Here is my contribution to the demand for more...heated...MM/RR fics. Our boy gets an introduction to his'll get it. If you haven't already. ;)

Sorry it's so short-it's a habit. Love all!

I disclaim all.

He had never thought much about religion.

In the past, as a villain, he supposed he would have shunned it out of fear of admitting the existence of a hell.

But honestly…he just never considered it at all.

Until now.

His fingernails, blunt but well-kept, dug fiercely into the cloth beneath him.

He wondered if he was even breathing.

A second later, he realized he wasn't, as his chest tightened and screamed at him for oxygen. His mouth opened, and amidst the heavy and desperate breaths his voice sounded in a surprised groan.

His muscles twitched as longer, sharper nails scraped at his bare stomach.

Never in life had he expected something would feel so…

His vision blurred.

His mind swam.

He noticed only briefly that his eyes were trying to roll back into his head.

He bit his bottom lip and one of his hands flew down to grasp at her hair.

His entire body trembled when he felt the slightest pressure of teeth….

A tongue snaked out to run a path….down….then up….

He barely noticed her small whine when his hand pulled a bit too hard at her hair. It didn't matter, apparently—she did not stop.

If she had, at this point, he truly felt he would have become evil once again simply out of spite.

His gasps turned into moans.

The moans became loud and fierce shouts when suction was suddenly applied.

His free hand balled into a fist so tight his short nails pierced the skin of his own palm.

He growled when she hummed around him.

His body jerked, his vision flashed white, and his voice actually lowered in a tone dark and heavy.

"Good God, Roxanne…."

He knew it was just an expression people used sometimes….

But in this moment, as clarity tried to restore itself in his foggy mind, he looked up at the ceiling of her apartment and decided.

There had to be a God.