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Bad Boy Transfer Student

"What am I gonna do?" Kagome Higurashi groaned with her head on her lunch table. Kagome has missed a lot of school because she has been taken care of her grandfather and nursing him back to health when her mother couldn't. But do to her absences she is now endanger of graduating on time with her friends because she doesn't have enough credits.

" Kags if you need help catching up, I can help you and you can use my notes as well." Sesshomaru Taishio her best friend since they were seven years old offered her while at the same time trying to ease her nerves.

"Thanks shessy but I doubt it will help me catch up one time. Graduation is in three months I won't have enough credits by then." She complained. "Cheer up Kagome we'll figure something out." Sango Morioka said. "I refuse to graduate without my best friend."

" Well if you really want to regain your credits Ms. Higurashi then might a make a suggestion?" Mrs. Shiori asked passing by their table." I couldn't help but over hear your conversation but I know of a way for you to regain all of your credits back before graduation."

Kagome's mouth dropped open and her eyes became wide with hope."How?" Mrs. Shiori smiled. "Come by my office after school and I'll tell you then." "But-" Kagome began but Mrs. Shiori was already walking away. Sesshomaru eyes narrowed in thought. " I wonder what it is." "Who cares as long as I get to graduate with you guys!" Kagome laughed in excitement.

Sango giggled."Hopefully it'll be fun and easy." "Me too." Kagome smiled but it faltered as soon as she saw Kagura stop by her table and gave Sesshomaru a flirty wink."Hi Sesshomaru. When are you gonna ditch these losers and come see me?" Sesshomaru looked at Kagura in disgust.

"ACHOO!" Kagome sneezed on Kagura."Yuck excuse you!" she glared at Kagome. "Oh I'm sorry I'm just allergic to sluts like you." Kagome sneered at Kagura with a smirk on her face. Before Kagura could make a comeback, the bell rang signaling for everyone to get to seventh period.

"Ugh! I'll get you back for that comment wench." And with that Kagura stormed off. Sango rolled her eyes."Fat chance and good riddance." Sesshomaru chuckled as he shook his head. "Let's go you trouble makers before we get chewed out by about being late again."

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Seventh Period

Five minutes before the bell rings for class to begin, Rin ran into the classroom grinning and squealing like an idiot."Omg new transfer student is so HOTT!" Kagome tilted her head in curiosity. "What new transfer student?" Rin looked at her as if she had grown a second head. "You mean you haven't heard?" Sesshoumaru scoffed in amusement and a little bit of annoyance at her reaction. "If we did Rin, we wouldn't have asked now would we?"

Rin stuck her tongue out him. "Meanie. Anyway, from what I heard he's supposed to be this bad ass bad boy who had been transferred at least ten times since he was in middle school and has been to juvie three." Sesshomaru rolled his eyes."Yeah right Rin that's impossible" Rin became defensive and got in his personal bubble. "No it isn't! And I heard he is a major play boy."

"What school did he come from?" Sango asked. Rin shrugged. "From Zangetsu High I think. But who cares he's tottaly cute!" The bell rang cutting off all conversation in the room and signaling for the students to take their seats.

"Alright, class calm down." Mr. Hoshiyomi said trying to call his calculus class to order. "By now I'm sure all of you have heard about the new transfer student correct?" Some of the students nodded their heads while others did not wondering who could this person be ." Well then let me introduce him. You may come in now." He called loud enough for transfer student to hear.

As he walked in the classroom, Kagome noticed about him was the purple star on his forehead and his eyes. 'Wow his eyes are such a bright indigo yet they look so dark with pain with a little bit mischief'

"Class this is Bankoutsu Tsukiyomi. He has just transferred here and I want all of you to male him feel welcomed here at Midoriko High alright?" The class chorused in a yes sir. "Good now Mr. Tsukiyomi you can take the empty seat by Ms. Higurashi. Ms. Higurahi raise your hand please." Kagome raised her hand as the other girls awed and looked at her in envy.

"And since you since you don't have your books yet you can share with her as well." Bankoutsu looked at Kagome and smirked as he moved his desk closer to hers. "Well if I share a book with someone it might as well be a cute wench." Kagome looked at him thinking she heard him wrong. "Excuse me? What did you say?" "You heard me wench your kind of cute. I like the innocent type." He said as he put his hand on her leg.

Kagome growled at him in a way that would make any demon proud and jumped up out of here seat. "You've got some nerve!" She yelled causing everyone to look her in astonishment. "Is the there a problem Ms. Higurashi?" Mr. Hoshiyomi asked looking pointedly at Bankoutsu. When she finally remembered where she was she blushed in embarrassment.

"If not then please take your seat." "Yes sir." Everyone in the classroom snickered quietly as Kagome's thoughts started scrambling in her head. 'I can't believe that just happened. That was so embarrassing.'

Bankoutsu stared at her from the corner of his eye grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Hmm not only is she cute she's fiery and easy to mess with. I'll have to make her angry more often.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox End of Seventh Period

As soon as the final bell of the day rang, Kagome shot out of the classroom heading straight to Ms. Shiori's office."Hey wait up!" a voice called out to her from behind. She turned around coming face to face with Bankoutsu. "What do you want?" She glared at him. "Hey don't be that way beautiful. I'm sorry for doing what I did in the class room." "Whatever." Kagome began walking again but faster trying to get away from him.

"By the way I didn't quite catch your name." he said keeping pace with her. "I don't remember throwing it out." "Well can you at least tell me where Ms. Shiori's office is?" Kagome sighed. "If I tell you will u leave me alone?" Bankoutsu smirked. "Maybe I will." "Then follow me. I have to go see her anyway too."

"Well then maybe its destiny for us to be together." He said leering at her. "As if play boy. And those cheesy pick up lines won't work on me." She said as they finally arrived at Ms. Shiori's open office door.

"Ah good just the people I wanted to see."Kagome looked at her in confusion and suspicion. "You mean this involves both of us?" Ms. Shiori just smiled at them sweetly. "Yes it order for you to gain all of your credits and graduate on time, you must tutor this young man for the next three months."

Kagome stared at her in a good five minute silence "…WHAT?"

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