This is the chapter everyone has been waiting for, I can feel it in my bones. And you know, in my brain stem because I'm cool. THIS WILL BE WHEN ITACHI USES HIS SEDUCING SKILLS TO SEDUCE SASUKE!
Sasuke: That's a little redundant...
Me: You're a little small where it counts...
Me: Oh calm down, everyone was going to know eventually that…that…You're a little small compared to Itachi. His height is nothing to worry about, I mean, he's five years older than you! Besides, that's not even something to do self-conscious about, I mean if I were you, I'd be the size of my dick compared to his...That thing has got to be perfect in every way...
Sasuke: Yeah...I guess you're right...HEY!
Me: Well, I'ma run off so Sasuke won't catch me! Take it over Itachi! -runs-
Itachi: -sighs- Regular perspective, enjoy the seduction.

Sasuke pulled up in his drive way, using the buttons on his keys to make the trunk spring open. Naruto yawned as he grabbed the door, getting out of the passenger's side and making his way to the trunk. He didn't have to help Sasuke carry in the bags, since there were only two of them, but since Sasuke was his best friend, Naruto decided to take on the burden of one of the bags. The blond handed Sasuke the other bag, shutting the trunk as he made sure to lock his car up. They made their way down the driveway, walking up the small set of stairs and down the concrete path which would bring them to the front door. Naruto hopped over the cracks in the concrete and eventually Sasuke joined in, seeing which one of them would make it to the door first. Sasuke won, of course, thinking about how many times he'd played that secretly with Itachi and lost each time. Naruto was a far slower but a far less fair player, he always tried to knock Sasuke into the bushes, which resulted in him loosing his balance when Sasuke sped up and moved out of the way.

" Hey look, Kyuubi's here too." Naruto said as he walked up to the door where Sasuke was raising the roof as he finished up his victory dance. " Which proves even more that Itachi was messing with you and you know what that means?"

" That I hate you?" Sasuke replied as he smirked a little grabbing his keys from his pocket.

" NOPE!" Naruto said but then got quiet as he processed what Sasuke had said to him. He punched Sasuke in the arm as he wrangled with the key that opened the front door. " HEY! You don't hate me! Take it back." Naruto slammed his friend into the door, flailing on him like a complete idiot as Sasuke continued to struggle with opening the door. " SAY YOU LOVE ME TEME!"

" NEVER!" And with that the door swung open, making Naruto and Sasuke fall inside the house. They continued to wrestle around some more before Sasuke stopped, his eyes glued to the ceiling. Naruto saw his friend's frozen stare and he looked up as well. And then gasped as Kyuubi dropped from the ceiling onto them.

" SECRET ART! HIDING IN THE CEILING!" Kyuubi yelled as he crushed them both. The sheer force of Kyuubi landing on Naruto made the blond's head smack right into Sasuke, knocking them both out cold. " Hmm, both of them passed out..." Kyuubi said as he poked them both in the face. He looked around the room, seeing no sign of the illusive Uchiha. " Now is the time to make off with Sasuke and have my first threesome!" The red head stood up, laughing with sheer victory as a shoe was chucked in his direction. It hit him square in the face as Itachi walked over, grabbing Sasuke's arms and pulling him out from under Naruto. Kyuubi rubbed his head, feeling the small indents that the shoe left in his skin as he reached down and grabbed Naruto, flinging him over his shoulder. " I was just kidding about the threesome." Kyuubi said as he shifted his little brother's body. Naruto moaned and Kyuubi felt the fire going straight to his groin. " I believe this is the part where you wish my good luck."

Itachi just raised an eyebrow and walked away from his red haired friend. Kyuubi frowned, not liking how Itachi blew him off, and carried Naruto up the stairs. Even though Itachi said he would destroy him if it happened, Kyuubi thought that Naruto and him should take Itachi's bed for a test drive. He laughed evilly to himself as Naruto's groaned.

When Itachi got his little brother into the kitchen, he laid him on the table, gently of course. He didn't want Sasuke to wake up in the preparation phase of his plan and have Sasuke ruin it by struggling or acting so adorable that it would drive him insane. Of course he hadn't planned on Kyuubi being able to knock the two of them out, but it was interestingly perfect turn of events.

Itachi started to strip Sasuke down, feeling the soft skin under his palms and loving how his little brother got goosebumps from the touches traced on his body. He ran his hands down Sasuke's chest, loving the way it would make his hands move up and down as his brother breathed peacefully. His breath hitched on the occasion when Itachi would do something sensual and teasing, usually involving the nipple area of his body. It was an insanely pleasant feeling for Itachi. He rubbed down Sasuke's thighs noting how his brother unconsciously moaned and shifted towards the older's fingers. Itachi couldn't help himself and leaned in, kissing Sasuke's thigh ever so softly and that made the little Uchiha's cock twitch. He smirked a little but pulled back, he had to control himself now.

Itachi placed Sasuke's limp body in a chair, tying his back and legs to it with the rope he kept out in the shed; he had made sure to check for spiders so that they wouldn't have a situation later because, no matter what they said, no one wanted a spider crawling on them. He bound Sasuke's wrists behind his back and tied his ankles to the chair, making sure that he wouldn't be able to move. Itachi smirked at his handy work, this was going to be fun. So very, very fun.

He walked over to the front door again, picking up the bags they had dropped do to Kyuubi landing on them. They had found everything he wanted and now, before all the fun could begin. Sasuke just had to wake up.


Sasuke woke up, his head feeling like it had been rammed into a brick wall. He moaned in pain as it ricocheted behind his eyes and he closed them as an attempt to appease his aching brain. But that's when Sasuke noticed something was a bit...Off...He felt a little colder than he should have and it was actually drafty, like he wasn't wearing any clothes. And his wrists and ankles felt extremely stiff, like they had been tied or something. He opened his eyes, ignoring the pain that was blazing in his skull and looked down. He almost screamed when he saw that he was naked, tied to a chair, and completely vulnerable. He then recalled Kyuubi falling from the ceiling and smashing him, he must have been planning this the whole time. He mentally cursed the cunning and apparently very skilled wall climber.

" Well, well, looks like my Sleeping Beauty has finally decided to awake." Sasuke's head turned instantly towards the counter in the kitchen. And there he was, Uchiha Itachi, looking so very beautiful that Sasuke's eyes nearly popped out from his head. He wasn't wearing a shirt so his well developed chest and stomach were out in the open, being shined on by the lights in the kitchen. Sasuke felt his face heat up as his eye wandered lower. Itachi donned a pair of extremely tight leather pants, a pair that he could not place or remember at all. There were two thin strings resting on Itachi's hips, completely exposed from the low riding of his pants. And he knew from his own experiences that his brother was wearing a thong. Itachi smiled sensually, grabbing a cherry from the jar on the counter, smearing it around, tracing the contours of his lips before popping the sweet treat into his lips. He pulled out the stem, tossing it to the side as he started to slink across the floor, moving with the stealth-like grace of a wild cat.

" Wh-what are you doing?" Sasuke asked, swallowing a little as Itachi approached. He leaned down in front of Sasuke, smirking a little at the curious boy. He brushed his nose against Sasuke's, his lips moving past his brother's, making Sasuke whine with anticipation and pure need. He kissed up Sasuke's cheek and when he came to his ear, he licked up the shell before biting it playfully. The younger Uchiha's weakness had always been his ears and he knew Itachi would exploit and tease him with that as much as he could.

" Oh Sasuke, why must you always been so suspicious of things? Why can't you just relax and let your big brother take care of you?"

" You tied me to a chair then, I assume." Sasuke replied, blinking a few times. Itachi shrugged walking away from his brother, making sure to make his hips swing seductively as he returned to the counter. He hopped up grabbing another cherry from the jar. He sucked this one into his mouth, licking and slurping up all the juices; he made sure to keep constant eye contact with his little brother.

" Tying you up was just a minor precaution." Itachi informed as he walked to the freezer and pulled out the carton of ice cream he had purchased. He walked back over to Sasuke, setting it on the table which is when Sasuke noticed that everything he purchased was there and Itachi had unconsciously made him get everything Itachi needed to seduce him. Sasuke blushed a little more, his cheeks almost as red as the cherries Itachi was eating. " You're being very cute Sasuke, how can I resist such an adorable face?"

" How indeed." Sasuke replied huskily as Itachi leaned in, capturing those soft, perfectly shaped lips with his own. He wasted no time in pressing his tongue into the younger's mouth, making him sigh with pleasure. Sasuke could taste the sweet syrup of the cherries as it mixed with his own saliva and started to coat his own mouth, making it a sweet treat for both parties. Itachi pulled back slightly, taking the opportunity to nibble and suck on Sasuke's lips; he moaned against Itachi's mouth.

The older pulled back, running his lips and tongue all over Sasuke's neck and shoulders. The younger was moaning and shifting around as he felt Itachi's strong hands reaching out to pinch his nipples as his neck was sucked on and marked up by Itachi's teeth. He smirked a little as Sasuke cried out, loudly. Itachi reached down to the chair legs and started to undo the knots on Sasuke's ankles. He pulled the rope away, picking Sasuke up and laying him down on the table. His wrists were still bound together and were pushed off the table by Itachi.

" Now its time for a little treat, don't you think Sasuke?" Itachi asked as he grabbed the chocolate syrup and started to drizzle it down his brother's body, he followed it with the caramel, then the whipped cream which he used mostly around Sasuke's nipple and erection area. Sasuke body was twitching and getting more and more aroused as Itachi covered him in more food. He finished off Sasuke's body with cherries right on top of Sasuke's nipples. Sasuke raised his eyebrows at that which only made Itachi smirk.

But all reactions stopped when Itachi started licking, the sticky fluids being pulled up and sucked away by Itachi's skilled and wonderful tongue. He cleaned all the skin his tongue could touch before moving lower to swoop up the cherries that covered Sasuke's nipples; his tongue ghosted over the sensitive nubs, making them harden intensely. Sasuke moaned as Itachi started to suck off the whipped cream, teasing his nipples with his teeth.

" Itachi! Oh Gods!" Sasuke panted out as his tongue traced circles in his naval. He cleaned Sasuke's body as much as he could, and before Sasuke could whimper or whine Itachi engulfed his final, much larger treat. Sasuke had hardened painfully during the entire experience but as soon as the cool whip cream was being licked off of him, he didn't know that his dick could get that much harder. He cried and moaned as Itachi engulfed him fully. He used his hand to tickle Sasuke's balls and the other to massage his thigh before sinking in two of his fingers which were slicked with all the sweet syrups. Itachi smirked around Sasuke a little before pulling his mouth off. "No." Was all Sasuke could muster up and that made Itachi give the head one long kiss.

Itachi opened the ice cream watching Sasuke's eyes cloud with confusion and lust. He stuffed his cheeks with it and then lowered his mouth back on Sasuke's erection. It made the younger cry with pain and pleasure. His erection would deflate because of the cold but then it would be sprung back to life due to Itachi's forceful sucks. His fingers were playing deeply in Sasuke's entrance, making the younger thrash. He moaned and groaned, trying to grab Itachi's head and force him to take more down his throat and to make him keep up the pleasure running down his spine. Itachi batted him away, giving making sure to swallow all the remaining melted ice cream. He gave Sasuke's thigh a harsh hickey, making sure to suck and bite his little brother so much that he would have the mark for at least a month.

He started to thrust his fingers deeply, adding a third one into Sasuke's tight and wet entrance. Itachi smirked as Sasuke's hole sucked him in and made it feel like his fingers were melting because of the heat it was producing. The older was so aroused by his little brother that he had to completely pull away from Sasuke; he removed his pants, letting his own dripping cock spring out from his pants. Sasuke almost purred with pleasure as he saw Itachi near him.

" Do you want me Sasuke?" Itachi purred as he rubbed his cock against Sasuke's hole, teasing it with the head. Sasuke nodded and whimpered, a strange arousal in his voice as he panted. Itachi nodded then and shoved the head of his cock inside, pulling it out and repeating that motion to loosen Sasuke's hole more. He moaned as Itachi finally shoved it all in; it had been the moment Sasuke had been waiting for since he was in eighth grade. Itachi was finally fucking him.

Itachi's thrusts were soft at first, getting a feel for Sasuke's entrance but then they started to turn rougher and much more passionate as the older found his brother's sweet spot, practically making Sasuke speechless as Itachi started to pound him mercilessly. His thrusts were full and hard, making Sasuke cry and moan. He leaned up, his tied wrists resting behind Itachi's neck as the older Uchiha thrusted and moaned, going deeper inside his little brother.

" Sasuke, you're so tight." Itachi moaned out as he rocked his hips and brushed Sasuke's prostate with deadly accuracy. The coiling and contractions of Sasuke's stomach muscles made him whine and he knew his orgasm was closing in and becoming too much for him to handle. Itachi used one of his hands to grab Sasuke's erection, jerking it as hard as he could to make sure Sasuke's orgasm was Earth shattering for him. Before he knew it, his hand was covered with his little brother's hot seed.

The added tightness of Sasuke's muscles contracting made Itachi moan and then spill his own load into his little brother's tight hole. Sasuke moaned, his head resting against his brother's neck. They rocked and ground against each other, riding out their orgasms together.

" Though I am happy you were able to figure out my scavenger hunt, though I think I would have liked to see you guy bring me Godzilla." Itachi said with a large smirk.

" You were watching us?" Sasuke asked as he pulled on the rope that bound his wrists. Itachi grabbed his brother's wrists and untied them, kissing and licking the marks the rope made.

" Kyuubi would call it stalking." He smirked a little but then both of them froze when they heard loud moaning coming from upstairs. " No way!" Itachi yelled getting to his feet and running towards their stairs. " KYUUBI! I SWEAR IF I COME UP AND YOU'RE FUCKING NARUTO IN MY BED, I'LL KILL YOU!"

Sasuke sighed and got off the table. He was sticky and tired. He wanted a shower.

Rin-chan: Is it really over?
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