Chapter 9: All Wells That End Wells

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Logan P.O.V.

I hardly got any sleep last night! My mind was racing a hundred miles a minute with what I was going to say to Camille. I had to make her understand that I really was sorry for everything that happened and that I did trust her. I had to convince her to give me another chance.

I wish I could blame everything on Carlos, I mean it was his idea after all. But lets be real, I went along with it because part of me was really worried that Camille could be cheating on me. The thing I can't wrap my mind around is why I felt that way. I know how much Camille cares about me and that she would never do anything to hurt me. But something in me couldn't stop the doubts that built. Call it one of my many insecurities, but I can't for the life of me figure out why Camille would ever want to be with me.

At exactly 7 o'clock, I was standing in front of Camille apartment door. I still had no clue as to what I would say to her, but I knew what ever it was it had better be good. I knocked on the door three times before standing there trying to compose myself. It felt like I had been standing there for hours before the door was finally open.

Camille P.O.V.

Me and the girls didn't fall asleep until 4 this morning, so when there was knocking on my door at 7 o'clock I was less than happy about it. It took me a couple of minutes to get up and get to the door. When I swung it open all the butterflies I had been feeling since the girls told me that Logan would be coming over, returned with a vengeance.

I stepped out into the hallway and pulled the door close behind me, knowing that neither Jo nor Stephanie were really sleeping and would be trying to listen to everything we say.

"Hey!" I whispered, staring at the ground.

"Hey!" he greeted back.

We stood in silence for a couple of minutes before Logan broke it.

"Camille, I don't know how to tell you how sorry I am. You trusted me with everything, and I couldn't do that for you with this one thing. I honestly don't think I deserve you nor your forgiveness but I can't for the life of me stop hoping to get both." he told me; before reaching out and lifting my chin so that he could look into my eyes. "And I promise you that if you do give me a second chance, I will do what ever it takes to prove to you how much you really mean to me and how much I really trust you.

I stood there, staring at him for I don't know how long, just trying to process everything he had just told me. I knew without a doubt in my mind that I loved him and I would give him a second chance, yet something was stopping me from saying those words, instead I settled for asking him the question that had been on my mind ever since he jumped out of those bushes yesterday.

"Why did you do it? And I want the real reason, no bullshit about it was Carlos' idea, or you don't know why."

"Honestly, it was my insecurities playing out. Even though in my mind I knew that you would never do anything like that, I couldn't stop myself for wondering. Wondering why you would want to be with me, when you can have pretty much anybody else. And I let it get the better of me and for that I am so sorry!" he said and I could tell that he meant every word.

"I get insecurities Logan; I have them too. Don't you think I worry about, when you're on tour that you will find someone else? Someone who is prettier, smarter, or more talented then me." I close the distance between us and stared into his eyes for a minute before saying the words both of us have been waiting for. "But I love you Logan and I don't want to be without you."

As soon as those words left my mouth, his lips were pressing against mine. This was nothing like other kisses we had shared. This one was desperate, anxious, sweet, and loving all wrapped together to create this mind blowing kiss. We stayed that way until we heard a door open behind us. I turned around to see Jo and Stephanie standing in my door way with huge smiles stretched across their faces.

"So does this mean you guys are back together?" Jo asked.

I looked at Logan, who just winked at me. "Yeah, it means that we're back together."

Both girls squealed and lunged at us knocking us all down. We burst out laughing and just sat there for a few minutes before heading back into the apartment,

It was only a hour later when there was banging on my door, I pulled the door open already knowing who would be on the other side.

"We were wondering when you guys would get here!" I told the other members of B.T.R.

"Hey we didn't have a reason to get up at 7 in the morning." Kendall told me before going to sit by Jo.

"And plus I need my full eight hours of beauty sleep." James said.

"James you are such a girl sometimes!" Stephanie tells him.

"I don't know about the rest of you but I'm starving. I say we go out for breakfast." Carlos said.

For once Carlos wasn't the only one who was starving, me and the girls quickly changed out of our pajamas and we headed towards the diner.

Logan P.O.V.

I couldn't believe that everything was back to normal. I looked around at all my friends as we sat around the pool. Jo and Kendall were playing checkers, Stephanie and Camille were talking about a article in one of the magazines they were reading, and James and Carlos were splashing each other in the pool.

As if feeling my eyes on her, Camille looked up and grinned at me, before whispering something to Stephanie who looked up at me before nodding. Camille got up and made her way over to the lounger I was in and laid down facing me between my legs.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked me, her beautiful brown eyes shining with excitement.

"About how great my life is, that I have amazing friends and the world greatest girlfriend." I smiled down at her; before leaning down and kissing her.

"Hey I have a really fantastic boyfriend, too." she mumbled against my lips.

"Oh look the loser couple is back together." we heard a voice say.

We turn around to see not only three Jennifers but four, if you could Rachel a Jennifer.

"What do you want?" Camille asked them, standing up. With Jo and Stephanie instantly flanking her.

"What do we want? Well let's start with you losers going back to where ever you came from." Rachel answered with the Jennifers nodding their head in agreement.

"You know what I think is funny, you four bitches keep going around calling all of us losers when we have everything that you don't." Jo told them, causing Camille and Stephanie to smirk along with her.

"What do you have that we don't?" Jennifer two asked.

"Where to start? How about the fact that we all have jobs when only one of you do!" Jo said.

"Or how about we all have great friends, when you only have each other." Stephanie continues.

"Or better yet, how we all have extremely hot, and famous boyfriends, and none of you do!" Camille finished with a glance over her shoulder at me. "I mean isn't that what you keep saying you want? Or are we just mistaking?"

By the looks on the Jennifers and Rachel face they could tell that they were going to lose this fight.

"So the next time you want to call someone a loser, you might want to pull you mirror out of that knock off Prada bag, and look at yourself." Camille told them before looking at Jo and Stephanie, with a look on her face, that told me something was about to happen.

All at once the girls stepped forward and pushed the Jennifers and Rachel into the pool. Causing everyone at the pool to burst out laughing. The Jennifers and Rachel pulled themselves out of the pool and stormed off into the lobby.

"Now that was fun!" Jo said to Camille and Stephanie.

"I'm with you on that!" Camille told them before walking back over to me.

"You know, you are extremely sexy when you do stuff like that." I told her before capturing her lips with mine. After a minute we pulled apart and I rested my forehead on hers.

"Am I now?" she asks me.

"Yep!" I told her causing her to smirk at me. "I love you, you know that right?"

"Yeah I know! I love you, too!" She said before kissing me softly.

"Come on you two, everyone in the pool!" Kendall yelled at us.

I kissed her once more before slinging her over my shoulder and jumping in the pool.

Camille P.O.V.

Tell the Jennifers off was one of the highlights of my day. They were so stuck up, and they really needed to get over themselves. It was hard to go from being best friends with Rachel to mortal enemies in a day; but she brought it on herself.

We were all still in the pool, splashing each other, when someone started blasting the guys song Nothing Even Matters. I looked at Logan who was singing along with the song, and I knew that for him that song had a double meaning. And as we all played and joked around I knew that no matter what happened, as long as we had each other nothing else would matter.

BTRocks! BTRocks! BTRocks! BTRocks! BTRocks! BTRocks! BTRocks! BTRocks!

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