Okay this is for XxrinuchihaxX a new friend I obtained while being all Uchihacesty and delicious. Anyway, I based this idea off of the snow we're getting here in Washington..And I'm so happy, two days canceled because of the snow! Anyway...Regular PV!-

Sasuke stared at the intercom, waiting so very patiently. Well, more patiently than Naruto. He was bouncing up and down in his desk, practically whimpering with anticipation. They had already canceled after school programs, and school was supposed to be over at noon, but the Uchiha knew deep down in his heart that they could leave two hours early if his principal said those three sweet little words. The intercom beeped three times before it crackled and that's when the principal's voice came through loud and clear.

" It's really starting to come down out there, kids." He said as if they didn't already know. Most of the class has rushed outside as soon as they heavier flakes started to come down. They were taking pictures in the snow and already making snow angels in the grass beside the classroom. Sasuke rolled his eyes when he saw that. At least let it get to be about three inches deep before you attempt any snow antics. " Allow me to be the first one to say, have a nice rest of the day! School's been canceled!"

There was an eruption of cheers from all around. Many of the student's bolted out of the room, smiles plastered upon their faces. Sasuke on the other hand casually pulled out his cellphone as Naruto dragged him through the room. He smacked his over-hyper best friend and he sat on a desk across from Sasuke, waiting for the Uchiha to finish whatever business he had on the phone. From the look on his face, Naruto could only guess that he was calling his brother. Naruto smirked and danced around on the desk, entertaining himself. Sasuke rolled his eyes and pushed Naruto's forehead.

" Hey Itachi-nii." He said into the receiver. Naruto got off the desk and walked up to his friend, pulling out his own cellphone. He turned turned up the volume on it and started to blare ' Dirty Picture' by Taio Cruz. Sasuke was shoved into a desk by the blond, making him moan in surprise. " Oh that? It was nothing Itachi, Naruto just slammed me into a desk. Anyway, school got out early and I was just letting you know I'll be home before you...Oh really? They're letting the college out too? That's cool...You don't have to, I mean I can easily walk...Oh, okay Itachi-nii. Yeah, I'll be waiting outside the back gates for you to arrive. Be careful alright? It's going to start getting icy soon. Oh and by the way, Naruto's coming over so we can work on our history project."

" Not like we need to, they're probably going to cancel school up to the break." Naruto said into the other side of the phone and Sasuke's ear. He shoved the blond away and turned so he wasn't facing him anymore. The blond started to make faces at his stoic friend, and the teacher aide laughed a little as he packed up. Kakashi had already left, most likely prowling the school to find Iruka so they could leave together. Sasuke hung up as Naruto grabbed the Uchiha's hand, forcing him to jump up and down with him so he would let go. He twirled his raven around and dipped him. " Uchiha Sasuke, are you ready for this epic, momentous, special-"

" The only special thing around here is you." Naruto feigned shock and slammed his friend into the desk. He was hugging him tightly and mock crying into his shoulder.

" I'm surprised you remembered..." Sasuke pushed Naruto off and slung his backpack on his shoulder. He walked to the door, with the blond following him like a little puppy. " Sasuke why aren't you excited! I mean, a week without school, snow, and you finally get your chance to confess!" He grabbed onto his best friend's arm as he sighed.

" And how is that a good thing? Do you even know how nervous I feel?" Sasuke asked swinging Naruto around so they were face to face. " I got butterflies just hearing him on the phone. How am I supposed to tell him in person?"

Sasuke had come out to Naruto about three years ago during eighth grade. The blond was admittedly a little uncomfortable at first until that confession made him think deeply about his own sexual orientation. Naruto was practically shocked to realize that he himself was bi-sexual and even tried to casually date the Uchiha. And Sasuke practically assured him that they would have probably did so if it weren't for the fact he was in love with someone else. It took Naruto two whole years of badgering and pestering and annoying before Sasuke finally spilled that he was madly in love with his brother. And somehow Naruto always had this knowledge in the back of his head and accepted it as fact. Now he was the only one who knew this secret besides the Uchiha himself and was trying madly to get him to work up the courage to tell his brother. They weren't like most brothers, they had a strange bond ever since their parents died, leaving them everything. Naruto had always felt that they were meant for each other and who was he to deny love? And he knew for a fact that Itachi was in love with Sasuke as well, his brother Kyuubi was the older Uchiha's best friend and managed to get that information out by means of drunken realizations. The blond tried many times to reassure his friend that Itachi loved him and that he should just tell him how he felt, but Sasuke was scared. Naruto sighed, this was a very typical conversation they were about to have.

" Sasuke, we've talked about this. Just do something spontaneous and outrageous, like tying him to the bed and giving him a strip tease while eating a sucker and dancing to Adam Lambert, my current international obsession. You have to admit, he's beautiful."

" He really is." Sasuke said nodding his head. " But you have to understand Naruto, I'm not spontaneous nor am I nearly as creative as you. I mean sure, I can crank out poetry and stupid shit like essays in no time flat for AP lang and comp, but when it comes to being sexy and that... Let's face it, I'm severely lacking in that category. I like, need practice, or something." Naruto gained a wicked smirk and pulled the Uchiha into his body. Sasuke raised his eyebrow at his blond friend and then tried to pull back as he was almost kissed. " WHAT THE HELL, NARUTO?"

" You said you need practice and here I am, your first kiss, waiting very patiently for a little more of what you got." Naruto said, wiggling his eye brows suggestively. Sasuke gave him a well deserved punch to the head and he let out a groan of pain, holding his head as he walked behind the Uchiha. " Oh come on Sasuke, I know that kiss was in middle school but it still counts! I'll never forget about it, mostly because I got beat up by every girl who had a crush on you, and they didn't play fair either! They came at me in large groups, clawing and biting. But I also remember because you know you want me." Sasuke turned with a raised eyebrow, he rolled his eyes and shook his head as he turned back around. " Don't deny your feelings for me!"

" Sasuke has feelings for you? I would have never guessed." Sai said as he walked up to the two of them. Sasuke frowned while Naruto just laughed, slinging his arm around his friend's shoulder. " I always suspected Sasuke of being asexual, you know, kinda like a germ." Naruto busted out laughing, slapping Sasuke roughly in the back. The Uchiha let out a warning growl and the blond moved sides so he could stand next to Sai and not get murdered. He gave one of his signature smiles before patting Naruto's shoulder. " Well, I've gotta go guys, my ride's here." He said winking to one of the sluttiest girls on campus. He always dated the more slutty of women so he could get everything he wanted and break their hearts. He said it was like giving them a life lesson, Sasuke couldn't help but agree.

" Ugh, Sai gives me chills." Naruto said suddenly as he looked away from his phone. The Uchiha took it from his friend, making a face at the screen when he read that Sai wanted Naruto to show him if he was a natural blond.

" You're the one who encourages him." Sasuke replied offhandedly as he walked to the back gate of the school. Itachi was at the light, waiting to turn into the school.

" Oh, one time! I kissed him one time at the Christmas party last year, but that was because I had a few too many eggnog and rums! He should know by now that I'm not interested." Sasuke gave him a look and the blond blushed a little. " Alright, I may have brought a little bit of this on myself..."

" Was that before or after you flirted with him everyday for three months via text message? Or when you went on that 'just-friends-date' with him last month and flirted with him the entire time. And I believe he even referred to you as 'you damn tease' for almost a whole six months before that...Implying that you dug your own grave here pal." Sasuke said with a wicked smirk. Naruto stuck his tongue out at the Uchiha as Itachi pulled up. Foreign music was blaring, making the bass shake in Itachi's black Mercedes. It could mean only one thing. Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other as one of the tinted windows rolled down and long, spiky, red hair was seen. Kyuubi turned his head towards the younger couple, he was smiling viciously at them.

" Hey there sexy, you looking for a good time?" He said winking at Naruto. The blond wandered up to the passenger window and shoved his brother back in the car before anyone saw his embarrassing brother make another pass at him. Sasuke sighed and got into the backseat, Naruto quickly follow suit. Kyuubi rolled up his window, smirking at the flush on his little brother's face. He turned down the music and turned so he was looking in the backseat. Naruto was pouting and the red head smirked at him. " Aww Naruto don't be all sore at me. I was only joking!" The blond 'hmphed' and turned away. " Aww, I know what will cheer you up! An old fashioned laugh. So Itachi and I were walking and the sidewalks are completely covered in ice and snow right? And all of the sudden, out of no where, I mean I would have NEVER would have seen this coming...Like ever. Itachi slips and totally falls on his ass, in front of everyone!"

Sasuke and Naruto both looked completely stunned. Itachi, who was the equivalence of grace; Itachi, who never miscalculated a single step; Itachi, who Sasuke suspected had cat-like reflexes, fell down on his ass because of the snow. Both of them burst out laughing because of the absurdity of that thought.

" Hn. Kyuubi, my dear friend, you left out a certain part." Itachi said as he slowed down. He turned onto the main road, letting out a sigh when one of the cars in front of him started to slid a little. " It was quite important you know, the whole part where you fell down first, with a scream, I might add, and grabbed onto my arm and making me fall."

" You don't have to defend yourself Itachi," Naruto said, pulling his head forward so he could talk to the stoic raven. " I didn't believe Kyuubi anyway. The idea of you falling down or running into anything is preposterous."

" The fact you know a word like preposterous, is preposterous." Sasuke retorted with a smirk. Naruto pulled himself back and started to wrestle a little with the Uchiha in the backseat, making Kyuubi lean back and attempt to pull them apart. He started giving Naruto Charlie horses and Indian burns so he would get off of Sasuke, but that only seemed to pull him into the fight since Naruto retaliated by biting his brother on the arm. Itachi sighed and rolled his eyes.

" CHILDREN, PLEASE!" Itachi raised his voice and the three of them pulled apart, sitting straight up. But not before Kyuubi gave Naruto a monkey bump on the thigh. He held his injury and moaned silently as the red head snickered. He turned up the radio, and the other three of them watched in warped fascination as Kyuubi jammed and danced, by himself, the entire ride to the Uchiha manor.

When they finally arrived, Itachi muttered something about salting the drive way as he got out of the car. He had almost slid into the garage door and gave his three passengers the scare of their lives. Kyuubi, who was still slightly shocked from the string of curses Itachi had let out as he slid down the driveway, fumbled with his seat belt like it was the most difficult task he had ever accomplished. Naruto and Sasuke exited with no problem, leaving Kyuubi in the car, alone. After he freed himself of the seat belt he gathered up some snow from the ground, making it into a ball. He chucked it at Itachi. It hit him squarely in the back of the head and he turned to glare at Kyuubi, only to receive another well aimed ball to the face. He grumbled angrily and made his own ball. Kyuubi was too distracted by laughing to noticed the ball of icy snow coming towards him, it hit its mark and the red head nodded as he wiped snow from his face.

" ITS ON UCHIHA! THIS SHALL BE THE BEST SNOW BALL WAR IN HISTORY! UZUMAKIS VERSUS UCHIHAS! THE FIGHT EVERYONE'S BEEN WAITING TO SEE!" And with that, Kyuubi jumped into the bushes. Naruto stood next to Sasuke and Itachi, with a flush creeping up his features.

" You let Kyuubi drink this morning didn't you?" Naruto asked Itachi, who shrugged.

" Not like I could stop him. We have the same class at nine, I can't account for his actions before then." The older Uchiha said, brushing snow off his black jacket. Naruto nodded.

"Oh look, the youngest of the Uzumaki side has joined in the Uchihas quest to bring down the red menace, Uzumaki Kyuubi." Naruto said in a loud voice as he pulled a pair gloves out of his backpack. Itachi raised a delicate eyebrow. " What could they be plotting? How will Kyuubi ever survive?"

" What are you doing?" Sasuke asked, putting on the gloves he also had in his backpack. Naruto put his finger to his lips as they heard Kyuubi finishing up an epic monologue. Naruto pointed to a group of smaller pin trees that were surrounded the outskirts of the yard and he slowly crouched, walking up to the trees. Itachi and Sasuke sighed, following Naruto up the hill. And sure enough, Kyuubi was behind them, trying to blend in with the green needles and white fluff. He screamed when Naruto jumped on his back and pushed snow down his shirt. Itachi grabbed his legs and started to drag him down the hill and he gripped the snow, only making his grip looser than it should have been. The younger Uzumaki and Uchiha grabbed his arms, helping Itachi carry him. And once they got into the middle of the yard they started to swing him. When they finally built up enough momentum, they let him fly into the bushes beside the house. The three of them smirked as he called for a truce. Itachi helped the red head up only to receive a snow ball to the side of the head. He scowled as Kyuubi ran to Naruto, grabbing him and running off into the backyard with the blond.

Sasuke sighed. He and Itachi should probably save him. The older Uchiha rolled his eyes as he went around the back way to surprise the red head. Sasuke went around the front. They met in the middle with raised eyebrows since there was no sign of Naruto or Kyuubi...Or so they thought. The younger Uchiha turned his head only to be hit with a snow ball. He mentally cursed Kyuubi for being Kohona high school's number one pitcher four years in a row. Sasuke actually threw himself to the ground and arm crawled up to the drunken Uzumaki. He was hiding behind a bush, sitting on Naruto. He started to struggle when he saw Sasuke approach and Kyuubi gasped, falling off his brother. The younger Uchiha grabbed Naruto's arm and pulled him toward him, making sure he was out of his brother's reach. They ran back down the hill, slipping a few times because of the slick snow and hid behind the shed with Itachi. He had already made two piles of snow balls, just waiting to be thrown at the red menace.

Kyuubi ran down the hill, whooping and yelling at the top of his lungs. The three of them jumped out from behind the shed, tossing every single snow ball at their enemy, who stopping in his tracks when the rain of snow balls came down on him hard. He squealed as he was pounded with the icy balls. When all of them were gone the three of them walked out to him. He was laying on the ground, face red from the cold and the multiple hits.

" You win." He said rolling over onto his stomach. He did a push-up and was completely able to force himself to his feet in that way. " Lets go inside and warm up, I'm pretty sure my dick has receded into my body." Naruto scowled and kicked his brother in the shin.

" WAYYYYYY TO MUCH INFORMATION!" He yelled point an accusing finger at Kyuubi. He stuck his tongue out at his little brother and grabbed his arm, dragging him to the back door of the Uchiha manor.

A few hours later

Kyuubi awoke to the smell of coffee and a splitting headache. He moaned in pain as Itachi handed him a warm cup. He nodded his appreciation and yawned, making him wince even more. " Uhhh, Itachi. Remind me never to get drunk in the mornings ever again! My head is killing me."

" Moderation, my friend." Itachi said taking a drink of his black coffee. The Uchiha wasn't much of a caffeine drinker, but he did appreciate the warmth he was receiving from the cup.

" Speaking of which, will you Irish up my coffee a bit? I think I need some of the hair of the dog that bit me." The Uchiha nodded and walked over to his liquor cabinet. He pulled out, ironically enough, a bottle of Irish cream. Kyuubi smirked as the cream made his dark liquid lighten up in color until it was a pale brown. He took a sip and sighed with contentment. " I feel better already."

" Now we just have to type up what we're going to say since we can't look at the board." Naruto said as he and Sasuke descended down the stairs.

" I'll email you what to say later." The younger Uchiha said as he yawned a little, stretching his back. Naruto nodded his head and gave his friend a hug before he started to get ready to leave. Kyuubi finished up his coffee and got off the couch, strolling idly over to his little brother with a yawn. He put on his shoes and jacket as Naruto opened the door.

" Thanks Sasuke, you're a life saver. Call me if something comes up or you wanna hang over this week long break, mkay? Any time before or after Thursday, Kyuubi and I are seeing Mom and Dad then." Sasuke nodded as Naruto walked out the door. He shut it behind them with a sigh and walked out into the living room where his brother sat stoically reading the paper. He flopped down on the couch just in time to hear his brother do something he had never heard before. He sneezed. Both Uchiha looked at each other for a moment, as if they didn't believe what had happened. Itachi had always been the picture of health, never having a sick day in his entire life. Sasuke waltzed over to his brother and placed a hand on his forehead.

" Itachi-nii, you're really burning up." Sasuke said as he touched his own forehead. He grabbed the older's arm, pulling him from the chair. " Come on and lie down, you should be resting."

" Sasuke, calm yourself. I feel fine." Itachi reassured, only to let out a wave of violent coughs. Sasuke pushed him back on the couch and grabbed the blanket Kyuubi had curled up in earlier.

" Don't worry Itachi-nii." He said with a smirk that the older didn't seem to notice. " I'll take great care of you."

And this is where I'm going to stop. Poor Itachi, doesn't know what dear little Sasuke has in store for him, hehe.

Sasuke: And what you mean by 'in store for him' means...
Me: Oh, you'll find out my dearest Uchiha...You'll find out.
Itachi: Why do I have a feeling this is going to end horribly for me?
Me: Well it all depends on how you look at things. I think this is fantastic.
Itachi: So it really is horrible, I fear your evil mind.
Me: Most do and really should. This was Hitoko-sama.