PPSSBlog: Emmy's Pervy Picspirations!

Picture #2

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Pairing: Jasper & Alice

I sat by myself in front of the center stage, drinking my scotch and relaxing as the night came to an end. I looked around to the other tables, observing who was at the club tonight; a group of obnoxious college guys, business men, and some regulars.

I sighed and ran a hand across my face.

This shit was starting to get old.

Maybe I had been doing this for too long.

Just one more night, I promised myself.

I would be here just for tonight and never come back.

I finished my drink and ordered another while two girls twirled around the poles at the sides of the center stage. They looked at me like the dollar sign that I represent, never showing any authentic interest, only trying to get a tip out of me.

I looked closely at them, noticing their excessive make-up and their robotic movements.

Maybe they had been doing this for too long.

Once the song was done, they walked off the stage as some guys whistled at them.

Stupid men, I thought. What a lame and cliché thing to do.

I needed to go home. This place wasn't the escape it used to be, and I was familiar with everyone, so all the genuine interest was gone.

A new song started just as I was about to get up from my seat, and it was completely different from the shit they played here.

I tried to see who the dancer on the stage was, but the artificial fog and dark (strobe) lights impeded me to do so. I could just see her form as she approached the pole at the end of the stage.

And then I saw her.

She looked beautiful and mysterious in her attire; she wore a tight white dress shirt which was tucked in her black knee-length pencil skirt, which matched the skinny tie around her neck. Her face seemed to be make-up free, and her eyes were disguised by a lace mask she wore around her long, braided hair.

I was entranced by the movement of her hips as she began to undress; she tossed her shirt first, exposing a black, lace-covered corset with matching see-through panties after she slid her skirt down her legs. I noticed her black pumps for the first time since she stepped out on the dance floor, realizing she had a deep-red rose on each.

She twisted her hands and arms around the pole, moving her waist in a circular motion, dancing sensually. She moved with reverence across the center stage, (enthralled) in the rhythm as the music blasted from the speakers.

I had never seen anyone move with such grace and a respect that didn't belong in a strip club. I wondered what she could be doing there, mixed in with all the cheap women of the club when she had a flair of elegance within her. I watched as she finished her routine and picked up her clothes from the stage.

I called the waitress over and watched as Isabella walked toward me, smiling with her tray on her hand. "Want another drink, soldier?"

I chuckled. "No, I actually want to request a private dance from the mystery performer, darlin'. Can you help me with that?"

She raised her brow at me. "Are you fucking kidding me? In all the years you've been coming here you've never gotten a private dance. And she is the most expensive girl at the moment…" she trailed off.

"Money's not a problem, Isabella. You know that. Now tell me, can you do that for me? And tell her I want her to wear what she was wearing on stage."

"Okay, gimme a sec while I go find her," she said incredulously.

After a few minutes the mystery dancer approached me and smiled. "What's your name, soldier?"

"Jasper Whitlock, ma'am," I said, bowing my head.

"It's a pleasure to dance for you," she said in a sultry voice.

I smirked. "The pleasure's all mine, darlin'."

And, oh, was it a pleasure. I looked up at her as she moved above me and I instantly knew there would be no way I wouldn't be coming back.