been unexpected and unwelcome, although leaving a super Saiyajin corpse where anybody could get their hands on it had not been an option. She remembered watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z - leaving such a thing anywhere where a mad scientist might get ahold of the genes was *not* something to let happen.

Still, dropping out of Moldiver mode on her way back from the Sun before she had made it more than halfway back to Earth was a drag. She didn't even have anything on her to keep her ocupied, as all a mol-unit permitted a user to carry was the unit itself. Not that she minded being naked all that much (a fact that annoyed Mother Aeka and made her father uncomfortable, but she *was* Ryoko's daughter, and had been educated by Grandmother Washu).

It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't felt a battle being held involving the Power of Jurai earlier. Teleport-skipping at her maximum range had at least given her a sense of progress that flying at top-speed had not (space travel is dull unless you can move at speeds that let you notice your movement in relation to other objects). Her family had been in danger, and she was still days away from being able to help.

That the battle had been resolved one way or another had left her worried and anxious, but eventually she had grown bored again...

* * *

Event +7

Nabiki Tendo settled in her new office, having been made the Chief Resource Management Officer of Gremlinetics Incorporated. Even with the collapse of the stock exchange, there *were* commodities that remained valuable, no matter where you were. That Gremlinetics paid their employees directly with these commodities rather than currently unstable currencies was a boon at the moment. Why pay thousands of dollars for one meal that could be half-rotten when you got it, when you could eat regularly, relax in your very own apartment with full utilities, and even enjoy a few luxuries, all for a few hours of your time at work?

That Nabiki's job was to make sure that company resourses got to where they were needed rather than end up being misdirected into some greedy bastard's private stock was simply a plus. Not that Gremlinetics wouldn't sell to the rich or powerful, just that they took payment based on the client's ability to pay versus the relative value of the comodity in question.

C.H.O.N. (Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen) food packets were cheap. Making them look, feel, and taste like high cuisine was not. Basic utilities such as electricity and clean running water were cheap. Luxury items and major utilities were not. If you were willing to work, or could pay fair value, you got the good stuff. If you were lazy or tried to scam an easy deal, you didn't. It was as simple as that.

Nabiki Tendo, co-heir to the Tendo Anything Goes School of Martial Arts, was living the life of Riley. She loved helping people, and her personal profits from her job reflected this.
She eyed her bodyguard, Nabiki Midori, who was supposedly half Zentraidi (or was that half Meltran?), and looked almost exactly like her. If one chose to ignore the fact that Nabiki Midori's hair was blue. The green eyes actually weren't different at all, although Nabiki had recently discovered that most other Nabiki Tendos that had come into being in the recent chaos had brown eyes instead.

Some of them were downright nasty, corporate sharks to her dolphin. Two had already tried to take over her position in a rather bloody manner. Her own skills in the Anything Goes School had been enough to fend off the first. The second had actually required the assistance of her bodyguard. That Nabiki Midori had put the second down with a simple back-handed blow that had shattered ribs was...

Well, actually it was rather embarrassing to both of them. CRMO Tendo, who could actually tag Ranma from time to time in sparring matches (even if hurting him was still out of her range of abilities) was mortified at not having been able to hold her own against another Nabiki who knew the family school. Midori was simply embarassed to have used too much force, ending the fight before it had gotten fun...


The Warhammer ships had left the first day, off on a First Contact mission and to scout out nearby worlds that could be colonized by refugees. It wasn't the only such ship that those altered by the Master PC had put together.

From Japan, the land of the Rising Yen, came the Yamato and the SDF-1. From the United States came less recognizable craft cobbled together by self-made geniuses. From London was constructed a truly massive battleship that nobody recognized but was christened the Diana.

Ships left daily. Some one-man ships that were barely able to keep the single occupant alive for a few days. Others were slightly larger vehicles that could keep a family of five for a month. Then there were the really big ships that had a *lot* more crew and might be gone for six months or more.

However, things were sufficiently bad on the planetary surface that such minor details as a mass exodus were hardly noticed.

The "Bimbo Bombs" had been copies of the Master PC program sabotaged or covered so that as soon as they were run, everyone within 60miles of the operating PC ended up conforming to the template. Which went into great detail about sexdrives, intelligence, sensitivity of certain body parts, intelligence, and appearance. In fact most of the macro dealt with the outcome of the exaggerated female form that was to be the end result. Still, it wasn't that several large population centers worldwide had become female that was the problem. It was rather that their intelligence level had dropped from whatever it had been before to "giggly airhead." When the typical citizen of a large city is suddenly illiterate, innumerate, and regards anything harder than lacing up her shoes to be impossibly difficult - it's a problem.

There were other problems, such as in Memphis where the entire citizenry (with a few exceptions who had either password locked their files or been outside the radius) were now exactly nine years old and of the female persuasion. (The MasterPC user had been aiming for nineteen year old nymphettes. Due to the lack of a "1" on a critical line of the macro, prior to activating his macro on three seperate computers simultaneously (one was at work, another on his laptop, the third on his home computer) and thereby blanketing the area, turning the majority of the population of Memphis Tennessee into cute nine year old girls. Unfortunately for the still unnamed individual, he had wanted to observe the activities and had been run over by a truck driven by someone who could no longer reach the brake pedal.)

There were areas where the problems weren't quite as bad as all that, as in San Francisco which now had a surfeit of smart, cute, and overwhelmingly nice asian girls. There were areas like Virginia Beach Virginia where apparently a furry fan had input something to bring the outer animal out and then driven with his laptop running the program as far as Portsmouth before running into someone sufficiently freaked by their transformation that they lost control of their own vehicle. Something similar had happened in England.

The anthropomorphs were actually doing better than most. A lot of the women were catty, a few of the men were goats, but for the most part everyone there had adapted within a few days. In the case of the British, it might be put down to a "stiff upper lip" attitude, but in Virginia it was because most of those involved apparently decided to just shrug and get on with their lives while being grateful they'd been spared the fates of Washington DC and Boston.

Large areas of Africa, China, many third world countries, had been only affected in slight by the past two weeks. Since Beijing had been one of the sites hit by a "Bimbo Bomb" they might have taken advantage of the chaos, except that a lot of their gadgets seemed entirely too complicated now and getting most of them off the phone was difficult at best.

Somewhat worse was that a number of countries that had been unaffected by the first week had grown completely paranoid during the second and had closed their borders in order to "quarantine" themselves.

* * *

Event +9


The bar was dark and smoky, with a soft jazz band playing in the back. Patrons of various sizes, shapes and genders filled the tables. Quiet conversations occupied them, but there was the feeling that each one was ready to respond to violence. That the bartender looked to be over seven feet tall, seemed like he could probably bend steel, and had horns was probably part of the reason for the peace.

Ritsuko Akagi walked in calmly, but was somehow sure that everyone knew that she had entered. Of course, her suit and heels were definately out of place in a room where the most expensive thing a woman who came here had was her weapon. Almost certainly they didn't come in with file folders and briefcases in hand.

"Hello, can you help me?" the faux-blonde scientist asked as she walked up to the bar.

"Depends," the bartender replied in a gravelly, but quiet tone.

"On what?"

"What you want."

"I need to find someone."

"Lot of people around."

"He goes by the name of Kender."

The bartender picked up a glass and began polishing it. "What do you want with him?"

"I just want to talk to him."

The massive... man looked at her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable. His lips thinned and he nodded towards the stage. "He's just finishing up his set. Take the booth next to the stage."

"He's in the band?"

"Plays the sax."

Ritsuko looked to the stage and looked over the sax player. He was a tall, dark haired man wearing a white shortsleeved t-shirt, dark jeans, and a pair of motorcycle boots. There was a look about him, as if he had looked into too many shadows. As she sat in the booth, she could almost feel a mix of sadness and anger coming from him. That feeling seemed to totally immerse
his music.

After a few minutes, he stopped playing and walked over to the bar. The bartender gave him what looked to be a glass of water and said something. There was a reply and the bartender said something with a shrug. The sax player shook his head and headed over to her booth.

"I hear that you've been asking about me."

"You are Kender?"

"Yeah," the dark-haired man said as he slid into the seat across from her, "And what can I do for you Doctor Akagi?"

"So you know who I am."

Kender snorted. "Of course I do. I knew before all this."

"Before the Event?"

"The Event. The Ascension. The Change. It doesn't matter what you call it, but, yes, I did," he said, leaning back. He didn't even blink when a black cat leapt onto the table and laid down.

"Well, I... Are you going to let it...?"

"She's my cat. You were saying?"

"Yes, well, I am here to ask you for assistance on a project that we are working on."


"A group of scientists have joined together to help the recovery of mankind, myself included."

"A group of altruists?"


"Call me cynical, but that's a little hard to swallow."

"We are working to that aim."

"Anything's possible, I guess."

"That's true. But, as for why I have come..."

"Other than to make the guys drool nearly as much Morrigan does."

"Who's Morrigan?"

"An... associate of mine. She's out right now. Don't worry, she's not going to try anything right now. Especially with Charlie on duty."

"And Charlie is..?"

Kender smirked. "The Ogre behind the bar. She likes him too much to anything more than annoy him."

'What kind of man is this?' Ritsuko asked herself. Out loud she said, "The reason I have come to see you is..."

^Get on with it already.^

"Did that cat just talk?"

"No," Kender replied.

"Oh good."

"She doesn't need to talk. Coal's a telepath."

Ritsuko Akagi, brilliant scientist and sensible woman, fainted.

^You'd think she'd have gotten used to these things by now.^


He had been a nobody prior to the MasterPC. A little computer geek that hardly anyone would have noticed. Whereas a number of other computer geeks had rapidly gone off on power trips and been tantalized by the visions of harems of hundreds of sexslaves, George had done something else.

He'd cured a few diseases of his own, made a few changes in himself (removing body fat and increasing his size from Tiny Twig to Mighty Oak) and a few that he was embarassed about enough that he'd likely never admit, just that if he ever did end up with a girl - he'd be able to more than satisfy her. Then he'd locked his own file, put the MasterPC program away, and quietly continued with his life.

Which was why George was in Boston in the process of being *extremely* embarassed. Mainly because here he was, a sixteen year old who hadn't even cured his acne, being waited on hand and foot most of the day.

He could program VCRs, he could get computers working again, he could jumpstart a vehicle. In the kingdom of the blind, the sighted man could be king. Surrounded by nubile young girls who couldn't change a lightbulb without supervision, and would do just *anything* for him to do some ridiculously easy task, George was currently wondering the question all such guys in such a situation would ask.

What was for lunch?


The first thing that Ritsuko noticed when she woke up was the fact that she was on a bed. It took a few seconds for her to realize that she had fainted, and a few more to notice that she couldn't be where she had done so.

So, with slight trepidation, she opened her eyes. The first thing that she noticed was that she was in what had been a low rent bedroom. Sitting on the dresser across from the bed was a sexy long green-haired woman dressed in a LOT of leather. Her jacket, skirt, and boots were leather as was her choker. The woman's blouse was opened to show a distracting amount of cleavage, and
she swung her stockinged legs in a show of boredom.

"Looks like she's up," the woman commented to someone at the side of the bed.

Kender was sitting in a chair with his feet on a stool while looking at the files from her briefcase. He glanced in the direction of the bed and said, "So she is," then turned back to the papers.

^Everyone's got a knack for stating the obvious,^ Coal stated. The cat was laying Sphinx-like on the night-table. ^Anyone else want to tell us something we already know?^

"Shut it, hairball."

^Come on Morrigan,^ said the cat, ^You're just frustrated.^

"I said shut it."

"Both of you stop it," Kender said as put the papers in his lap with a sigh. "Are you feeling okay, Doctor?"

Ritsuko sat up. "I think so."

"You mind telling us why you decided the floor would make a nice bed?"

"Um... well."

^She was surprised to see a telepathic cat. Ones that can talk, yes. Ones that can talk...^

Kender shrugged. "Oh well. Of course, it doesn't influence what she was supposed to be here to ask me."

Morrigan raised an eyebrow. "And what is that?"

"Her associates and she need someone to recover various items and people for them."

"We really do need the help of someone like you. Your abilities as both a combatant and a diplomat."

^Him? A diplomat?^

Ignoring the sarcastic feline, Kender gazed at the scientist. "So you want me to help you get some very sensitive technologies, important information, and useful individuals?"

"Yes. Will you help us?"

"Hmmm... Not a chance."


"Well, I'm pretty sure that some of them will be good guys. But the technologies are dangerous, and I have no idea what you're going to use either for. Add that to the fact that while being an attractive woman, the original Doctor Akagi sold out her friends, co-workers and people for the
love of a man willing to destroy humanity to reunite himself with his wife."

The scientist sighed and hung her head. "I know that I wasn't such a good person, or at least my originator wasn't but I'm different! We want to really save what we can! We only have so long, and there's so much to do! But we need help. We can't do it alone. I don't want to fail again."

"Well there is ONE chance."

The faux-blonde head snapped up. "There is?!"

"Yeah. I'll want equipment, supplies and free range. And something else..."

"What is it? I'll make sure of it personally."

"You sure?"

"I give you my word. Like the other Ritsuko should have done for her friends, I'll make sure you have it."

He gave a wicked smirk. "I want you."

"Me?" Ritsuko asked.

"Yeah, you. Gonna need somone to keep in contact with the scientists. And you can help with the equipment and technologies. You'll have to quit smoking though. Nasty habit."

As Kender got up and walked through the door, Ritsuko thought to herself, 'How did I let Natsume talk me into this?'


The world was a different place, reflected Shade. Two weeks ago, he would not have expected to be able to run across country in a matter of hours. As the Wizard Of Speed And Time, that was relatively easy. If hard on the shoes.

Two weeks ago he would not have expected to run across a small town composed 90% of catgirls in Kansas, nor the huge numbers of buxom and curvaceous women in both New York and Los Angeles, nor the anthropomorphs in Virginia, nor the groups now forming across the US.

People in similar situations could relate. Which was why those people who had ended up as Klingons were grouping together in San Diego. Elves were migrating to Canada, mainly. Dwarves ended up in the mountains of Colorado. Vulcans congregated in North Dakota for logical reasons.

There had been people who had not immediately focussed on the manufacture of harems of submissive women or similar teenage sex fantasies. Some, particularly pre-puberty level operators of MasterPC, or a few older ones who had been more inclined towards mischief, had gone about making other sorts of changes in the people around them.

Oh yes, there were anime characters running about too.

Some people had turned themselves into anime characters, or their neighbors, or their friends, or even just people that they vaguely knew. Shade couldn't imagine too many people *wanting* to turn themselves into either Genma Saotome or Gendo Ikari.

There were a *lot* of Sailor Senshi, quite a few Sailor Scouts, and all sorts of variants that had been played until the time suddenly had run out. Also a number of other anime and comic book characters that were larger than life in their own way.

As a vast number of supervillains had also appeared, not to mention huge numbers of boys who had gone with the unlimited sex option, superheroes found themselves highly in demand.

It hadn't taken long for him to collect his own harem, which had actually been an accident as he'd only intended to hit that supervillain a few dozen times for running around with a bimboizer gun. Unfortunately, he'd been running and dodging at the time and the first punch had landed at roughly Mach 5. So he had had no idea with these blonde nymphettes as to what password would be needed to turn them back.

*Beep beep zip zoom!*

Oh, and running at speeds in excess of Mach 3 was *still* a rush.

end chapter 2 of the OtakuPC story
note that i will be going offline, most likely permanently, at the end of March 2002.