Kinda/Sorta first fanfic. Quarian centered and consists of one/two-shot chapters. Fic is sex themed/centered and consists of Male-on-Female actions, mostly human on quarian, the human, mostly being Shepard unless i am convinced otherwise, or through unanimous requests. To kick things off, it will be him with Tali, this being the first of the two-shot lemon. The next quarian in line is hinted within the fic and many others will be added later on. Though all are one/two-shots, if everything goes according to 'plan', then it will all add up to a stunning conclusion.

Quarian lovers, here be your heaven. People against it, do not flame or post hateful messages. I'm simply writing a story consisting of human on alien events. Female audience, i am sorry if i offend any of you with this fic in any way, though i am certain that it will eventually come to that sine its one man with several women. If i do, which I'm pretty sure i am, i am greatly sorry. Male audience... I'm not truly expecting much complaints from them, so yeah...

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Without further delay, on with the shots.

Two weeks after the destruction of the Collector base, Commander Shepard once again stood at the podium of the SR-2 and looked intently and thoughtfully at the navigational settings of the ship and the course he chose for them to go through.

The battle with the Collectors, though perilous, left him with slight mental scarring, the things that he witnessed were far and numerous, but everything felt fine. The ship was given a thorough repair and a clean bill of health while his crew was given a chance for some much needed rest and relaxation in their bunks and stasis pods. From the day that she had set foot onto his ship, his relationship with his engineer blossomed creating a strong bond to each other's presence.

With the addition of an actual crew's quarters, there was no longer a need for 'hot-bunking', so all could get their rest without the expense of the others. At the moment, he stood alone in the ship's CIC and, aside from EDI, was the only one in the actual second deck, Mordin and Jacob too calling it a well-deserved night.

He wanted to finish making what plans he had for the rest of the week before going back to his quarters and to his engineer. A chime from his terminal changed his thoughtful mood to a curious one.

Moving easily down the CIC and to the private terminal adjacent to it, he accessed the new message and found it strange to receive a second notice from the admiral, Daro'Xen.


'We will need to have a talk as to events I have recently been made aware of. I do not find it easy sending you a second message, but the means are much more important than my morals. You will arrive at these coordinates at the given time and you will board the ship with ease. You alone must enter, for the things that we discuss must not leave the depths of the ship and its crew.'

'Daro'Xen, Admiral'

Odd. What was there left to discuss? Then again, she did come across Tali's father's data, so it must be geth related.

He reread the message two more times before a nod to himself confirmed that there was nothing else to draw from the message; Daro, from what he learned, was never one to fool around. If she had some important information and was willing to share it, then it must be heard.

Walking up to the CIC podium and navigational systems, he activated the monitor to the side and put in Daro's coordinates.

It would take him two days to reach the coordinates and Daro would be there in four. If what Tali said was true about the quarians navigational pattern, then the Flotilla would be nearby, so it wasn't a long journey that Daro had planned.

Closing the terminal, he observed the map once more and eyed the middle of the galaxy, its core. Once again, the fight played itself in his mind, and, once again, he brushed it off. The past was the past.

Without much thinking or planning, the commander shut the system down, letting the designs of the SR-2 enlarge once more and moved over to the elevator. Already loosening his shirt, the elevator began its ascension to the loft, his quarters.

Not long after it stopped, he took the tight and suffocating attire off of him, letting it rest in a hand, and walked into his quarters with a content sigh. Another day, another mercenary killed, more or less.

He wasn't at all surprised to find the quarian resting on the bed, asleep or not. He balled up the shirt and tossed it over to the small clothesbasket that was slightly hidden from plain sight. Gently as to not move the bed, he laid himself down and took off the boots that timelessly mocked him with their presence.

Reduced to socks, pants and boxers, he moved over to the area near his armor locker, taking out a fresh pair of clothing aside from a shirt, preferring to sleep without one at a final choice and knew that he wasn't the first man to not sleep without his shirt.

Moving to the bathroom and turning on the shower, he let what remained of his clothes come off of him and warmed himself with the streams of water that ran from its spout slow and smooth. The collisions of the water on the floor made the bathroom echo as if rainfall had filled his bathroom and fell from the clouds of steam above. Tali, who had been lying in his bed, perked her head up and listened to the water's music in the next room. She smiled to herself as she leaped from the bed and toward Shepard's clothes. Aside from the eventual cleaning and rinsing of his short-cut hair and the scrubbing and rinsing of his tired body, nothing else was left to do for the night.

Shepard sighed with content as the shower came off and the steam of the heat remained in the small bathroom, wafting in the air slowly and even more slowly dissipating. He found it relaxing and found to his surprise that when he closed his eyes to blink that his lids wanted to stay closed. He opened them and turned to the outside of his shower, reaching out and, grabbing a nearby towel, dried himself off; eventually he tied the fabric around his waist and moving to the door to retrieve the clothing just outside, waiting by his private terminal.

The exiting of the bathroom gave him a new sight, however. The quarian was no longer in the bed and his clothing was missing. He arched a brow and looked to the side, seeing the quarian staring at him as she leaned against the wall.

"The symptoms are gone." she found herself saying with slight confidence.

He found himself still confused for a moment before what it meant snagged his brain and forced a small grin to form.

"No more coughing or dizziness." she continued, moving from the wall and keeping her arms crossed.

He looked at the illustrious quarian approach him, confidence both in her words and movements. He knew she loved him and she knew he loved her, so what nervousness existed in her vanished with the night well spent before the assault on the Collectors.

"Tali? Where are my clothes?" he asked, crossing his own arms.

"Oh, they are somewhere" she responded evenly.

She eventually closed the gap in between them and brought her hand forward. He uncrossed his own arms and let her play with his hands, something she usually did the last few days.

"We quarians experience so few along the lines of actual contact, Shepard," she told him with a meaning hidden, but completely exposed to him.

"And you are certain that, 'you quarians' are more than prepared to handle what most yearn for and eventually, but slightly, suffer?"

"Most are." she responded, easily leading him out of the door and near the bed itself.

"Most aren't galaxy-saving engineers." he responded as she lead him to he soft mattress, easily walking backwards as though she mapped the entire place in her mind.

"Yes, but all share health issues."

They came to a stop at the foot of the bed and she stalled at that point. Her head moved slightly and her eyes quickly darted back and forth looking into both of his eyes and trying to take in whom she was with in love with. He laughed silently and caringly, leading to her to blush slightly.

"So, the huntress leads the prey to the hunting ground, but doesn't know what to do?"

"Usually, the huntress allows the prey to perform the first move and effectively counter."

"Well then, allow me oblige, my huntress." he said with a smile, effectively raising both hands and resting them on her helmet.

She closed her eyes and held her breath slightly as the hiss of the de-clasped visor made her heart race as it did the first, if not surprising, time.

She reopened them and smiled at her lover, her commander, and her agreed-to-be-bonded mate. That time a few nights ago meant so much to her, and only now does she have a chance to fully show just how much it meant.

He brought a hand to her cheek and caressed it slightly, letting her give a silent sigh as she once again felt the pleasantness of skin-on-skin contact. She closed her eyes and her head moved slowly to create friction between the two surfaces and she eventually found herself pushing her face against his hand.

Her eyes became slightly lidded as she felt what only quarians felt when it comes to skin-on-skin contact, a sense of longing and lust. Her breath easily became hot and slowly increasing.

He laughed at how fast her body was 'preparing' for him. Without much more waiting, he leaned in and kissed the quarian on her kiss-deprived lips, lightly touching them with his own and, with her generous help, formed a light smack only they two could hear.

He kissed again, pressing a little more. Again, she helped, though she shivered slightly. After, three light kisses and a disgruntled groan from Tali, Shepard opened his mouth slightly and leaned over to her. She easily caught on to this, her eyes always monitoring his mouth as he neared, and eagerly, somewhat hungrily, opening hers in response.

As expected, she didn't wait for him to get to her, instead lunging on him and tilting her head sideways as to increase the depths of what she had been deprived. She easily brought her hands to his face, a hand on each cheek, as their tongues danced around each other, easily and pleasantly sliding against the other. Apparently, it was too pleasant as it lead to Tali humming lightly. It only helped increase the mood as the hum transferred from her mouth to his mouth with ease.

This session continued for a few more seconds, the commander easily placed both hands on her hips, rocking her slowly and letting her muscles slowly take over and move her into a trance-like motion. She forced herself from him and left an embarrassing string of saliva between each other and the short distance they parted.

Her breathing was already slightly erratic and easily washed over the commander's face at the short, three-inch gap between them.

He chuckled to himself as he stared in Tali's now wild eyes.

"What is your counter, my huntress?" he asked.

Her hands easily slid from his face to his neck, then his chest and abdomen. She left them there and slowly moved around it, feeling each individual muscle in his body. Not long after, they fell to his hips, and grabbed a slight hold on the towel.

"I'm afraid the prey may know what the huntress has in store for it," she muttered to him, losing the need to talk.

She undid the towel, but instead of letting it drop, she opened it like doors and brought her body into it, easily, if not somewhat roughly, tying it in a knot around the two of them. She was evenly pressed against him and once again began smothering him with kisses. She felt a familiar sense when she felt something brush against her inner thighs, knowing all too well what her actions were making her lover do.

She moved her hips back and forth and made sure that her pressure was enough to keep him comfortable, but enough pressure to cause the arousal that was already driving her crazy neatly in place, massaging it with her inner thighs as she moved to the bed as she kissed him softly. Her heart felt uplifted as her gentle kisses were greeted with gentle returns. The thesis and antithesis of their opposing halves made the smile on Tali's face grow as their lips held together. She immediately felt the product of her provocative swaying slowly take shape and caused her heart to race and her body focus to an almost animalistic sense, unlike her first time that she still countered her instincts.

She, like him, awaited this for some time and she knew firsthand that her commander was a hard man to please. Recalling the events of how long it took the first time made her lightly chuckle at how embarrassed she was at how her legs, thighs and lower abdomen ached from time to time for the next few days. She was not so hard to please, mostly in part of her being restricted to a suit and having very sensitive skin. What the pamphlets wont tell you is just how even more sensitive certain parts of a quarians body are, specifically the more personal regions.

Thankfully, her motions came to a halt, somewhat to the commander's displeasure, but resulted in both of them looking at each other in the dim lighting. He smiled, she smiled, the galaxy around them disappeared and everything else outside of that room meant nothing.

Tonight was going to be a night to remember, but it was only going to be one out of the rest of the nights in their lives. They had each other and each knew just how to show it.

The beginning was sealed with a kiss and the gentle hum of the engine that lightly filled the room.


First of the two-shot. Second half will be posted when ready.

Hope it was a good idea, but only time will tell.