Flash back…

"NO!" Bankoutsu and the Taishio brothers yelled but it was drowned out by Kagome's blood curdling scream. They all ran toward them when they say Kikyo about to stab Kagome again. Sesshoumaru made it there first and pulled Kikyo off roughly and through her against the wall hard enough to make her pass out. Inuyasha got to the ground by Kagome first and rolled her on her back making her yelp.

"Kagome! Kaggy come on stay with us." Bankoutsu sat on the ground and pulled her in her lap. "Zoey, Bryan call 911!" They nodded and ran back the way they came. "Kagome? Come on baby girl keep your eyes open. Stay with me." He said putting his hand over wound. 'She's losing too much blood.' Kagome had her eyes open to slits as she looked around and blinked slowly. "No Kagome keep your eyes open okay? Don't close them. Please don't close them. Look at me." Bankoutsu begged. He felt his throat close up with emotion.

"This is all my fault. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry Kagome. Please forgive me for not coming sooner. I'm sorry." He said over and over again and buried his face in her neck. Bankoutsu felt a hand cup his cheek gently. He lifted his head and saw Kagome give him a tear filled smile. "You…You really did come for me…all of you."

Kagome let her eyes and her hand fall on her stomach. "Kagome…hey Kagome open your eyes." When she didn't respond everyone started to panic. Bankoutsu shook her gently, feeling his eyes prickle. "No Kagome you have to open your eyes. Come one querida please don't do this. Open your eyes Kagome!" He buried his face in her neck again and felt tears run down his face as he heard the paramedics rush down the hallway.

'Please don't leave me!'

Bad Boy Transfer Student Ch.15

BBTS: Three Months Later

Hitomi moved around Kagome's room packing up all of the light things she could move and carry while Souta and Tamaki moved all of the heavy stuff downstairs. She looked around the room and felt her eyes sting. Tamaki came back to ask if she needed help and smiled at how emotional she still was after three months. He wrapped his arms around her and placed a gentle kiss on her temple. "Honey you have to stop crying sooner or later. You have to let her go."

Hitomi wiped her eyes and turned around in his arms. "I know, I know. I thought I could handle it but I can't believe my baby girl is actually gone." Tamaki chuckled. "It'll get better and more believable with time. You raised a fine young woman and spent more time with her than I ever did. You're a great mother. And we can always try to have another. And if I remember correctly from the last two, trying is the fun part." He said with that bad boy look in his eye from when they first met, making Hitomi blush.

They heard a gagging sound and jumping apart and blushing like teenagers that had been caught by their parents. "Really dad? You seriously couldn't wait until I was gone to start talking like that? Gross!" Kagome fussed in the door way with her hand on her hips.

BBTS: Flashback to Three Months Ago

When the paramedics finally got Kagome to the hospital, she had lost a lot of blood and had simply passed out from the blood loss. When she opened her eyes, her mom and dad told her, after they hugged her and cried, she had been unconscious for about a week due to a mild concussion and the blood loss. She thought she was going to have a panic attack when they told her she had thirteen stitches on her left side but was still thankful that the knife missed anything serious.

The hospital kept her for four more days to monitor the mild concussion and stitches but Kagome had so many visitors and people to keep her company that the days flew by and she was never really bored or lonely. Her friends visited along with the Taishios. But there was a conflict between Touga and Tamaki since nobody took the time to tell him that he was back. But since he and the boys visited Kagome every day, eventually they learned to tolerate each other and be in the same room but that was as far as it would go.

Tsubaki and Muso came to visit at least once or sometimes twice a day. They never came in or left without apologizing to Kagome for what Kikyo did. She always told them that it wasn't their fault but they kept apologizing anyway. Surprisingly, Zoey and Bryan came to visit too. Kagome and Zoey clicked as if they had been friends forever and Bryan turned out to be another brother to her but he was they sneaky, fun one since Inuyasha was the reckless one and Sesshoumaru was the overprotective one.

They told her that Zoey's dad didn't get in trouble for what happened to Kagome, mostly because he didn't know about it, or for the underground sex trafficking. He had connections all over Tokyo and his connections had connections as well. Mostly all he did get was a slap on the wrist and small warning. But the way Zoey said it so casually made it sound like she'd been through this before and it kind made Kagome wonder just how much power can one man have. 'And I thought Inu-Papa was bad.' But either way it did make her happy that Zoey's dad didn't get in trouble.

All the Tsukiyomis except for Renkoutsu and Mukoutsu bought her all kinds of gifts, flowers, stuffed animals, balloons, things from her house and clothes so she wouldn't have to wear the revealing hospital gown. Kagome had so many good visitors, but sadly she also had some bad ones as well. Mainly the visit from Hiten and Yura's father Onigumo.

When Hiten came to visit Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha were visiting with her. He knocked on the door two times before coming with something behind his back. Sesshoumaru stood up first and Inuyasha moved closer to Kagome. "What do you want? You have a lot of nerve coming here after what your brother did." Hiten ignored him and moved as close to Kagome as they would allow. "I just needed to let you know, I had nothing to do with what happened to you that night. I didn't know what Manten was planning. You know me Kagome. If I want something, I go after it myself. I don't send other people to do it for me." Inuyasha was about to open his mouth to give him some colorful words but Kagome stopped him.

"He's right." She sighed. "But Kagome-." Sesshoumaru started. "No buts Sess. I dated Hiten long enough to know how he is and how he can be." Hiten looked a bit taken back making Kagome smile a little. "I did notice a couple of things about you. I'm not completely dense. And sometimes when you lie you always say whatever." He huffed with a small blush on his face. "Yeah whatever. Anyway red tulips is still one of your favorite flowers right?" He said pulling the flowers from behind his back in a small light green vase. "Wait a min… how did you-."

"I'm not completely dense either Gome. Get better soon." He said winking at her and walking out the door. "…He's still a total asshole." Inuyasha mumble but Kagome looked at the flowers and couldn't help feeling a little touched. And, like clockwork, Onigumo visited the next day. This time it was Kaguya, Naraku, and Suikoutsu that were visiting. The room was quiet with tension until Naraku stood up. "You have a lot of balls showing up here Kumo." Kagome looked at him then back at the man in the door way. 'So this is Yura's father.' Kaguya put her hand on her husband's arm but glared at Onigumo. "I don't appreciate my husband's language but I must agree. You're the last person who should be in this room after all the trouble your daughter put our family though. Including Kagome. She did nothing to her for her do something like this to her."

Onigumo looked calm and neutral when you look at his body posture but if you looked into his eyes he had so emotions. Fear, a hint of remorse and the strongest, determination. "I know I shouldn't be here right now and I know this is out line what I'm about to ask of you, but I need to speak to Ms. Higurashi alone." Suikoutsu stood up from the end of Kagome's bed and blocked her from his view. "Anything you have to say to Kagome Mr. Kumo you can say in front of us. After all that has happened we're really comfortable with leaving her alone right now." Naraku nodded and crossed his arms. For a moment Kagome thought he looked more like her boyfriend than ever.

Onigumo sighed and step toward Kagome's bed But Naraku shot him clearly saying 'this is as close as you can get without me ripping you to shreds'. "… Ms. Higurashi I came here to humbly as you to drop the charges against Yura. I know what she did was wrong but she's too young to go to jail for something like this." Naraku growled, taking a step forward but Suikoutsu held him back. "You've gotta be shittin me! You came here to ask her something like that after everything has happened?! You don't have any right to ask her something like that!"

Kagome moved to sit up and Kaguya rushed to help her. "Kagome dear you shouldn't you moving around or trying to sit up right now. You need to rest." Kagome light heartedly shooed her away and sat up on her own. "Mr. Tsuki- I mean Naraku please don't shout. And Mr. Kumo I must agree. You do have a lot of nerve asking something like this of me. Your daughter seems to leave a trail of trouble where she goes sir." Onigumo hung his head in shame for a brief moment before lifting it again.

"I know this already and I am deeply sorry for everything she has done. But please just drop the charges. Money is no object. Just name the price and I'll pay it no matter what it is." Kagome sighed. "I don't know about that Mr. Kumo. I must admit I find it offending that you would come in here throwing around money like that as if it'll change my mind so easily." Onigumo's hands clenched at his sides but he tried to keep his face neutral.

"Please Ms. Higurashi. Just name your price and I'll pay it. We both know with the false rape charge and the violation of the restraining order charge included with what happened now will be too much for me or her to handle. So please Ms. Higurashi I'm begging you. Please drop the charges against my little girl." He said, his voice shaking with emotion along with his fists, Kagome would admit she felt bad for the guy. It wasn't his fault that in every parent's mind and eyes they could never imagine their doing something even remotely close to what Yura done or did. She could only the emotions running through him.

Kagome grabbed the pad she doodled on and wrote something on it. "How about I do this. Since the charges are already on the book and in the system, I'll give you my lawyer's number. It may not be worth anything but maybe you, him and the DA can workout a deal. But this is all I'm capable of doing for you Mr. Kumo." She said pushing her way through the others to get to him, ignoring their protests about her moving around so much. "Kagome you can't be seriously considering helping that bastard."

Kagome grabbed Onigumo's hand and put the paper in his hand with a light smile on her face. "He should be in his office right around this time and his address is under the number. Free of charge. Just make sure Yura gets some help." She said when she saw him reach for his wallet. "… Why are you being so nice? I mean I thought you would agree with Naraku about considering helping me. I didn't really expect to drop the charges against her or even do this much. I thought you would've kicked me out as soon as you saw me."

Kagome shrugged. "I guess I would my parents to fight for me too or I would do the same thing for my kid. Now if I were you I would hurry up and try to catch that guy before he leaves and goes out of town this weekend. If you can just let me know how everything goes please." Onigumo stood there for a moment before pulling her into a hug. "You are a very sweet girl Kagome and raised well. Your parents must be proud to have had and raised such a lovely young woman. Thank you so much." Onigumo let her go and walked out of the room, leaving an awkward silence behind.

"… I guess we can all agree that was awkward for everyone." Naraku said making everyone laughed. Kagome hissed when she felt the stitches tug. "Come on guys don't make me laugh so hard." Kaguya let out a giggle slash sigh. "This is why you shouldn't be moving around. Let alone trying to help other people. Suikoutsu help her back into bed dear before she does something clumsy and tears her stitches…again." Kagome pouted and let Suikoutsu pick her up bridal style. "People should know that when people are in the hospital and are taking a shower in said hospital they should knock first before scaring the crap out of them."

Suikoutsu laughed. "Jakoutsu and Ryukoutsei said they were sorry. And you must feel loved since you have all kinds of people coming to visit you. Even your counselor Ms. Shiori came to see you. And you cousin Kaede and her fiancé Shippo is coming by tomorrow. You're really lucky." Kagome sighed and grabbed the stuffed wolf demon with the star on its forehead and squeezed it tightly. "Yeah. I guess I am." Everyone looked at each other then back at Kagome.

For some reason that they didn't even know about, Bankoutsu hasn't come to see Kagome. He had been there more than any one else until she woke up then he stopped. Every time they asked him why he always snap at them, ignore them, or brush them off saying he would visit her eventually. But he never did. Even at graduation Kagome looked everywhere for him but never found him. "Did I do something wrong? Did I make him mad?" She asked Bryan and Jakoutsu sitting between on the bench in the garden at her, Sesshoumaru, and Inuyasha's graduation party at the Taishio manor. "He didn't even show up to get his diploma."

Jakoutsu sighed and leaned against her. "We honestly don't know Kagome. We all know you didn't do anything wrong. He's just being a jerk face right now." Bryan nodded and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. "Yeah. Maybe he'll show up for the court hearing next month. I doubt he would miss that of all things." But to Kagome's disappointment he didn't show up then either.

Mukoutsu and Renkoutsu were sentenced to 1-2 ½ years of juvi since they were not old enough to be tried as an adult. And with good behavior they good get out early with some community service work. But Yura, Kikyo, and Manten were a different story since they are 18 and over in Manton's case. Manten was sentenced to two years in jail for attempted rape. Kikyo was sentenced to four years for attempted murder and kidnapping with possible parole and psychiatric help. And Yura's original sentence was ten years for kidnapping charge, the false rape charge, lying under oath charge, and the violation of the restraining order charge. But Onigumo and Kagome's lawyer were able to work something out and was only able to cut down the sentence to seven years.

The officers dragged out Kikyo and Manten kicking and screaming death at them, the judge and Kagome buy Yura was surprisingly quiet. She let the officers take her out with her head held high and didn't once look Kagome's way or her father's. Kagome guessed since Yura lost just about everything she wanted to at least walk out of the courtroom with dignity. The rest of the month was mostly filled with rushed college applications and SAT/ACT tests. Kagome had got accepted into too colleges but chose the University of Massachusetts in Boston, Massachusetts and decided to major in Child Care and minor Creative Writing.

BBTS: End Three Month Flashback

"That's just gross dad." Tamaki laughed and pulled Hitomi closer. "Well Kagome you're going all the way to far away North America and Souta is going to be in middle school. We're going to be all alone in this big house. We need to have someone else to look after besides grandpa. Besides don't you want another little brother or sister?" Kagome gagged and grabbed the last box. "I don't care if you want another baby just don't talk like that around me." Tamaki shook his head and took the box from Kagome. "Come on let's go. You can't afford to miss your plane." Kagome nodded and looked around her room one last time before she comes back for the first break in her college life.

Hitomi wrapped her arm around Kagome, her smile and lean her head against her shoulder. "Are you guys going to be okay without me here to help out? I can actually stay a little bit longer if you need me to." Hitomi giggled. "We'll be fine. Just make sure to call all the time no matter what the time difference is and always take pictures so I can put it in your photo book. If you can't do that then always email me every chance you get." Kagome laughed and hugged her tightly. "Yes mom." Tamaki called them down again and Hitomi walked out leaving Kagome to trail behind her while checking her phone. She sighed when she saw nothing from Bankoutsu again. 'I wonder if this is his way of saying he's through with me.'

On the way to the airport, Kagome found herself repeatedly checking her phone. Then she finally gave up and decided to send her 30th and possibly last text message before her plane took off. 'My flight leaves in 30mins. If u rly want 2 see me then meet me the Terminal.' When they mad it to the terminal after taking care of her bags, everybody was there except for the Taishios who were already in Boston tying up loose ends for the new Taishio Corp. in America so the boys could watch over Kagome. They would pick her up from the airport once she landed.

Zoey and Bryan were going to a college not to far from Kagome's but the all lived in the same apartment building so she isn't completely alone. Zoey was double majoring in Gaming and Computer Graphics while Bryan started going back to school help out Zoey and major in Technology. Kagome hugged all of her friends wishing them good luck and making them promise to keep in touch. The Tsukiyomis where there too. Kaguya and Jakoutsu were a little misty eyed and Suikoutsu and Naraku looked a little out of sorts as well.

Kagome only smiled and held out her arms. "I know I just met you guys but I'm really going to miss you too." They both smiled and gave her a hug that was cut short by Kaguya pushing them out of the way and gave her a breath stealing hug. "This past month you've became the daughter I never had. Make sure you use the email address I gave you to stay in touch and look me up on Facebook. And make sure you get a Twitter page." Kagome laughed while Naraku sighed. "Honey you're causing a scene and…and what the hell are YOU even doing with a Facebook or Twitter page?! I don't even have one of those." Everybody rolled their eyes. 'And he thinks she's the one causing a scene.'

Kagome then turned to Jakoutsu, who looked near the edge if tears and trying to decided if he really wanted to hug her or not until Ryukoutsei nudge him forward. "Don't be so difficult. You don't want her to miss her flight do you?" Jakoutsu blushed and pulled her into a tight hug. Kagome smiled and hugged him back. "I'm going to miss you too Jakoutsu. You and Ryukoutsei helped me a lot these last couple of months. Thank you." Jakoutsu let her go and grabbed her hands. "I wish I could do more… I'm sorry he's not here to see you off. He's being such an asshole. Well more than usual anyway." Kagome smiled lightly.

"It's ok." Then she moved to her family. Hitomi, Souta, and grandpa, Hiroki Higurashi, wrapped her up in a group hug. "Have fun but don't have too much fun. We're going to miss you sweet heart." Hitomi said crying again. "Yeah sis. Make sure you check in every once in a while or else mom and dad will worry too much." Souta said, rubbing his eyes. Kagome smiled and ruffled his hair. "You be good for them Souta and help out because you know how clumsy mom is. I had to get that from somewhere." They laughed when the saw Hitomi pout. Hiroki pressed a mermaid shell, prayer sutras and placed the Shikon Jewel around her neck.

"Those prayer sutras keep away all kinds demons. Even the ones in America, the mermaid shell is for good luck. And the Shikon Jewel has been in Higurashi family for generations and passed down from miko to miko to protect. It should help keep you safe as well." Kagome knew the mermaid shell and prayer sutras aren't real but as soon as she felt the jewel touch her skin she felt a small pulse and her skin become warm as if she were standing in the sun. She then turned to Tamaki who looked awkward standing off to the side from them.

"Well… I guess this is it." He said still fidgeting. Kagome shook her head and hugged him. She felt Tamaki tense up but then he slowly wrapped his arms around her just as tight. "I'm going to miss you honey." Kagome smiled. "I'm going to miss you too daddy. And I'll be sure to check in on you too." Tamaki smiled. "You better. We have a lot to catch up on. And don't get too crazy in America just because we're not there either." Kagome laughed and kissed him on the cheek. "Wouldn't dream of it." Kagome's flight was announced over the loud speaker saying that it would be leaving in ten minutes.

Kagome looked back in the crowd of her family and friends looking for a purple star. But she didn't. Kagome felt her eyes sting but held back and grabbed her yellow back pack. "I'll call as soon as I land or when I get settled in. I promise." They all nodded and waved at her as she boarded the plane. When she finally got on the plane she started to cry. 'Who needs that jerk anyway. I should've known he was no good.' She thought wiping away her tears and preparing for take off. But she didn't see the person that say diagonally in front of her that kept looking back at her as if they were concerned about her.

BBTS: 5,150 Miles Later in America

When Kagome finally landed in America it was already early morning and the sun was just rising. "I now know the full meaning of jet lag." She told Touga and the boys when they picked her up from the airport and stretched. Touga chuckled. "You think that's bad. Its going to be hell getting used to the time change." Kagome groaned and laid across Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha in the backseat. Sesshoumaru chuckled and ran his fingers through her while Inuyasha rubbed her back. "Don't worry we're not that far from the apartment building. And it not that far from the campus either." Kagome pouted.

"I still can't believe you guys got that apartment for me instead of letting in the campus dorms with the other college kids. They're probably gonna think I'm rich, stuck up, or something." Sesshoumaru huffed and rolled his eyes."Don't be so dramatic. Who cares what they think. If they have enough times judge then they don't have enough work to do. And you haven't even seen the apartment yet. It's not even that extravagant." Kagome was about to retort when her empty stomach decided make itself known. The boys laughed making Kagome blush. "What? It is breakfast time… can we go ahead and get pizza and chocolate chip cookies though?"

After they went to Little Caesars and got two pepperoni pizzas and four cookies slices from Great American Cookies, they finally arrived at her apartment. They walked up the two flights of stairs and opened the door for Kagome. She looked inside the apartment then back at them. "What?" Sesshoumaru said looking at her with a raised eyebrow. "…It's official. I need either a Sesshoumaru dictionary or a Taishio dictionary so I can find out what your definition of extravagant means compared to what it means in the Kagome dictionary." They all laughed and led her to living room filled with boxes.

"Everything is already set up and as you can see the apartment is fully furnished. All we have to do is unpack." Touga said getting ready to take off his suit jacket when everybody but Kagome's cell phone went off. They shot her regretful looks and looked at their phones. She held her hand to stop them from saying anything. "Don't. I get it you guys are busy and have a lot to do. I can unpack on my own." Inuyasha's ears laud flat on his head in guilt.

"Are you sure? I can stay and let dad and Sesshoumaru take care of everything." Kagome shook her head and pushed them out the door. "Really you guys I got it. I can handle a few little boxes on my own." Touga sighed and kissed her forehead. "Alright. But if you think you can't lift anything on your own just call us. And I mean that Kagome. I don't need you straining or hurting yourself." Kagome smiled and gave them each a kiss on the cheek and closed the door behind them. She looked around the spacious living room and moved around the boxes to get to the kitchen.

'At least my kitchen is some what normal.' She walked down the hallway that was big enough to have three people walk side by side and had five rooms with two on each side and one at the end of the hallway that was a linen closet that held the usual towels and blankets. On the left was a bathroom painted light green and a light green shower curtain and a bedroom she guessed it was since she saw a note on the door in Touga's handwriting. 'Just in case we or someone else wants to spend the night.' Kagome smiled and moved down the hallway. On the right side was a white laundry room and bedroom she guessed was hers since it had all her personal stuff in it.

Kagome sighed and made her back to the living room full of boxes. 'At time like this I wish I could do magic.' She thought to herself, sighing. "Well either way. It's not going to unpack itself." She said and reached for the first box closest to her. By the time Kagome finished, with a few pizza and cookie breaks in between and calling her family and friends to let them knows he made it okay, it was 11:00 at night. She looked around the apartment with a nod of approval.

"I can set up my pictures, books and computer tomorrow after I fuss at the guys about the new TV and PS3… then again maybe not the PS3 since they got me all of the best and my favorite games." She stretched her arms above her head and wrinkled her nose. 'I hope they had enough sense to get my favorite bubble bath and shower gel.' Kagome went to the bathroom and turned on the light and saw another note in corner of her eye on the sink to her left in Inuyasha's hand writing.

'Try out the water jets if you're ever sore ;)' Kagome blinked at the note and couldn't but see a secret innuendo she kept help but pick up as she turned the water on and poured the bubbles in. 'What's that supposed to mean?' She threw it away and went to her room for some clothes to change in and pulled out a purple night gown ands matching robe Jakoutsu packed for her and saw another note on the window of the double doors that led out to a balcony.

"Really?! What's with all these notes?" Kagome stomped over to the window and ripped the note off the wall. Her irritated scowl melted into a warm smile when she saw the three words written on the note in Sesshoumaru's handwriting. 'Be safe Kaggy.'"He can be such a puppy sometimes." She laughed and walked back to the bathroom with her clothes, IPod and book and turned the water off. She noticed the lights had dimmed but shrugged it off and turned them back up thinking that she did on accident and pulled her hair and slid into the tub with a tired sigh.

Kagome turned on her IPod and opened her book to finish the last two chapters of Hawksong by Amelia-Atwater Rhodes but kept finding her mind wonder back to a certain bad boy transfer student and noticed that she has re-read the same page at least twenty times already. Kagome sighed and laid the book in the floor and ducked her head under water until only her nose was visible. 'That jerk sure knows how to leave an impression on a girl. Did I really do something to make him mad mat me enough to never talk to me?'

She sighed and played with bubbles knowing that if she over thinks it too much she'll end up giving herself a headache. Then she heard the door open and figured it was one of the guys coming back to check on her. She quickly finished her bath, dressed in her gown and robe, and brushed her teeth before walking out of the bathroom. "You guys didn't have to come back and check on me. It could've waited until the morning." She yelled walking down the hallway and into the living room but she didn't see them.

"I could've sworn I heard the door open and close." Kagome walked over to the door and checked it. It was locked and latched. Her eyes scanned the door and saw something that wasn't there while she was packing or before she went to the bathroom. It was a sticky note. It was purple with silver writing on it.

'I'm, so sorry Kagome. Please let me back in.'

Kagome dropped the note and backed up from the door. 'That's HIS handwriting. How dopes he even know I'm here?' Then she froze when she backed up into something hard. 'There shouldn't be a wall there.' Then she felt arms wrap around her from behind and felt something nuzzle the spot behind her ear making her shiver. Forgetting about the note and handwriting, Kagome started to struggle. Her captor's arms tightened making her panic.

'No way in hell am I having a repeat of what happened three months ago.' Kagome quickly maneuvered one the moves Sesshoumaru toughed her. She shoved her arm back as hard as she could catching the guy in the stomach and through her head back, busting his lip. Kagome used all the strength she had and flipped over her should and laid him flat on his back. She then lifted her leg to kick him but he caught her and pulled her down beside him. Kagome moved to get up but the guy straddle her and pinned her arms above her head.

Kagome kicked out at any place she could reach and bit any place she could get to. "Kagome stop it! It's me dammit! That hurts!" Kagome froze hearing his voice, breathing just as hard he was. "Bankoutsu? What the hell?!" Bankoutsu sighed and reached to turn on the lamp on the table by the door. "The one and only. And why are you the one screaming when I should be the one screaming. Damn you hit hard." He snickered but stopped when he saw Kagome wasn't laughing.

"Kagome?" Kagome's bangs were covering her eyes as she bent her head down and pushed at Bankoutsu. "Get off Tsukiyomi." Bankoutsu winced when she called him by his last name but moved as she told him to do. Kagome got up and turned her back to him while she dusted off imaginary dirt from her robe and gown and straightened it. "… How did you know I was here?" Bankoutsu stuffed his hands in his pockets to keep from touching her again and shrugged carelessly without even thinking about it. "You texted me remember?" Before she thought it through, Kagome's hand swung and slapped Bankoutsu. He let his head stay to the side for few seconds then turned back to face her but didn't expect to see her crying and angry at the same time.

"So you read my text message, probably heard all of the voice messages I left you and the phone calls and you still didn't respond to any of it?!" She said, sitting on the left side of the couch, furiously wiping her tears away. "I was seriously worried about you. I thought I did something to make you mad at me or made you hate me. You didn't even show up for graduation or the court hearing. I needed you more than anyone. Your parents told me you refused to see me and you said you didn't want me to come see you!" Bankoutsu stood listening to her and watching her cry and felt his heart strings rip. He walked around the couch and sat down. He reached for her but she moved back and pushed him away.

"Don't touch me!" Bankoutsu winced but ignored her anyway and pulled her into a hug. Kagome struggled against him and hit him in the chest but all he did was wrap one arm around her waist and put his hand on her head. "I didn't come see you or contact you because I felt like I had no right to talk to you anymore." Kagome stopped struggling. "…What?" Bankoutsu sighed and pulled her closer, laying his head on top of hers.

"You ended up in that hospital bed because of me. You almost died Kagome. It's all my fault. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have even met or heard of Yura or went through what you did. And knowing how you are I knew you wouldn't blame me. So I thought if I stayed away from you and ignored you it would make you hate me and forget about me so that you could find someone else who could actually protect you from their past or keep you separated from it. And when you sent me that last text message about you leaving, I tried to ignore it and let you go. But I couldn't." Kagome lifted her head to look at him and saw that Bankoutsu had something between a sad and exhausted smile on his face, as if he was tired of fighting.

"I'm so sorry Kagome. I just can't stay away from you. The past three months have been surprisingly torture to me. I'm sorry for being a selfish ass, a coward and not thinking about your feelings." He grabbed her hand and laced them together and used the other hand to wipe away the stray tears on cheeks. "I know you're probably mad at me for being a jackass and I know I don't deserve to ask you this because mostly like you'll punch the hell out of me but I just need to know." Bankoutsu used the same hand that wiped away her tears to cup her cheek. "Kagome will you please ever find it in your heart to forgive me and let me back inside?"

Kagome sat there on couch actually shocked. 'So he really thought about all that? And I thought I over think things too much.' She looked down at their hands and unconsciously started tracing patterns over the veins on his hand. "Ya know my mom always use to tell me that a woman's heart is like vault. Once you're out you're out." Bankoutsu dropped his head, his bangs covering his eyes. 'I knew it. I screwed up.' Kagome lifted his head to look at her and smiled. "And once you're in, you're in."

Bankoutsu blinked before his face broke out into the biggest smile Kagome had ever seen on his face. "I never stopped thinking either Bank. And I don't hate you. I'm just mad because you never showed up. The hearing I can understand because that's your family but graduation I can't. All of our…well MY hard work went waste all because you were too scared to face little ole me. You could totally kick my butt anyway." Bankoutsu laughed. "Seeing how you can take care of yourself in a fight I'm too scared to even try to fight you Kagome. And I'm sorry about graduation. I guess I owe you a lot huh?" Kagome giggled and ran one finger down his bicep.

"You owe more than a lot dontcha think?"She glanced at his lips before they went back to his eyes. Bankoutsu did the same thing and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Yeah. I guess I do." He then closed the distance between them and sealed the silent promise with a kiss. It grew quickly into a heated kiss as Kagome pressed back against Bankoutsu. He groaned softly and pulled her into his lap. He nipped at her bottom lip, making Kagome gasp and grant him entrance. Kagome moved her hands to his hair and quickly undid his braid so that she could tangle her hands in his hair and tugged gently. Bankoutsu moved his hands slowly up her things cupping her butt causing her to mewl. They both silently cursed the need for air, braking the kiss.

Bankoutsu laced his hand in Kagome's hair, gently pulling her head to the side and started to nibble on her spot. She gasped wrapped both arms around his neck and tilted her head to the side to give him better access. He soothed the bite with his tongues and traced a path back up Kagome's neck to her ear. He traced the shell and nipped at the top. Kagome bite her lip before doing the same thing to him and nibbled on the spot she found before making him hiss.

Kagome felt a small surge of pride knowing that she was the one that made him make that sound. She unzipped his hoody and kissed every inch skin she revealed making him hum in appreciation and run his fingers through her hair. Bankoutsu grabbed Kagome's shoulders and pushed her back gently to look at her and almost moaned at the effect the sight had on him. Her lips were red and swollen from the kiss, a heavy blush decorated her cheeks and she was breathing deeply enough that every time she did her chest pushed up against his.

'She's so beautiful.' He though resisting the urge to look down and confirm that thought. Kagome was also doing the same thing as she looked at him. She loved the way that he looked about as disoriented as she was with a light blush decorating his tan skin, his hair looking all messy as if he just got of bed and she loved the way his dark green wife beater showed off all the muscles that was hidden under it. 'He's so beautiful.' Bankoutsu played with the ties that held her robe together and undid the knot making her shiver at the cold air of the room. He kissed the newly revealed skin.

"Which one of the rooms is yours baby girl?" He whispered against her skin and moving his hands from her butt to her waist causing her to quake from feel of his breath and hands on her sensitive skin. "The last door on the right." Bankoutsu stood up from the couch, picking up Kagome too before slowly putting her back down on the floor. He held in a laugh when her get off balance for a second. She blushed and grabbed his hand, pulling him down the hallway to her room. They both walked into the room, still holding hands and stopped in front of the bed.

Kagome looked at Bankoutsu then at the bed. "…It's a pretty big bed isn't?" She said running her over the edge of the bed. Bankoutsu cupped her face, making her look at him and searched her eyes for something. "We don't have to do anything ya know that right? I can just hold you like before and sleep or I can go sleep in the guest room." Kagome leaned into his touch.. "I know." The she unzipped the rest of his hoody and pushed it off his shoulders.

Kagome grabbed Bankoutsu by his belt loops and pulled him closer. She smiled up at him and stood of her toes before kissing him. "And I trust you." Bankoutsu smiled and pushed the robe off her shoulders too. He sat down on the bed and pulled Kagome so that she straddled him again. "Purple is a good color on you. Though something tells me you'll look better with out it." Kagome blushed, playing with the edge of his wife beater. "I could say the same thing about you." He smirked and helped her pull off his wife beater. He pulled her down again by the back of her neck and kissed her as he laid down making her follow him. Kagome, feeling a little bold, broke the kiss and looked down at him.

Bankoutsu titled his head to the side curiously but remained quiet because he wanted to see what she would do. Kagome leaned down and kissed the spot behind his ear tentatively, making him gasp. Feeling her confidence build. She ran her hands down his chest, feeling his, muscles jump under her touch as she followed her trail with kisses. She placed a lingering kiss over his heart and racked her nails down his chest lightly. He hissed and gripped the sheets at his sides. 'Wow Jakoutsu was right. He loves a little pain.' She did it again, this time a little harder than the last and Bankoutsu bucked up against her making her gasp and stop.

Bankoutsu gripped her hips and did it again. Kagome moaned and looked down at him to see he had that look in his eye when they first met. He was teasing her. 'So he thinks this is funny? Jerk. ' "What's wrong Kagome? Why'd you stop baby?" He did it again and she locked her legs tightly around his waist pushing down against him curiously feeling something rise inside her. Bankoutsu chuckled. "It felt good didn't it?" Kagome nodded then felt the room spin as he reversed their positions. "I'll make you feel even better."

Bankoutsu pulled her gown up slowly, giving her time to change her mind, but it all did was make Kagome more nervous and anxious. 'Will he like what he sees or will he be disappointed?' Finally he slipped the gown over her head and tossed it to the floor. Nothing was hidden from him, except her sex, since she never wears a bra to bed. A few moments passed as he drinked in the sight in front of him, trying to burn it in his memory. Kagome, thinking he didn't like what he saw, moved to cover up but Bankoutsu grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head. He laughed lightly at how red she looked and leaned down to whisper in her ear."Why would you try to hide from me? You have nothing to hide and a lot to be proud of Kagome. You're so beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you differently." He nipped her ear and railed more of them down her neck and the valley of her breast.

He cupped her breast and couldn't help but notice how perfectly they fit in his hands as he rubbed his calloused thumbs over her nipple until they became taunt flesh. Kagome bit her lip to keep from making noises but Bankoutsu would have none of that. "Ah Bankoutsu!" She cried out when she felt a great heat engulf one of her pink buds while the other was being pinched and tugged on lightly. She gripped the sheets tightly as he gave the same attention to the other twin. Bankoutsu continued his journey nibbling on her tight stomach and froze when he saw the angry pink scar on her left side.

Kagome opened her eyes, mot remembering when she closed them, and looked down to see why he stopped. She saw him looking at the scar and frowned seeing all the emotions that flickered through his eyes and over his face. Kagome saw up on one elbow and laced her hand in his hair. "Bankoutsu? I'm ok." His eyes darted from the scar to her and back again. She watched in fascination and red coloring her cheeks as he traced and kissed scar never breaking contact. She couldn't help but feel he was making a silent promise to her that she was always going to be okay and more.

Bankoutsu gave her a soft smile and moved down her body further, dipping his tongue into her belly button a few times making her fall back on the bed with a surprised mewl. Then he finally made it to his destination. Bankoutsu pulled at the dark blue lace boy shorts with his finger and let them go make her squeal at the sting. She tried to glare at him but it came out as a pout instead making him snicker lightly. He pulled down her boy shorts slowly as if he were unwrapping a present and trying to savor the moment. Kagome gasped and covered her eyes when she felt him grab her thighs and pushed them apart. He would admit this to anybody or tell Kagome because he knew it would be the end of him, but he was happy when he saw a neatly trimmed and well kept whorl of hair at the cleft of her sex.

He kissed and traced patterns on the inside of her thighs, making her twitch and jump at the small shocks of pleasure he was giving with his light touches. When he felt that she was distracted enough, he blew lightly on her hot center. Kagome jerked at the cold feeling and moaned but did nothing more. Bankoutsu stuck his tongue out and slid up from her entrance to her sensitive nub. Kagome rewarded him with a surprised shout and tried to move back from the foreign feeling but he used one hand to hold her hips down and repeated the process.

Kagome gripped the bed sheet tight and threw her head back with a moan, and bucked her hips into his touch. Bankoutsu groaned, the sound sending pleasurable jolts through Kagome's body. Kagome squeaked when Bankoutsu pulled her legs over his shoulders and pushed one finger inside her moist heat while his tongue flicked against her swollen nub. Kagome unconsciously reached to grips his hair and tighten her legs around his shoulders.

Bankoutsu looked up the line of her body as he added another finger and did a scissoring motion making intake sharply at the pleasure he was forcing on her body that she has never experienced before. She looked down at him with glazed over eyes, feeling the room's heat intensify when she saw how dark his eyes have become. Almost midnight black with lust and want. "It feels so good Bankoutsu. So good." She gasped out and Bankoutsu felt his pants become even more uncomfortably tight and unbuttoned them to relieve some pressure. He added another finger and picked his speed and pulled her nub into his mouth, running his tongue over it rapidly before letting go and repeating.

Kagome shouted and tugged at his hair, arching of the bed. "O Kami yes!" She felt like something inside her was building and read to explode and prayed that Bankoutsu didn't stop his sweet torture.. 'I though she was tight before but now she's like a vice, I hope I don't hurt her.' He thought, feeling her tighten more around his fingers and hearing her pants become more labored and breathless. Bankoutsu stopped and pulled his fingers out slowly making her whine at the loss.

"Bankoutsu no! Why'd you stop?" Bankoutsu kissed his way back up her body and gave her a lingering kiss and pressed their foreheads together. "I can't let you have all the fun baby." Then he sat up pulled something out of his pocket and started to pull down his pants. Kagome swallowed nervously and tried to look every where except below his waist but couldn't fight temptation. 'That can't possibly fit in me.' Bankoutsu saw the look on her face and for the first while doing this a light blushed decorated his cheeks. "Don't worry it'll fit." He said, tearing the foil packet with his teeth. "Won't it hurt?

"For a little while yeah but it'll get better. I promise." He moved to roll on the condom but she grabbed his hand. "Can I do it?" She asked blushing. Bankoutsu nodded and pulled her in his lap and put it in her hand. She rolled it on slowly and squeezed curiously, making him hiss at her touch. 'Wow it's so hard and hot. The real thing is nothing compared to the pictures Ayumi, Yuka and Eri showed me.' Kagome let go and Bankoutsu positioned her over him. "You're in control and take it slow. If it hurts too much you can bite me and scratch me too." She nodded and gripped his shoulders. Bankoutsu put his hands on her hips and guided her down. Kagome bit her lip, feeling him start to stretch her. Bankoutsu nearly groaned at the tight heat.

"Kagome you have to relax and let me in. Calm down and breath." He said kissing her collar bone. Kagome did as he instructed and pushed down more until she bumped against her maidenhead. She buried her face in his neck, opening her mouth. "Kagome? Wha-." He cut off with a surprised shout as Kagome slammed herself down on him and bit his shoulder to muffle her scream. Bankoutsu's grip on her waist tighten so much that in the back of his mind he knew that she would have bruises in the morning. After a few moments Kagome let go and laid her head on his shoulder and waited to adjust, breathing hard along with Bankoutsu.

"Are you crazy? You could've seriously hurt yourself doing that." Kagome sat up shakily, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I wanted to…get it…over with." She said taking shuddering breaths in between." Bankoutsu whipped away her tears. "Dummy. I told you to take it slow. Do you want to stop?" She shook her head vigorously. "Just… just give me… a minute." He nodded and stroked her sides waiting for to adjust her to his size. She took advantage and explored his body, tracing over his muscles, abs, chest, and the veins that seemed to jump under her touch. . She moved to his biceps and felt the tracing of something, like a picture under her finger tips. In the dull moon light from the half moon outside Kagome saw a tattoo of a caged bird on Bankoutsu's right bicep and decided to ask him about it later.

Kagome wiggled her hips experimentally feeling pain go away only to gasp at the dull ache. She moved again and this time he bucked up into her, making them both moan. She moved slowly, biting her lip at the foreign fullness inside her. Bankoutsu helped her move as he kissed the tops of her breast and pulled one of the mounds taunt flesh into his mouth again, biting as gently as he could with pleasure he was feeling. She moaned and laced one hand in his hair, trying to keep him there and picked up her speed. He groaned and kissed and nibbled back up to her mouth and gave her a chaste kiss. He surprised her when he reached down and started playing with her sensitive nub.

Kagome moaned, eyes wide at the sudden burst of ecstasy. "Bankoutsu!" She cried out to him, feeling the fire from before return stronger than before. Bankoutsu felt kind of smug and possessive, knowing he is the first person to make Kagome feel this pleasure and that it was his name she was screaming no one else. She's never felt or experienced anything like this in her life before but still she felt greedy and wanted more this first time feeling. Needed more of this feeling."Tell me what you want Kagome." Kagome kissed him and looked in his eyes. "I need more Bankoutsu. Please give me more."

Hearing her say that he lost his ability to hold back. Bankoutsu pushed her back on the bed and moved faster. At new position, Kagome's moans and mewls escalated from quiet to loud, nearly screaming as he slammed into her body. She tried but gave up trying to keep up with him and wrapped her legs around his. Bankoutsu gripped the sheets in white knuckled grip feeling that familiar fire build inside him and about to explode. Kagome moved her hands to his back and through her head back with a silent scream when he hit something deep inside her that sent a pleasing jolt through her sensitive flesh.

Finally she felt the heat inside her become unbearable. "It feels too good Bankoutsu! I can't hold on anymore!" Bankoutsu moaned and laced his left hand with her right. "Come on Kagome just a little bit longer." His thrust went from fast and hard to short deep. His other hand reached down rubbed Kagome's clit. Kagome let out a final cry at the stimulation arching off the bed and raked her nails down Bankoutsu's back and squeezed his hand tight.

Bankoutsu growled at the pain, falling over the edge not far behind her. Kagome fell back on the bed shaking and breathing hard from her first orgasm. Bankoutsu pulled out slowly making them both moan and collapsed on his side so that he wouldn't crush her breathing equally as hard. With the last bit of energy he had he rolled over and threw the condom in the trash and rolled back over to face Kagome. She was already dozing. He smiled and pulled the covers over them and pulled her closer. She rested her head on his chest wrapped her arm around his waist.

"I missed you." He said, closing his eyes, missing the small smile on her face.

BBTS: Morning

Bankoutsu woke up the next day with the noon sun in his eyes. He stretched and rolled over, looking for a body to cuddle but found the sheets were cold. He sat up looking around the room frantically until he smelled spaghetti sauce. 'Why the hell was I looking around like it was a one might stand anyway?' He pulled on his pants and followed the scent to the kitchen, finding Kagome standing at the stove in nothing but his hoody and purple and green polka dotted fuzzy socks. Bankoutsu came up behind her and stuck his hands in the pockets. "Morning." He said kissing her cheek making her giggle.

"More like afternoon." Bankoutsu chuckled and laid his head on her shoulder. "Its going to take time getting used to the time change. Hopefully you won't be late for classes all the time before then." Kagome stirred the sauce and held it up for him to taste. "We?" Bankoutsu tasted it. "Yes we. And before you ask I told you I would do anything to get into the same college as you didn't I?" Kagome turned the fire off and turned around in her arms. "So in other words you bribed them." Bankoutsu rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Not everything I do involves bribing or anything illegal. I put in a application like you did. And I don't call it bribing I call it making a deal and doing what I need to do to stay with you. I just had negotiate a schedule so that I can work and go to school…but I need a place to stay." He said looking at her hopefully. "You can stay here but I just need to know something first."

"Anything." She looked up at him with her innocent doe brown eyes and got a bad feeling in his stomach. "How did you know where I was and that this was my apartment? And how long? You don't do things something this big out of the blue unless you plan it." Bankoutsu backed up slightly and scratched the back of his head looking very guilty. "Well I knew where you were because Jakoutsu and Sesshoumaru told me…two day before you flight." He bit his lip and looked down. "And I knew you lived here because I followed here…after we got of the plane in one of the taxis." Kagome's eye widened and then all of the sticky notes and gowns made since to her.

"Are you freakin' serious?! You knew everything and still didn't try and reach me?! Do you like making worry Tsukiyomi?" He winded at her screaming and held his hands up. "I told you why I didn't come see you. And I was serious last night after the way I saw you fight Kikyo and how easily you took me out I thought I would suffer the same beating she did." Kagome sighed in frustration and turned around with her arms crossed. After a few seconds she turned slightly and looked at him from the corner of her eye. "I hate you so much right now." Bankoutsu breathed a sigh of relief leaning against the bar and smiled. "I love you too Kagome." She pouted cutely as she walked over to him wrapped her arms around his waist. "Really?"

"Really. In fact we have enough time before he we have to go pick up our books for me to show you." He said picking her up bridal style, making her squeal and carried her back to the bedroom.

I know I know bad lemon and bad ending but I might be writing extra side stories for these two because I'm not totally done with this story yet ;). Anyways thank you guys so much for the reviews I didn't expect to get and for all the helpful advice. And I'll try to put a picture of the apartment sometime next month on my profile because my computer is being a total butt right now. Cul8ter!